Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday our little Abg Ammar!

You are 3 years old today son!
The day you were born.
The day the mother in me was born too.
And I love you from the moment I know you are part of me, long before you were born.
Your kicks, your hiccups, your heartbeat, I love you long before I even see you for the first time.
The day I become a mommy.

Baby boy Ammar,
Your mommy now is 37weeks pregnant with your little sister insyaAllah, super tired and hormonal hehe,,and huge like a whale!

Daddy is also super duper tired doing the household chores, and taking mommy everywhere for her food cravings haha!

Mommy Ammar is heavily pregnant with insyaAllah your little sister, Baby M.
37weeks, 8kgs of total weight gain till date! 
Ermm, let's worry about that later, huh? hehehhe~~

Seeing you mumble happy birthday songs almost everyday for the past week, gave us some strength to at least get you a cake!
Not just any cake, but Cars Lightning McQueen cake!
His current obsession of course!

Happy Ammar looking so excited to taste his Lightning McQueen cake!
Priceless smiles!~~
Birthday boy definitely so happy!

I would have design the cake myself so that it will be easier, but since Lightning McQueen is such a simple theme, 
so I let prettyyummythings to do the edible printing kind of cake! 
Inside was a Neapolitan cake, with three layers of flavours; Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.
and the cake tasted so nice!!
we absolutely loved the cake!!

..and of course Ammar was over the moon having this cake for his birthday!!
So happy and I would say, super excited when everyone's ready to sing him Happy Birthday song!
A small celebration means the world to this little kiddie of ours

Ammar just could not wait much longer to cut his cake!
hahahha, dah macam monster tu nak nganga terus ngap~~!

Aunty Udeq, came with Uncle Wan and their two princesses Arissa n Adeena,
Aunty Aini with Uncle Raja and Ibrahim n baby dlm tummy aunty!
and Aunty Melor with Uncle Arswad, princess Kuntum and their new arrival Arjuna Jihad!
Last time we gathered, we have one kiddo, then two kiddos, hahahha our place getting more crowded each year I would say!

So difficult to get shots that have everyone in hahahaha, chaos!!

Pretty pregnant Aini with birthday boy, and the mommies, and daddies!

The kids had so much fun socialising and showing so much attitudes towards each other hahaha,
things getting out of control and there's some yelling some throwing haha the normal things you see when you have friends with kids!!
And I just love that so much!!
Our living room looked like tongkang pecah in just few minutes hahahaha, and the adults just could not converse for more than 5 minutes without kiddos trying to get some extra attention hahaa sabar aje lah!!
Anyhow, it was fun for the kids and us of course

Ammar Haikal and Nur Arissa,
comelnya main slide together gether!!
Melt melt~~

Erm, this is how we, boys, socialise mommies, hahahhaa, jumping and climbing around the sofa!
Good job making us all tired of saying, no no no nanti jatuhhh!!~~ hehehe

Ammar Haikal with Raja Ibrahim~~

Ammar Haikal with Kuntum Dhia Sakura, yg sgt suka shopping trolley tu since last year she came here hahahhaa~~ she still loves it!
Mmg akak2 kawasan sgt Tuntum nih!
Big sister to little Arjuna~~

Me, Aini cikhens and Melor, pregnant berjemaah this year.
and alhamdulillah Melor has successfully completed her pantang period and graduated flying colours, siap dah kurus dah!
so me and cikhens are counting days.
getting more nervous each day.
praying for uneventful delivery and recovery insyaAllah amin.
the anxiety and uncertainties faced by pregnant mothers..that only yg mengalami je faham kann perasaan susah hati seorang ibu.!
My elective caesarian for previous scar n cpd will be on 23/11/2016, and I am praying hard that Allah will permudahkan delivery of a healthy n cute baby, and uneventful surgery as well as recovery for me insyaAllah. amin.

Aunty Melor da abes pantang looking so slim, Aunty Udeq yg maintain cantik doing her masters with two daughters!, and huge pregnant ladies only 5days apart!

