Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Dress I Marry You in..~~

I woke up this morning..i made hot cup of tea for husband..and there, he went for work.
My shift will start at 3pm and ends at 10pm.
Today he's oncall.Meaning im sleeping in hospital tonite!
Manja eh, oncall kene teman hihihi!

Bile Encik Lebah takde..saya akan bukak closet hihii and try baju baju saya hihihi..(if only he knows hihi mesti dia akan tak faham hobby saya nih!)
then i saw my dress..the dress i marry you in..hihi..
my wedding dress..my pearly detailed wedding dress..
hanging in the closet...
Looking so inviting! hihihi..
i tried it on!
yes i can still fit in hahhahahahha!
but yes..i can see im chubbier now...erghhhhh..i need to get my body back pleaseeeee!!

that day that i feel so pretty hihihi..walaupun sgt chubbyyy!!

But still..i love the dress so much~~ it was so me..
They say when you know its your wedding dress, when you look at it, or you tried it on, you designed it..and you have the right feeling that its the one!
Thats when i know, its mine..hihi =)
Thank you to Chanteq Boutique who made my dress customized for me..in just less that 1month plus, berjaya siapkan just like i wanted..hihi..
and i will take a good care of it..so that later when i grow old with encik lebah..i can tell our kids..hihi miow miow.."this is the dress..i marry your father in...hhhehhehe"

chubby anna yg malu sbb org suro amik gamba hahahhahahaa lawak lawak

A perfect sweet picture under the pokok pisang by samsultahir from Kaseh.Com, simple and sweet~~ so humanly beautiful shot from him! Great work!

I love his artwork because its human..
Perfect is so boring..=)
And the rest of the crew, its 2thumbs up!
I'd like to book for a anniversary wedding shot la hehehehhee....
He is the first thing i book, after encik lebah proposed! heehehhee..now you know, photographer is so important!

the second dress we sketched on piece of paper, and came to life a month later..with gold beading, and flowy finish, i thought they cannot make the dress as we sketched and i might not like it,but turn out, i just love the piece!
I just smile when i see both pieces in my closet..it reminds me of the big day..
the day i marry you hubby..
a guy from Friendster hihihi! tak percaya saya! cinta cyber hhihi

Wake up wake up Anna, you are in dreamland hihihi..
So i woke up, betul betul punya wake up hehheehe..
and prepare lunch for hubby..
I gotta say, i love all the spices..
Making me missing my apartment in NZ..=)
We have all the spices in our kitchen..but here in Malaysia, it becomes so expensiveeeeeee!!
I miss baby carrots, i miss capsicummmm, leek and purple lettuce!!!

im gonna make..daging masak cajun with black pepper today~~ mmm..
that sure is spicy!

Lots of shallots and onions!
i like!

lunch with husband..never boring!

To my hubby,
I wish i could cook lots of other things for you to eat..
but i need to find time!
Working in ED, really hectic, kesian encik lebah..sometimes makan burger with me hihihi...
But its fun..hihi awak sgt random!
makan megi depan TV with me..seriesly buat saya tersenyum saje!

Baru saya tahu,encik lebah ni lipat baju cantik..hihi pastu tapi suka letak baju atas katil, nnt saya kene gantung gantungkan..
pastu dia suka usik2 saya.."ni bukan najib ni, ni org lain" hahahaha menjerit2 la saya kat rumah!
uish uish..
pastu kalau pegi shopping, mesti provoke2 saya suro beli!
owh no! saya shopaholics okay...kalau awak provoke, saya lagilaaa nak beliiii hhahhahahaha
Anyway, saya kene pegi keje nih, jumpa encik lebah malam ini!
Au Revoir~~ =)

ps. marrying a 24/7 busy doctor can be tough, but a lot of fun!!! hehehehehhe

Monday, May 30, 2011


My life in Sarawak...in Sibu i mean,..i would say sweet..=)
Today me and encik lebah, officially married for 11months hihi..counting for our first anniversary, 12th June =)
time flies so fast while we are having fun!

I would certainly remember this forever...mmm miow miow hihihi
you kissed me in public hihihi

The best was, honeymoon in London and Paris! that was awesomeeee...=) =)
Dah lama we dreamt of going there..to go for a honeymoon, it was a blast!
I rated Paris as 20 out of 10! hhihi
In lurve in Parissssss!!!

my shot by my baby canon EOS...=)
Should we go to Venice next? hihihi

Berjalan berjalan and berjalan...seriesly exercising, and retail therapy of course!!!
I was a bit bummed, as i forgot to get my Elle Macpherson's something something..(i am a big fan of her collection! hehehehe)...now i should go to Pavilion and see ada ke tak kat situ..mmm hihihi..

Im in Mata of London 2011! hihi a must see and a must go!

I should be in travel and living channel la i think! hehehhehehe...
Hari2 tgk channel ni! owh my gosh Dr Anna..u should be reading medical books hehhehehe!

I met this random Malay guy in Oxford street in London..mmm who might he be...hihi a husband of mine?

Semua org tanak pegi Sarawak..mm i just dont get it!
I think its so challenging and..well me and encik lebah love to travel, Satu malaysia sudah pusing!!! hihihi~~ seeing Iban Kenyah people..wah mmg seriesly different la..it makes you think, that you should be thankful..and you should serve them best..no discrimination please...=)!!
Dekat sibu, can stay in Semi D house...hihihi..kalau lama kat sini, sure dah beli da rumah ni kan..
anyway, as nobody from semenanjung nak dtg here, so we still cannot get transferred back to semenanjung..mmmmm..if only our country memang betul2 1 Malaysia, baru la pegi Sarawak pun nobody will mind..macam pegi melaka, pegi johor...i want to see that in the future..=) hopeful sigh~~

Doctors in Borneo~~..kami pun nak balik semenanjung jugak kawan kawan!

Married almost 1year, tapi rasa macam baru bercinta hihihi..
jumpa kat hospital jeling jeling je hihihi..
if encik lebah bukan doktor, mesti dia takkan faham nape saya keje macam gile hihihi..nape saya selalu sedeh tgk patients saya susah...nape saya keje hectic hours, nape saya takboley jadi an ordinary housewife..nape hari2 rushing dua dua pegi keje..endless work!!
Hippocratic oath! fuh..i never thought being a doctor is so hardddddddddd!!!
but yet so cool!!! hihi..buat me rasa when everyday ends..tak sabar nak jumpa my fruit liver hihihi...
Thank you honey =) =)

Marriage is a darling..hihi to me,if you love, love truly..and marrying encik lebah, is the best thing ever happened to me..=)
hari2 with you like a surprise...hihi charming la,..if im in a library now, the librarian would kick me out as i will write a never ending story about you, hubby! hehehehehe..

The day you made me a real princess of yours...hihi putera katak!
Saya sayang awak!

Whats next?

Kepada Encik Hubby,
kite nak jadi ape ni? hihi psychiatrist? obstetrician? surgeon? a physician?
Saya pun pening nak jadi ape nih...mmmmmm
tapi it feels like working with women is much more rewarding..dont you think?
hihihi...Klinik Ibu dan Anak Dr Najib and Dr Anna miow hihihi..kiyutnyaaa!

ade ke org nak datang klinik kite? hihihihi..ke kite asyik pegi travel je, org lain tolong locum kat klinik kite..hihihi berangan!
Loving you darling..=) =)

Owh saya kene bersiap..kene pegi keje pm shift..
husband saya pun dok rumah sorg sampai kol 10pm, kesian dier...hhihi, nnt saya balik keh, promise!

p.s i heart you.