Monday, June 23, 2014

Mummy Daddy and Baby Ammar Haikal ~~a new adventure!

In a blink of an eye, (at least that was what it felt like) its been 7months!
7months postpartum.
Our baby is now 7months old!
Alhamdulillah..syukur Ya Allah.
He is growing up too fast!
and we are enjoying every moment with him!
Rolling over and all over the room now~~
its time to baby proof our home dear hubby, baby Ammar Haikal getting more mobile each day!

4months old baby Ammar Haikal.
Wt 7.8kg
Ammar not gaining much weight this month due to his ailment.
During this time, baby Ammar Haikal was warded for 5days in Hospital Putrajaya for Partially Treated Pneumonia. It was unexpected and certainly, it was difficult. Seeing your baby helplessly lying on the hospital bed, with oxygen wire attached to him, and the nurses waking him up for nebulizer when he was nearly asleep after tantrums! It was not easy. It was tiring for us but it did not matter. What matters was that he recovered well.

After 3days of IV Cefuroxime, baby Ammar Haikal back to his usual happy chirpy self.
His viral serology tests were negative for RSV, Adenovirus etc.
His sputum culture also revealed no worrying pathogens.
Peadiatrician said it was most likely caused by not so serious viral pneumonia.
The lungs also clear after the antibiotics.
Alhamdullilah..syukur :)

After discharged from hospital,
He had cough and runny nose bouts but it was not serious.
It was the usual 'taska germs'.
Hopefully his immunity will grow stronger and stronger and he will grow healthily and happily insyaAllah sayang.
Mummy and daddy always praying for you and our family.
When our baby was admitted, i forgot that i am a medical officer.
I am truly a mother.
I could not function medically and started to think of every possibilities and every kind of thing that could happen to our baby. I cried so much that time.
It was then, i realized.
When you are a mother, you are always a mother first.

You will worry and worry and worry.
All you want is that your baby to be back to his happy self again.
You just cannot digest all the likely this possible that and that..its just too terrified to listen to the doctors' thoughts.
And the worst part is, we both are doctors.
Just imagine parents who have no medical background whatsoever, must be overwhelming for them.

 my husband is a very calm gentleman. and wise.
A very fun and loving father to Baby Ammar Haikal.
I love you sayang.
Thank you for being so sensitive and for being a father.:)
Husband saya selalu cakap, biasalah baby memang akan catch all these bugs, all we can do is try to protect them, tapi selebihnya Allah s.w.t Maha Mengetahui.

Bila fikirkan pasal germs kat taska ni,
rasa macam nak ambik maid la,
nak hanta kat taska lain la,
nak cuti tanpa gaji la,
nak resign la.
haha but semuanya ade pros and cons.
If i choose to have a maid at home, first of all, we gonna have 'stranger' at home, 24/7 with us. It will be different.
Nak manja manja dengan husband pun macam seganla pulak kan nanti maid nampak! hahahha.
and the most important thing is, i am afraid that our kids will become dependent on our maid.
You see, so many kids nowadays, nak air suruh bibik ambik, baju sekolah bibik lipatkan ironkan, nak tu bibik nak ni bibik.
Ini value yang penting dalam growing up.
They should appreciate doing chores. and appreciate others.
Why org lain takboleh suruh tapi bibik boleh suruh macam2? Bibik also human. How they going to learn and understand that.
What should i tell them?
Sebab dia bibik, then Ammar boleh mintak bibik macam2? Sebab mummy daddy dah bayar bibik, bibik kene buat segala keje at our home? I dont think i can manage that.
I dont think i can berjaya teach Ammar yang bibik ni manusia biasa sama taraf je dengan kita, jgnla kita merendah2 kan maid kita, sebab dia sama saja dengan kita.
Kids nowadays sgt advanced, rasanya susah nak mendidik dia if ada maid. tataula kan, tapi most of family yang ade maid, tulah yg dapat diobserved from their kids.
Sometimes close sangat dengan bibik sampai prefer bibik dari mummy daddy! Owh tak sanggup!

