Thursday, May 10, 2012

So what you've got the world at your feet

Busy month.
Had methadone and harm reduction update
Attending TPC meetings and lawatan kerja to my old hospital?!
Now im impressed.
not bad la Hospital Sibu sampai jadi paling top TPC~~ wallaweh
Anyway, husband pun busy,
AIDS course in Kuantan.
that explains this writing.
middle of the night.
playing NeedForSpeed THE RUN! sampai pedih mata hihi

All these courses, outside hospital.
met all kinds of people
and.."Umur berapa ni? Doktor eh?"
"Series ke dah kawen?!"
i get that a lot!
How to look like youre 28. is there any dress code?
trying my best to look mature, but failed everytime ergh~~!
because im like..mmm childish?!

i still drink Yakult.
i still cuddle Bubu (my big eyed baby cow) in my living room
and i still buy cotton candy
i wear colourful flats
i sing in bathroom everytime (encik lebah describes me as his 'online radio')
i play SIMS still
im a crazy fan of cats
i sleep to a lullaby hihi
and ribbons attract me.
How la.

"So what youve got the world at your feet.."
"..and you know everything about everything.."
"but you dont know a thing about me.."
" dont know a thing about me.."

p.s i may not look like tough.