Thursday, November 17, 2011

From Sibu to Pahang!

Mixed feelings!
Husband dah pening.
saya pun dah pening.
dah pindahkan satu rumah dan barang2 yg sangat banyak nih~~
please hospital, tolong pindahkan our stuff masuk kontena,
we just realized we have a whole lot to bring with us.
owh my gosh,
seriesly pening!
The cost tu lagila, satu rumah nak pindah ke Pahang naik kapal.
i cant imagine the numbers!

One more problem.
Encik Lebah dan saya now are the MOs of Emergency and Trauma~~
We like this job, thinking of doing Emergency Medicine~~
we just heard from Pahang, that this department already too full!!
huwaaaa...only left Paediatric!
I dont think i can do Paediatric~~ in Hospital Kuantan pulak tu~~
owh my, husband also cannot imagine doing Paediatric~~
We will be tagging forever, not seeing each other, the life will be much hectic than now~~
Seriesly pening!

MO Pediatric? seriesla macam tak sesuai~~ dan tersangat susahhhh huhuhu

If tak dapat buat pediatric, other choices tinggal district hospital, but also terpisah, sorg kat district ni, sorg kat district lain~~
seriesly jauh okay~~
lagilah tak jumpa each other.
dengan oncall nyer.

gembira with post chicken pox look! hihi

Husband dan saya dah berfikir 2minggu lebih dah ni, we only left with another 2weeks of Sibu, then after that, akan terscattered dekat Pahang.
it will be tough.
no time for bergembira weekend ke ape ke, busy tagging la oncall la.
sama macam dok dekat Sibu jer,
Sibu lagi gembira bersama eh,
huwaaaaaaa~~ saya tidak mahu pegi Pediatric....=( =(
Seriesly pening!
Semakin pening!

Selamat tinggal Sibu...huhu welcome to Pahang? Pahang please, dont separate us. kurus la saya terpisah dengan husband huhu =(

p.s Hubby berkerut2 dahi hihi jangan bekerut dahi tau,cepat tua nnt sayang!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What gives?

Encik Lebah bawak saya pegi tgk immortals.
okayla cerita tu, 5/10 la saya bagik hihi,bukan saya tengok sangat cerita tu pun, hihi tgk Encik Lebah kat sebelah tu ngantuk hihi~~
dah la tengok pukul 11 malam!
Pastu, balik rumah.
Encik Lebah tanya saya~~
Anna nak jadi specialist ape?
Saya terdiam.
mmm..soalan susah tu abang.

Saya series taktahu nak jadi ape.
Sekarang dua dua MO A&E, tengok patients trauma everyday..
saya suka.
Encik Lebah pun suka.
sanggup ke nak belaja 4years nih, at least.
tak sure lagi if fail ke ape ke,
if saya beranak ke.
mmmmm..tough decision.

Saya tanya dia balik.
Encik Monster, awak nak jadi specialist ape?
dia pun lama fikir.
tapi yang pastinya dah rule out, Medical.. tak sanggup berfikir setiap minit.
Dah rule out Surgery..tak sanggup tido tak lena malam2 kene bangun pegi buat surgery..
Dah rule out Obstetric and Gynae..tak sanggup stress terlampau bersama org2 yg stress manage mother2 yg stress..!
Dah rule out Ortho..tak sanggup asik kene Xray jer, dalam OT bertukang!
Dah rule out Paeds, tak cukup dedicated untuk selamatkan baby baby yg sangat banyak~~

so we left with few choices..
if lucky.
Darling. we will be the best we can okay~~
Nanti Anna fikir betul2 nak buat ape nih~~
Kadang2 terfikir jugak nak masuk Forensic Medicine jer~~
Deal with dead people..
How bout that.
What gives?

p.s terfikir nak ambik MRCHw (Master of Housewife ahahahaha)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The world is your oyster! =)

Guess what!
Got my 'P' license, everyone!
hahahahha..i was so behind!!
Anyway, feels like wanna paint this town red!!
Alhamdulillah~~ after few weeks of driving my husband crazy with my hectic driving lessons schedule, and my never-ending palpitations about driving test, until husband also cannot sleep watching me wide awake the whole night thinking about passing the JPJ test!
hahahahhaha, thank you hubby for putting up with me~~
i now have the P, yayyy!!
Last night hubby celebrate my accomplishment hahhaaha with frens! had sushi and Hong Kong Ghost Stories after that!
Bought me a pretty checkered top in purple~~ sweet darling thank you! hihi
now im thinking of this~~~

Hey pretty shark~~ can i drive you? hihihi
cannot la, sayang la, my driving skill not yet cemerlang!
tunggu yeah~~ mummy will get youu! hihihi

mm later!
hahahahaha~~ hari2 saya kene jadi driver hubby lah,
macam ade jpj tester kat sebelah!
garang tau!
Dia cakap.."okay, dah dapat lesen, sekarang belaja berenang pulak!)
owh my gosh!
husband saya nak saya ade semua life skill ker~~ adoi!