Cuti tanpa gaji.
Yang ni possible if cuti dah habis.
tapi still, if cuti tanpa gaji and we both kaya raya takpela kan haha,
tapi nnt after habis cuti tanpa gaji, lambatnya nak naik pangkat.
Semuanya delayed delayed delayed.
Living in the city, cuti tanpa gaji ni agak tak cost effectivela, unless mmg nak dok rumah, and tak kemana2 with baby.
tapi mummy nak jalan2 dengan Ammar and daddy!
haha sangat tidak boleh berjimat cermat. sigh~~
bad habit bad habit.
Asyik nak travel je.
Mmg sangatla takboleh nak cuti tanpa gaji!
is not an option right now.
If i decide to resign, kesian pulak sponsor Mara, dahla bagik kat 7girls je, huhu okay, tak jadila option nak resign tu. At least i serve my country as a health professional.
Its not about the money, kalau nak kaya jangan jadi doktor. Its a fact.
Jadi kerjalah dengan ikhlas.
Harap terbayarlah jasa2 mereka yg mensponsor kita selama 6years overseas!
One more thing, your identity.
I am amazed with all the SAHMs.
How they can manage home and kids dengan sangat berjaya.
Bila fikir, working mums arent so bad.
At least we can bring our babies to work and letak them at taska haha.
Bila moment2 macam weekends and public holidays, akan rasa sgt priceless and happy sebab boleh spend time with them.
and its important in the future.
Yes being a great mother is important. but i dont know if i can be a great mom if i stay home all the time.
i maybe can turn into an angry mom, haha!~
and from psychology perspectives,
a lot of women will experience emptiness when their children grows up and leave home.
This will predispose you to depression and anxiety later in life.
there will be, angry conversations like, " dulu mummy berenti keje sebab nak jaga baby, sekarang semua tanak dengar cakap mummy!" or..." if only mummy tak berenti keje dulu, maybe mummy dah earn so much dah now"
that is an important issue to consider when resigning.
so think carefully.

5months old baby Ammar Haikal
Wt 8.0kg
Baby Ammar Haikal kept on getting cough and colds!
This was his third month at Taska Permata Tasneem, Kementerian, Putrajaya.
He seemed to catch every bugs from other babies and kids there!
and i kept on taking emergency leave for him!
My annual leave tinggal beberapa hari je lagi!
Baby Ammar oh Ammar.
People just cannot resist on cubit'ing his chubby cute cheeks~~
and dahla you all demamla batukla selsema la, then you cubit my baby, adoi, sian dia, asyik kene demam batuk selsema je! Sabar keh sayang!

But please, if your baby or yourself, not so well, janganla cubit ke sayang ke cium ke baby lain because kesian diorg, immunity tak power lagi, terus demam semua.
If me, everytime i see other kids or babies, i will only adore their cuteness from far, and avoid touching them or kissing them, because i am afraid that i will pass some bad germs to them.
Common sense people!
We decided to give him additional vaccinations because of his risks being in a nursery.
Man it was not cheap. I never knew additional vaccines cost that much!!
But yang penting kita berusaha.
Berusaha untuk Baby Ammar Haikal to be protected from harmful germs.
Apa2 pun semuanya dari Yang Esa.
Mummy daddy dah usaha yang terbaik untuk baby Ammar kan, insyaAllah dilindungi sentiasa, amin..

at 5months old, he is so fascinated with his own reflection!
he thinks its another baby in the mirror!
he will be all giggly and let our cute chuckles whenever near mirror!
so adorable la baby Ammar~~

6months old baby Ammar Haikal
Wt 8.4kg
We were so excited starting him on solids!
actually it was not solid at all, haha its all so runny!
We bought Avent Phillips Steamer and Blender, and we got it for RM 459 at a baby fair.
apparently that was cheap enough!
for a blender!
whoa, baby nowadays so expensive ay.
Started him with apple puree, banana and pear, tried mango puree but he had diarrhoea due to that! Lesson learnt!

