Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dunia Baru~~

"Dulu kita telah berjanji"
"..kan bersama selamanya.."
"Sungguh sukar ku lupakan.."
"hatiku pada dirimu.."
"Inilah ceritaku..Dunia baruku.."

Two months in Sibu..
Ive promised my friends to take pictures of my 'home'..
Hostel home..=P
I'd say, its not too bad~~
I love my small lovely home...=)

I have a small TV now hihi..Encik Lebah belikan..kesian saya bored dkt hostel..this TV kotak is enough to make me feel like home..
and to continue my favourite past time, baring2 depan Tv with laptop and tetido hihi....

Tgkla this girl now so happy..!
Happy in Borneo!

With this encik lebah!
Everyday is lovely, flowery and happy ting ting ting with you with me..=) wink wink~~

Satu hospital pun still rindu awak hihi..

Back to my little 'home'.
Yes, i have a small living room, a small bedroom, a small bathroom, but a huge built in wardrobe..hmm i guess Hospital Sibu knows i came here with lots of clothes hehehhe..
Anyway, i miss my teddy bear at home..
I miss my bed in New Zealand..
now da downgraded jadik single bed je hehehhee..

Ditemankan oleh my laptop...
and 'new' magazines..hihi
I cannot believe i have to start thinking about this.. growing up!

With you with you with you...=)

"Hanya satu ku impikan.."
"untuk bersama kamu.."

You once said..another 4years Anna, then you'll be with me..hihihi
4years gone so fast dear..
So very fast..
And now im with you..not oceans apart anymore ay hihi

An exciting life in Borneo!
Captured in Medan Seafood in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo =)
Fuh, soooooooooooooooo cheappppp and deliciousssss!!
Must go!

Look at this!
How can you resist??? hihi

Anna and Naj, and our great life in Borneo..!

...joined by Unai!!! hihihi

Ive learned a lot about people..about places..about work..
about me..about him..
Getting to know you better, is so exciting!
I am so missing you still!!
Still cannot wait for you to pick me up to go to work..
Still cannot wait to meet you for lunch..hihi..
I am truly poisoned by Encik Lebah...sigh~~ =)

p.s i miss you..=)