Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ammar is now a toddler. and yes. you know what that means!

Started off his December with measles!
Aww..he was a bit cranky that time with rash started from face down to the toes.
We were lucky it was just mild measles.
He recovered from it in about 5 days.
Of course mummy had to take leave from work to take care of him.
He was due for MMR injection on his birthday, but was postponed due to the birthday celebration, damn! should have bring him to get the jab first!~~sigh lesson learned.
Measles is a childhood infection that is highly contagious. Caused by measles virus.
Usually preceded with fever, runny nose. Then widespread skin rash is a classic sign.
This rash can last up to seven days and generally appears within the first 3 to 5 days of exposure to the virus.
Measles rash commonly develops at the head and slowly spreads to other parts of the body.
Measles was once common, but now almost always be prevented with the vaccine.
Im not gonna elaborate on that yada yada yada..
i know theres a lot of anti vaxers out there.
Too bad theres no vaccine for stupidity!

Ammar's miserable looking face when fighting measles!

Ammar started walking at about 1year and 2weeks old!
We were surprised. We thought since he was chubby and heavy haha, he would have needed extra time.
Alhamdulillah. He walks faster each day and now he is practically running all the time!
Funny gait anyway. So innocent.
He looks so adorable.
His heart is so pure.
How can people leave their children when they look just so innocent and adorable. Why? Why?
I cannot understand.
I feel guilty leaving him whenever i go to work.
Let alone leaving him for holidays, for bussiness, for leisure, for saja saja, let alone leaving him for 4-5years of master, i dont think im capable of doing that.
No matter what you pursue, never take your children for granted.
Dont make them pay the price.
They only have you, their parents.
You should be the closest to them.
Not anyone else.
Your life will never be easy like before, tapi you choose to have children so you need to grow up and take care of them and have fun with your children!
~~reminder to us, new parents.

Ammar Haikal at 13 months old
Ade habit baru, gigit2 jari.
Semua teething toys tanak, nak jari dia jgk!
Time ni, Ammar dah jalan2 dah agak laju.
Thankfully, we already moved to a landed house!
Before this, susah betul nak pastikan Ammar tak pegi ke tangga.
Banyak sgt tangga kat Parkvilla townhouse tuuu, tak sanggup mummy kejar Ammar!

 Ammar's play yard dah set up dah kat living room! i think this play yard sgt berjasa la to us hehe senang nak letak Ammar if mummy kena gi masak ke, nak kemas2 rumah kejap ke. 
But, makan space betul. hehhe takpela senang monitor Ammar.
and happy birthday Ammar everyday haha!

Talking about fun.
Ammar understands how to have fun now.
haha he loves to laugh whenever he sees cat jumping, or even just walking
He loves cats!
Just like mummy hehe.
Dah start selongkar2 kitchen cabinet mummy, kluarkan tupperware semua, dah tarik2 botol2 kicap hadoi anakkuuu nasib lepas tu mummy daddy pasang pagar hehe takle masuk kitchen dah!
Da start experiment2 ambik mainan and lepaskan, and does it countlessly!
Dah try nak throw ball and main fetch haha.
Comel la Ammar~~

14 months old Ammar Haikal Mohammad Najib
Dah macam beras hidup mummy dukung tau~~
now dah makan macam mummy daddy dah,
only noodles je tak pandai makan.
but i tried to minimize outside food, risau food hygiene and all..huhu tgkla berape lama boleh bertahan tu.
Completed his 4th pneumococcal shot and varicella shot. dua dua terus, sian Ammar hihi.
Semoga Ammar sentiasa dilindungi olehNya, amin.
My close friends came for a visit to our home and brought their happy babies together and Ammar was so happy playing together with them. Since the happy babies sgtla sgtla behave, main pun tak aggressive, share share je mainan Ammar, hehe Ammar pon rileks je. So cuteeee! Ammar kene belaja share keh sayang.
Dah pandai obey very simple command, like, Ammar take ball, Ammar come here, Ammar come eat, Ammar No!
Dah lari2 lajuuuuu tapi masih nak duduk dalam carseat and stroller la.,
owh no tataula lepas ni tanak dah keeee, pls Ammar behave keh!
mummy shopaholics tau haha.
kesian mummy!

Lunch buffet at Seoul Garden no longer a boring occasion!
With Ammar, we practically have to do 3 or 4 things at once.
Mana nak makan lagi, sorok sudu lagi, suap dia lagi, carik straw jatuh lagi, air tumpah lagi, fork and spoon hilang kemana, belum lagi ammar cuba mencapai nak bbq prawns!
Anyway, he loves the beef bulgogi??! hahaha, Ammar kamu ni makan ape saje!

His favourite books are yg touch and feel books tu,
haish bukan setakat touch and feel,
taste sekali hokay!
But he shows some interest in books.
Hope it lasts haha.
Susu time sambil gelak tengok cerita Thunder and the magic house.
his current favourite movie.
Of course, its about cat!