Thank you aunties and uncles yg every year dtg for Ammar.
thanks for your time, your love and affection towards Ammar Haikal, sanggup beria2 nak dtg Putrajaya jgk for your birthday,

Rancak berborak geng mommies and daddies,
while the kids running around the house haha~~

Mommy Aini cikhens and Mommy Udeq tgh chit-chatting while me doing the photo job hahahha, dah buyung pon masih bertenaga ambik gamba semua org!

Baby Arjuna yg sgt behave, chill je mama dia~~
Such a good boy Arjuna~!
Welcome to the club!

Raja Ibrahim yg sgt chatty and busy!!
Da tak kesahkan mama dia dah!
Ammar, mana boleh lick pisau kek okay, hahahhah omg sedap sgt ke kek ni Ammar Haikal?!
So cute!

Even though semua jauh2, even mommy pon tak larat nak throw birthday party, haha, but because of your favourite aunties n uncles ni, nak potluck kecil2 kecilan for Ammar and Ammar pun asyik nyanyi lagu birthday sorg2 je, alalalala sian dia,
dptla celebrate your birthday simple2,
and celebrate the arrival of Arjuna Jihad,
and also for mommy2 preggy yg counting days!
catch up sessions with mommies and daddies~~
and most importantly, the kids had so much fun getting together!

Excited happy chirpy little birthday boy opening his presents!
Thank you so much aunties and uncles,
He absolutely loves the books, the montessori play n all~~
Thanks a bunch!

Battery habis sambil partially baring on the sofa, hence tertido berdiri!
hahahahhaa, birthday boy kepenatan~~!

Thank you Daddy Ammar yg tolong mommy decorate sikit2 and gantung balloons for Ammar, sbb mommy da sarat sgt tp Ammar suka balloons!
Ammar happy sgt2!!! Sampai habes energy dok gelak gumbira lari sana sini with frens!
Thank you Daddy kemas2 aftermath, we love you so much️ one in a million daddy.

Thank you aunties n uncles for the gift, books, Ammar terus baca buku mlm tu jgk ahhahaa.
Thanks so much for making my boy happy on his birthday 🎉

Dear Ammar,
Mommy Daddy pray that we and Ammar and your baby sister insyaAllah, akan sentiasa dilindungi olehNya,
diberikan bahagia here and hereafter,
dan Mommy Daddy doakan Ammar jadi anak yang soleh, kiyut, cerdik pandai, sihat dan membesar jadi org yg berbakti pada semua insyaAllah amin.

Happy 3rd Birthday Abg Ammar!

Mommy and Daddy.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

What to expect, when you are expecting....2nd child?

Alhamdulillah, we are pregnant again.
after 2 years plus.
It was unexpected. but syukur alhamdulillah~
We found out in early May,
I thought I was stressed out with work, and that I was easily irritable because of work, presentations in Singapore and stuff, I even thought there's something wrong with my menses??? haha, paranoia sungguh!
InsyaAllah this coming November, hopefully hujung November, Ammar will become little brother to our baby in my tummy~~

I am nervous, as usual. (paranoid mom!)

And being a doctor, the paranoia got a lot worse!
(yes, especially when you hear about pregnancy-related complications, prenatal complications and etc. every day, and medicolegal cases..sigh~~~ its not easy to become a preggy mommy and a doctor at the same time! you tend to think too much!!)
and you feel scared to feel happy.
And having this scar.
My previous scar.
The thoughts just keep on coming.
Can it hold my baby for 9months, is it strong enough?
And bile paranoia da semakin datang, always have to remember that all of that is beyond our control..
It is in Allah's hands.
We just have to usaha for the best, and tawakal to Him, insyaAllah dipermudahkan, amin.~~

Daddy, Mommy, Ammar and Baby M.~~16weeks of pregnancy on Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2016