He loves Heinz biscuits, and it was so easy to prepare haha good for mummy daddy!
His milk intake also increased, sampai minum 5botol susu every day!
and S26 gold costs us more than 400 per month now!
asalkan baby Ammar Haikal sihat, alhamdulillah :)
Ammar loves to roll and able to grasp on toys.
His coordination getting better and better each day.
Able to reach for toys and actually pull the toys towards him, and bang the toys to the floor.
Becomes so flexible, interested in his own hands and feet!
Its astonishing watching your son grows. SubhanaAllah.
from tiny little sac inside me to a beautiful baby son.
Syukur pada Mu.

So much happening in our lives now since Ammar joins us.
Daddy now can sing baby songs and even dance mickey mouse hahaha!
He is so funny. Funny dad!
Ammar will burst out laughing !!
Bila nak makan nak minum nak change diapers mesti mummy, tapi bila nak main je mesti daddy!!
Not fair okayy! hihi.
Tapi baby Ammar dah semakin attached.
nak mummy daddy je.
hihi but we love that.
that means we are bonding well with our baby Ammar.
He holds our arm when he soundly asleep.
and he will call us in his own babbles, whenever we were outside the room, or whenever he cant see us!
So adorable!
and he prefers us.
i think that is priceless.
That he prefers us whenever hes in a crowd of unfamiliar people, or familiar people, he still prefers us.
You can see his arms longing to reach you, and his eyes asking for you.
Its just so priceless.
takpela mummy daddy penat2 keje lagi jaga baby Ammar lagi, asalkan Ammar sayang mummy daddy keh.
Mummy daddy doakan baby Ammar jadi anak soleh, pintar, cergas cerdas keh sayang, insyaAllah amin..

7months old.
Wt- belum timbang. 
appointment for pneumococcal vaccine second dose next week.
maybe 8.7 ke 8.8kg kot.
tak bertambah chubby pon! hehehe.
tapi bertambah aktif!
His favourite toys now are remote controls!
punyalah banyak toys mummy beli, remote controls jgk nak mainnya~~

and dah ade habit hisap bibir bawah!
dah mcm mulut itik tau ammar hihi.
bagi teething toys pun tanak gigit, haihh~~
Now mmg da boleh menjalar ke the whole room.
Dah boleh reverse, pusing kiri kanan.
haha dah boleh capai benda.
dah mula nak kutip semua kat carpet tu!
Dah start mouthing.
Semua pon nak masuk mulut!

Gelaknya semakin kuat!
Nampak mummy daddy je mula nak main peek-a-boo!
Now they started to learn about object permanence.
So chak chak is the perfect game!

~~my little one enjoying his golek2 time on da floor. He found that mummy's DSLR intriguing.
He did not even blink. Did not even smile.
He just looked curious!
Curious like a cat~~

About my job.
I love being here.
So much better.
I can take care of myself and my family now.
I can make a difference.
hihi. poyo eh.
but working in ministy, your work actually makes a difference.
and i am surrounded with positive people around me,
much much happier here.
doing exactly what i imagine myself doing.
and the fact that hari2 baby Ammar Haikal teman me pegi keje sgtla menenangkan hati.

Walaupon dia kat taska tapi dia kat taska at my workplace.
alhamdulillah dapatla tengah hari tu tgk dia, lepasla rindu kan hihi, ngade ngade la mak dia.
sampai officemate cakap, beg penuh ngan mainan ammar, botol susu, tempat golek2 ammar hahaha..obsess dengan baby sendiri!
About this taska, for now, alhamdulillah, cikgu2 nampak decent and jaga baby bagusla.
Cuma Ammar dah start nak lasak2, guling2, merah jgk pipi tu.
The only thing, if Ammar dah besar sket, maybe we have to consider sending him to better nursery la insyaAllah..yang lebih berstructured like play school ke, something like that.
From what we observe, Ammar sekarang mcm dah ade routine.
Bangun pagi, pegi nursery, then balik playtime, bath time, then sleep.
Even weekend, pon dia nak bangun awal jgk hihi comel la Ammar.
Mummy nak gigit2 boleh?!
Separation anxiety tu currently memang ada, but not troubling us yet la. hopefully dia okay.
He knows that nnt lepas nursery, dia akan balik rumah with mummy daddy.
Pegi kenduri pon setakat ni alhamdulillah, not a fuss sgt.
Ammar Haikal jadi good boy keh sayang keh promisee mummyy!