 Gelagat Baby Ammar yg selamanya baby di mata mummy daddy hehe!
 Seramla tgk gigi Ammar~~
 Macam rabbit tau!
 And brushing his teeth almost always a nightmare! susah sangatttt!
 He loves story time.
 He will stare at me or my husband whenever we read to him.
 tapi mmg nampak la he excited bila daddy bacakan buku.
 sbb suara garau! hahhaha.
 Masculine la sangat kannn~~
Model cadar patchwork mummy haha Ammar suka sangat cadar ni compares to Aussino's . I think its the texture. Bila baring je, dia akan buat macam macam pose and guling2 dengan bestnya!
Wokey nnt mummy ade excuse nak beli cadar patchwork lagi hahhha~~

New Year 2015. 
Alhamdulillah 2014 berlalu dengan gembira.
one year of parenthood.
Azam tahun baru: 
-kuruskan badan hahaha tataula macam tak berjaya je!
-didik Ammar dgn baik insyaAllah
- more family time 
- bawak Ammar travel ~~
- dan banyak lagi!
insyaAllah semoga Allah berkati hidup kita dan permudahkan segalanya, amin.

Third week of January, we decided to bring Mak Abah Sabak to Malacca! yay!
Well, we chose to stay at the same place again, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort.
This time, we stayed at the 3bedroom apartment.
Spacious and modern deco.
Very comfy, we loved it.
Went to Malacca Rivercruise that afternoon.
punyalah banyak kali gi Malacca, ni first time nak  naik rivercruise kat sini. hehe.
And it was fun! I underestimated it. i thought tak bestla, river bau la ape la. apparently, cantik bersih dan best! and Ammar sgt suka, angin2 sepoi bahasa, cruising along the river..kiri kanan ade cafe, penuh mat sallehs hehehe.
The trip lasted about 40minutes.
RM 10 per adult. worth it la!

Asyik pegi Melaka je kita kan?
We think Melaka is awesome!
Clean, cantik, menarik, penuh ngan historical sites.

Waterpark adventure time petang tu.
OMG sangat ramai org.
The waterpark basically just full with people particularly insanely happy looking children!
We forgot to bring Ammar's pelampung, mmg penatla, Ammar dah la nak swim!!
Penat daddy kene dukung.
haha tapi Ammar mmg suka air.
siap suruh mummy lepas dia lagi, amboi, macam boleh swim je Ammar.
Mummy, being overprotective as usual, cuba minimizekan Ammar dari that water yg i imagine penuh dgn germs hahahaha, tapi dah kat waterpark, tawakal ajela!
But, we had fun!

Dahla lupa beli Ammar punya swimming pants terpaksala mandi pakai diaper, haha kejap jela Ammar kat waterpark, if not nnt kang diaper Ammar meletup penuh air haha comel la Ammar, nak gigit la pleasee!
Cepatnya awak membesar my baby Ammar, dah jadi toddler yg kiyutttt!!
Rasa macam baru je semalam kot selfie kat hospital masa baru dapat baby Ammar!
Sigh~~ time flies.

Then, gayat time at Malacca Tamingsari Tower.
takdela tinggi, tapi bagi org gayat, mmg dah cukup tinggila.
Boleh pulak masa nak turun tu terstop kejap kat atas.
fuh ngeri ngeri!
RM 10 per adult.
Lebih kurang 10-15 minit la tgk panorama of Malacca from the tower.
New experience for Ammar,
but as expected, dia langsong tak takut, tengok je bawah.
i think he thought they all looked like miniature cars or building blocks to him hehe.

Ended up our short trip to Malacca with a Zoo visit!
Ammar's first zoo experience!
It was a soft intro to the world of animals which he will enjoy more later on in his toddler and childhood life insyaAllah.
He smiled at the pony, giraffe, tapir, badak, haha, but fall asleep while on the trams and missed elephants, tigers and lions!!
takpe takpe Ammar, nanti kite pegi Zoo Negara pulak keh??
Byk lagi zoo tau heehhe.

Ammar sekarang dah semakin berminat dengan animals
Sometimes, terdengar dia cuba nak cakap bird, but says bad instead haha
Choco Brownie aka best friend Ammar si miow coklet tu selalulah nak manja2 hihi
I saw him try to pet Choco Brownie that day,
cutenya la hai.
Hope Ammar will learn how to love animals.
My dad cakap, if we teach our children how to love animals, how to live around them, and how to respect them, care for them, our children will insyaAllah grow up jadik orang yang penyayang. orang yg tak ganas, yg sopan, yang jiwanya lembut and faham erti sharing and sayang..insyaAllah, doa banyak2 kan.

15 months old baby Ammar
doing bird watching with Choco Brownie.
This cat has been around since before we moved in.
and after Ammar's presence, Choco Brownie asyik nak masuk rumah je hahaha nak join ke?
Sorry Choco Brownie,
nanti Mummy Ammar bagi food keh, tapi tula Choco Brownie pun uptown okay,
tanak makan nasik!

Okay, sayang.
Nanti mummy update lagi. haha macam Ammar je yang baca eh?
Just look at the eyes!
Haish, irresistable la Ammar...macam mata Puss in boots la hihi
Mummy sometimes boleh menanges time tengok Ammar tido lena dekat mummy daddy...yes, your daddy maybe tak perasan, tapi mummy selalu termenanges bila tgk Ammar peaceful, so sweet..It feels like its an extraordinary happiness that Allah gave to me and your daddy to feel...and to take care of this amanah Allah..our children .and we all should appreciate that gift.
Count our blessings.
Syukuri nikmat Allah bagi kita rasa..
Our children.
Your children will remember everything.
Your love will guide them and help them grow well...
Your presence is everything to them..
Would you leave this jewel whenever you feel they are unnecessary, whenever they kacau you and makes your life not easy like when it was all just about you two..? How would you feel if you are the one that being left behind..think about it.
Children needs love.
Give them what they deserve.
Love them.
Love you Ammar. Love your daddy zillions2 too.hehe.