Reaction Encik Lebah to this pregnancy, was..biar betul?? hihihi.
ha betul la ni, ade baby dalam tummy ni Encik Lebah! alhamdulillah~~
and he is so happy.
Org lelaki kan dia tak pregnant takpela tak takutttt! haippp!
We booked for check up at KK Precint 18 and then KK Precint 11, Putrajaya.
Had early scans done by my pretty fren, Dr.Hazlin Azzamiza, hehe, and then follow-ups at Presint 11.
And went for few detail scans and 4D HD scan in privates.
And......was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) ataupon kencing manis mengandung at 16weeks! my MOGTT test was 4.0/8.0, masa Ammar normal je, uhuhuhu,
Lagila paranoia, adoiii~~

Risk factors to developing GDM includes:
-Age >25  huhu YES
-BMI above 30 ...Nope
-History of parent or siblings with GDM....huhu YES, my dad got DM
-Race of asian, black, hispanic...YES asian
There is currently no evidence linking dietary habit with developing GDM.

mmmm..tu la walaupon in denial, tapi what to do, have to accept the fact that I am labelled as GDM on diet control, heheheh.
Diagnosed with GDM under diet control, means you have to go for appointment every 2weeks and do blood sugar profiles (4x per day)!
so I've been dragging myself to clinics every 2 weeks since 18weeks till now..phewww~!
I have tried to cut the sugary intake, well I dont have sweet tooth but since I become pregnant with our second child, I've been having intense cravings for sweets, ice creams, desserts, cakes, which are so not me.
                                                                                                                      Mommy and Daddy at Baling, Kedah, 20weeks of pregnancy

Totally different compared to when I was carrying Ammar.
During his time, I kept on craving savoury dishes, meaty meals, lamb, lamb and lamb! mmg sgt baby boy symptoms masa tu kann.
But this time, semuanya nak manisssss!
so not helping with having GDM! sigh~~
But I try my best, taking small portion of meals each time, doing lots of walking.

Still craving for this northen indian cuisine, sama during Ammar's time.
~~at D'Tandoor Ayer @ 8, Putrajaya

I walked to Alamanda everyday from my workplace (about 15min walk) till I was about 30 weeks. (sbb Encik Lebah risau jatuh dah sbb da kembang kan haha)
and of course, lots of walking that involves shopping hahha.
Good excuse kan! But bad for my purse haha.

And, after we did some detail scans, we found out that we are having a baby girl.
Ammar will insyaAllah have a little sister!
Mommy and Daddy yg have no clue, cane nak prepare for baby girl eh.
Masa Ammar dulu, everything simple je,
pilih je tiger lion, jungle animals haha,
ini mommy pegi nak beli barang, pening tgk semua kaler pink!
Apa pun, boy or girl, insyaAllah dipermudahkan pregnancy, delivery and jaga baby M nnt jadi anak solehah, sihat, comey, pweetyy rupa dan akhlak insyaAllah amin. Doakan keh.

Babymoon in Cherating, Pahang.
22weeks pregnant with Baby M

Ammar's reaction?
Ha...yg ni kitorg risau. haha.
Sbb abg Ammar sgt manja.
Tidur pon kene hug2 baru sleep.
And he's been having the luxury of time with us for the past almost 3 years without competition.
What will be his reaction when he sees mommy and daddy ade little girl??
Now he knows my tummy ade baby.
He will come to me and kiss baby
Baby sleep.
Hug my tummy if nak sleep.
If mommy beli clothes for baby, he will say baju babyy
But I dont think he knows hahahhaha lepas ni kena share with his lil sister~~!
Mommy daddy hope Ammar nnt happy ade fren iaitu your little sister kat rumah keh, insyaAllah~~
Be good tau, big brother!
Having previous scar from caesarian section, and GDM,
buat mommy risau siang malam, hhahah over tak.
But it's true.
Every pregnant mommy usually worries about everything.
the birth, our baby, what will happen after that, everything..
Anyhow, you have to tawakal padaNya, InsyaAllah dipermudahkan semuanya, amin.

Blue sky holiday~~
Ammar, Daddy, Mommy and Baby M.
at 29th weeks of pregnancy.