My 7months old Ammar Haikal loves his Mamypoko ExtraSoft Pull up pants~~
if bukak baju je, gembira haha Malaysia sgt panas keh sayang.
~~looking at you, macam tak percaya i am a mommy.
Syukur Ya Allah,
lindungilah kami, berilah kami kebahagiaan hidup dunia dan akhirat, amin..:)

But Ammar Haikal is due for a splash time in swimming pool!
Bile ni daddy??!
hihi saje delay a bit sebab tunggu dia besar sket supaya germ2 swimming pool tu takla banyak sangat affecting dia kan.
Mummy nak beli swimming suit! yayyyy!
Mummy saw Ogival's one really really cute on you baby, yang kat Mothercare pon comel gileeee!
Mummy yg tak sabar sebenarnya nak bawak Ammar kan hahahaha..
Daddy akan gelak je tgk gelagat mummy nak beli macam macam eh? hehe.
Sabar je la!

Daddy being a mithali dad trying to introduce water toys to Ammar Haikal hihi, terus suka masuk dalam pool kecik ni, ni baru introduction keh!
We gonna go swimming soon hehhe insyaAllah,
mana pool yang best??!
Tapi one thing since Ammar Haikal ade ni ialah mummy tak sempat nak cook for daddy sangat, ala sian daddy!
hihi mummy has to do so many things sayang since our little one semakin aktif, tapi mummy will try my best keh. mana tau nanti terer buat cupcakes plak kan, hahahah angan2!
Mummy kene prepare Ammar punya food ni, complicated jgk eh,
We decided to introduce baby Ammar Haikal rice porridge soon.
Paeds suggested to delay introduction to rice a bit, after fruit and veges puree, so that the digestive system has time to mature and ready enuf for starchy2 food!
otherwise nnt takut baby senang constipated
So mummy baru je nak belaja2 nak buat rice porridge untuk Ammar ni.:)
Some info about food.
by 6months baby should eat food that still very thin and liquidy puree.
You can
She wrote comprehensively about baby food!

By now, baby Ammar Haikal dah try banana,  apple, orange, mango.
Yet to try pear, sweet potato, baby rice, avocado, oatmeal cereal.
okay nanti mummy buat keh!
7months, banyak lagi veges yang mummy kene introduce untuk baby Ammar.
Carrot etc.
Your baby preference for food depends on you!
You should introduce as many as new food to your baby!
okeh mummy akan try my best keh! Gambate!

Tapi egg, mummy kene tunggu Ammar 9months kot.
takut Ammar allergic.
Egg also should be delayed, if nak bagi jgk then bagi yolk at 7months, whole egg at 9months.
i will read more on this from
nak kena jadi mummy yang berjaya nih!
InsyaAllah amin.=)
Daddy kene belaja masak makanan Ammar jgk keh, hihi so nnt daddy boleh tolong mummy!

pastu untuk memotivatekan diri, mummy nak beli baby travellers set for feeding, hihi,
by Avent Phillips ni, cantikk.
owh nak beli kat baby fair.
mesti daddy cakap, ala guna jela tupperware heheheh
tak mau tak mau :p

Another issue.
Mummy kene get my body back.
please please.
haha i want my body backk.
semua baju2 mummy dah tak muat dahh.
postpartum weight blues!
Nak raya macamana ni, tu la mummy makan banyak sangat!
Daddy cakap, takpela beli la baju baru.
every size pun beautiful~~!
wah positivenya.
okay, tapi kene healthy lifestyle.
kurangkan input banyakkan output.
jom bersenam!

We managed to go to few kenduris with baby Ammar Haikal.
Sweating sampai basah baju Ammar!

Enuf for now.
Kesimpulan from this post. hhaha post yg bergambar ini.
1. masak untuk husband more
2. create more baby food!
3. babyproof my home
4.exercise and eat healthy
5. hoping to miraculously shrink back to size 8!

Selamat berpuasa to everyone, from Anna, Najib and Ammar!

p.s it takes a village to raise a child.