Friday, October 28, 2016

Little baby now a little boy

My baby Ammar  will turn 3 years old this coming November, insyaAllah..and mommy just could not believe how fast you have grown, Ammar!
From tiny little Ammar to a happy chirpy boy!

Our baby Ammar yang forever baby in our eyes~~
Our first born.

He is happy, manja and growing up.
He can pretty much run upstairs and carelessly rush downstairs despite mommy saying slow down and slow down, everytime!
He jumps whenever he has any opportunity haha, activenya
He enjoys walkabouts, trips to gardens, playgrounds, malls, or even pegi pasar pun happy semacam hehe. He loves to be outdoor just like any other boys kan?
The speech wise, he is progressing.
Now he is 2y11months old, I can now identify some ayat tak berapa lengkap hihi, like...
"Mommy, help, nak icecweamm"
"Mommy, help open door"
"Mommy, get the ball"
"Oh look mommy, bridge, tower"
"Oh no, sakit la mommy"
so cute!!

So, there is some progression, although if compared to his peers, diorg semua dah pot pet pot pet hahahaha, takpe Ammar, slowly you will catch up, mommy tunggu okay.
Dulu mommy tunggu Ammar cakap mommy for two years, haha now Ammar is calling me every 10 seconds! Nak solat pun, mommy, cak cak?? hihi~~
Now Ammar dah suka berlakon, berlakon citer dibo, citer sofia hehhe, citer pocoyo, tapi Ammar belum suka upin ipin ke boboi boy ke, masih obsess dgn Cars, Monster inc. Toy story.
So dah tau dah cake Ammar ape this year eh, insyaAllah Cars Lightning Mcqueen!~
sgt boy kan dia now..~~

So, saje2 refer Ammar to a speech therapy specialist, and she said, Ammar just kurang stimulation since he stays with a nanny, compares to toddlers yg stay in nursery or playschool.
InsyaAllah next year, Ammar will join tadika for half day,
So I pray and I hope Ammar will soon catch up,
and talks sampai mommy macam owh Ammar, plis senyap sikit kekekekkeke, insyaAllah.
Asalkan, the danger signs are not there.
Boleh buat revised MCHAT score utk screen.
Healthcare providers and public can refer to our Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder in children and adolescents for guidance, at

Ammar's first overseas trip, haha to Singapore je!
Had his passport stamped!
We had great time during this visit, 
Went to Universal Studios, the zoo, and underwaterworld,
Just look at Ammar,
hhaha baring tgk shark!

Such a miracle, in such a little boy
Ammar Haikal enjoying his view at Underwater World, Singapore~~
April 2016

Food wise, Ammar likes to eat, surprise surprise! haha just like mommy and daddy ay?
He loves nasik goreng udang, (mcam mommy!), chicken rice, roasted chicken, baked fish fillets, hashbrown, bolognese, carbonara, alfredo pasta, mushroom soup (ini mcm daddy),
He still loves carrots, dont mind all the onions, mixed veges, celery, spring onions or coriander.
He loves lettuces, and fruits, bagila banana, pear, pineapple, mango ape2 semua dia ngap! hahhaha
He only takes milk about 2-3 bottles per day now, as he eats 3 meals per day.
I try to limit the sugary intakes, and processed food, but occasionally he will have that.
I dont wanna steal his fun childhood with no this no that.

And of course we cannot protect them forever, the best that we can.
In moderation is still okay. I give him ice cream sometimes for rewards, burgers n chips occasionally and some Auntie Anne's pretzel, but otherwise he will have banana or watermelon, fresh fruit juices or dadih as dessert.
I am quite particular with cakes, chocolate cakes especially, maybe because I myself dont fancy them much, but I am concern about giving cakes, cookies n biscuits to toddlers regularly,
because usually they tend to prefer the sweet things rather than eating the real food like rice, pasta, noodles and veges.
and of course, this will lead to obesity, malnutrition, and picky eating, and also tooth decay.
We have to fight child obesity as much as we fight adult obesity.
Stop letting them be couch potatoes, screen addicts, game addicts, munching on crackers, sweets, ice creams.
They maybe look cute now, but this will take tolls on their confidence level later on in life,
the bullying at school, the name-calling, bob la gemukla, and self-esteem issues when they enter kindergarten and primary school.
So lets fight obesity!
Let them play outside, stop the gadgets, reduce the sugary intakes,
Malaysia is the no 1 country having the most obese people in entire Asia, lets not make it no 1 to the entire world population shall we!
Healthy eating starts from home.
and it starts with you.
so jom exercise with mommy n daddy keh Ammar hehehe!
(sorry for the doctor-y talk again hahaa cant help it!)

One more thing, I can see now that he is so into books!
I dont know how long it will last, but I hope it will last longggg, I love seeing him reading the books, and imagine the characters.
He would say, wow mommy, look, happy birthday monster sullivann...happy birthday mike wazowski hahaha,
And the pretend plays,
so adorable.
Pretend potong rumput mcm uncle2 bangla tu, haha, pretend dia main golf, haha and pretend jadi doctor!He would take our stetoscopes, sangkut kat leher, hahahaha, and check my heart, check teddy, check cars, semua toys pun dia check, macam his fav cartoon Dr McStuffin tu, hihi!

Next, insyaAllah Ammar's birthday this coming 15th November.
Mommy n Daddy will buy you a cake!
Jadi anak soleh, sihat, pintar, bersopan santun dan kiyut keh! InsyaAllah amin~~

My baby Ammar and mommy,
Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Jun 2016.

P.S I still remember the excruciating pain I had for two days before I finally gave birth to you my son, about 3years ago.
I love you.