This second pregnancy is so much different from last 3years back.
I feel more tired, more hormonal,
more irritable,
senang nak sedih2,
Encik Lebah pegi lokum pun nak sedih!
the back pain is so intense,
and I had many episodes of colicky pain over my tummy,
sampai peluh2 dahi tgn semua,
I cannot eat any spicy food, or else the colicky pain worsens,
maybe because of my age hahaha tua sgt dah ke???
 and my previous scar, so my inside has changed compared to the last pregnancy, thats just my theory.

Big brother Ammar giving mommy his senyuman manis! hihi.
Mak mak obsessed ngan anak sendiri hahhaha 

The one thing that remains the same is my will to walk and shop! hahahaha.
Ni Encik Lebah mmg akui nih, bab ni mmg I magically become sihat and kuat terus hehehehhe~~
Actually, da lambat jgk start beli barang this time, sbb the pregnancy rasa macam cepat sgt,
Suddenly dah 8 months pregnant.
Anxious punya anxious, dah kene start carik barang2.
So as with Ammar, we bought the big bulky things first.
We bought Quinny Zapp Xtra 2014 Red Denim and Maxicosi Raspberry Red, it was on sale that time, we got it for RM 1750.
You can check out instagram for great deals on Quinny and Maxicosi.
Too bad masa Ammar dulu, takde lagi instagram,
haha so we bought it much more expensive than Baby M's.
We loves this stroller so much, it is practical, flexible and can recline up to three levels.
This stroller is super comfortable, just look at Abg Ammar dozing off in Ikea in that hahahaha~~

We chose raspberry red because we couldnt get it during Ammar's time, hehe, takde stock time tu! This maxicosi also sgt2 berguna to us, from balik hospital till about 11months old~~
Abg Ammar dah rasmikan stroller Baby M.
hihi~~marah nnt adik dia tau!

Next, we think it is quite unsafe to let baby baring kat our living hall, with Abg Ammar running around actively, scaryy laaa.! So we bought IKEA cot and put it downstairs, in the living room.
Harap abg Ammar tak libas2 baby dlm cot dgn blankie dia tu hhehe~~

Our house dah macam kindy.
Segala macam mainan ade kat living room.
So, I think it is quite unsafe to have a baby lying on a mat while there is an active toddler jumping around across the living room.
I hope Baby M will be safe in the cot, insyaAllah.
Look at Abg Ammar tu,
concentrate sungguh dgn train tracks dia kan, kan!
Gewamm mommy tengok~~

This time around, we went to two baby fairs only,
compared to countless baby fairs last time hahaha. (over time tu!)
We went to the KLCC's and SACC's baby fair.
I only bought few bottles and teats from Avent during that time.
Because you can get much cheaper online nowadays!

For future mommy to be, mommies2,
here are some of Mommy Ammar punya royanan membeli kat baby fairs~~

-Avent bottles and teats, slow and medium flows
-Some Avent breastmilk storage cups,
-Baby Organix baby clothes detergent and
-Baby Organix head to toe wash~

We bought the same products like during Ammar's time, because they are all good stuff and hopefully this time, it will benefit Baby M too, insyaAllah~~

Baby essentials~

-Toiletries set from Anakku
-Baby cotton buds
-Mamy poko wet wipes..I think brand Mamypoko ni best, for Ammar last time
-Some mittens and booties, dapat from Anakku and Mothercare, that time sale sampai 3mittens tu RM 3.80 je from Mothercare.
I like! hehehe~~
-Beg baby for clothes,
-Towels from IKEA, hooded towels are easier, and comel! hehehe~~
and kelambu baby Anakku.

Actually we got all these from rewards treatpoints, so dapat coupons from Parkson..yay!
dapat almost RM400 coupons from Parkson~~
Alhamdulillah rezeki baby M. :)

Some more baby mommy essentials:
hhahhaha semua pon essentials eh???
Essentials utk alasan mommy nak kluar pegi beli barang hehhehe~~

-Mamypoko newborn diapers..I love this newborn diapers, it is soft and good for newborn.
cuma not good for the purse la huhu, tp sbb during Ammar's time pakai this one, takut nak beli yg brand lain.
-Cotton balls, wash cloth,
-Disposable panties for mommy, disposable breast pads,
-Flannel blankets
-Newborn size baju from Baby Kiko and Anakku, I bought few pairs since nanti takut nurse kat hospital complain if baju onesies, butang2 pelik sana sini hehehe~~

Then, ter pergi GM Klang,
The damage is done!
Terus rambang mata dengan semua baju2 sleepsuits baby, and rompers.
And it is cheaper if you buy more than 3 packs,
the sleepsuits i got about RM40 per pack, and rompers RM23 per pack.
I told ya, the damage is done~~ sigh
And, my office is just next to Alamanda.
How can I resist that?
kata2 seorg shopaholics!

Went to Alamanda, nampak Mothercare pulak.
To be honest, I seriously have no idea, how to buy for baby girl!
Their clothes are just so cute and complicated!
They are all either pink or shocking pink, peach, anything between~~
Ada baby tights, rompers, dress with romper,
mommy pening tatau nak pilih yg mana.

Last2, pilih yg My First Mothercare sets ni je, ade semua mende, hahaha senang!

And these dresses, daddy yg pilihkan utk Baby M.
Masa Ammar's time, daddy pilihkan rompers panda, haha, now daddy pilih dresses??

Daddy and his daughter, insyaAllah Amin.

Mommy hopes for doa from family and friends,
permudahkanla pregnancy and delivery of Baby M, sbb mommy takut sgt nak bersalin~
InsyaAllah dilindungi olehNya.

Bila beli brg baby, alhamdulillah rasa lebih tenang, InsyaAllah baby will arrive safely, amin.
Hari2 mommy daddy doakan.
Abg Ammar pon doakan.

Abg Ammar masih sgt manja!
Nak berkepit je with us.
tapi mommy rasa, Abg Ammar will be a good brother to you nnt insyaAllah baby M.
He is such a lovely brother,
walaupon sgt manja! tgk tu!

Ammar Haikal and mommy and baby M inside,
33 weeks of pregnancy.
I am huge, i know!
But this time, my belly jatuh macam tu,
org kata baby girl mmg macam tu? i dont knowla

Birthday celebration for preggy mommy~
Masih craving lamb and steak yeah?
Nope, this time, it is the kicking shrimps.
Sedap sgt!!!
Kicking shrimps are damn good! Kick sungguh heheh~~

Thank you daddy for celebrating my birthday with Abg Ammar and baby inside tummy.
Love you to the moon and back and to the moon n planets and back here again and again! heheheh~~

My love, my life, my soul.
hihi Abg Ammar senyum buat mommy melt melt melt la!

There are many things, sampai dah tatau macamana nak expect having second child,
would i be a good mom? would Encik Lebah be a good daddy of two?
or nanti i become monster je sebab penat?
and bole ke cope with two kids, nak sediakan makanan, nak ajar diorg, nak didik,
nak layan karenah, nak kerja lagi?
Can we keep up?
apa pun, rezeki utk anak itu pasti, kita kene usaha utk sediakan yg terbaik,
didik dan jaga semampu yang boleh, insyaAllah~~

For right now,
Mommy kene ready,
Ammar akan clingy, patah hati nnt nampak ade baby lain selain dia hehehe,
and mommy daddy kena usaha utk kehidupan lebih baik,
kena usaha utk jadi parents yg beriman dan soleh solehah untuk didik anak2,
berusaha utk jadi sabar, lebih matang, and loving for both of our children, insyaAllah~~
semoga niat ni dipermudahkan olehNya, amin.
Abg Ammar has been singing Happy Birthday song hari2 dah ni,
macam tahu tahu je birthday dia dah dekat!
Mana mommy nak carik kek cars lightning mcqueen dah la mommy boyot2 ni tak larat hihi.
We'll find a cake keh!~~
anything for you la big brother!

Love you my Encik Lebah and my baby boy Ammar Haikal.