My life as a medical officer with husband at work~~ it was awesome!!
and of course, tiring~~
We'll be staying in Sibu only until December, kind of sad to leave this place~~
it was the town, where me and hubby built our relationship, married and lived together from scratch, got all our collection here~~
our joy and happiness, our great team at work, greatest boss in emergency ( i have to tell you he is the most awesome!), inspire me and hubby~~ thinking of becoming emergency physician! hahahaha, its not easy yeah people~~

when i think about it..
we are actually haunted with decisions~
good decision, bad decision, people live, people died~~
CPR patients with husband,and the team, and kadang2 dah tak rasa ape ape...
sometimes i'll be like.."do you wanna stay or you wanna go mister~~"
when you think like..this man is someone's father. someone's wife, someone's son, somebody important..this man has his story and past~~
You'll have the urge to do everything you can..everything you possibly can think of~~ which has lots of limitation.
and fate.
can never be denied.
Life and death. Trauma and emergency department.
Sometimes, i feel like, its a little too much for me.
Too heavy.
But i have to go on.
For our people. =)
My principle is easy, treat your patients just like you wanted people to treat your own family.
With love and care. =) =)

Think pink!
To all man, take care of your lady..=)

Moving back to semenanjung.
cannot imagine how its gonna be like in new place.
Busier. i bet.
But, we will be there, with bells on!
i miss my families, the pasar malam, the food, the town, the road, the warmth feeling, the shops! yes the shops! hahahaha~~ this is the only part of my job that i like the most hihi
Just imagine working in Cameron Highlands~~with the tea, flowers and cool breeze~~
wow, can i just enjoy my day with hubby? hihi
is that possible??

I should get started with our wardrobe.
it'll take me weeks to put our 2years in luggage and boxes, i reckon!
But we shall say,
We will be leaving Sibu feeling that the world was our oyster!
Had our great fun here.
Will never be forgotten. =)

p.s Husband dah nak balik from morning shift. Lets prepare my chicken paprik on the table shall we!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Where to the stars..=)

Day off today was fun.
9am went to driving school, made it thru without kereta viva saya terbatuk2, or jatuh bukit..hihi insyalllah pass 24th October ni test JPJ. Hopefully.
Bila fikir fikir balik, mmm sayang pulak kalau saya beli kereta vios nanti tak pandai bawak kang. calar pulak mulut shark comel itu...
hmmmm second thought, saya bawak kereta encik lebah je lah~!
Ataupun beli kancil second ke viva second ke...
untuk saya bermain2 bawak kereta pegi keje je hhehehhehe..
tak sanggup tengok shark comel calar2 kerana skill parking saya yg tak berapa nak pass lagi nih!
Pastu tengok "The Three Musketeers" and "Fright Night" dekat wayang with hubby!
owh saya suka~~
Saya masih bercinta seperti 5thn lepas bersama Encik Lebah~~
buat saya rindu awak pulak ni hehhehee..

A lot of thinking lately.
Where are we gonna be transferred?
Pahang? Perak?
and eyeing houses..
(yelah dekat sarawak tak boleh beli rumah, huhu org sarawak je boleh beli!)
tapi nak beli rumah pun kene fikir jugak, kat mana saya dan encik lebah nak settle down nih~~
takut nanti kene transfer lagik!
If dapat Cameron Highlands then, we think its a good place la..

Sebelum tu boleh berangan dulu kan..
hihi tak salah!
macam abah kata, berangan dulu baru berusaha dapatkan, bile dah tau ape kita nak~~
kalau terburu2 nak rumah pun, tapi tak fikir panjang susah jugak kan...
mmmm tapi rent lama pun, rugi jugak!

Encik Lebah dan saya, suka rumah yg open house concept..=)
tak perlu besar sangat, tapi nampak luas..
tak payah benda sangat..
less is more!
We've been eyeing few houses..
Eco homes like this one..memang fall in love la~~ hehehhe dalam dreamland..

Tak payah tengok TV camni, tengok rumah jer dah happy hihihi

luar nampak taman, with sheer curtains..
more of white..=)
tenang je rasa nanti..
insy bersama encik lebah dan miow miow kitorg hihi amin...hahahha series tgh bermimpi ke nih?

tido macam ni hari2 rasa tido dekat hotel nih~ tak bangun pegi keje camne dear? hihihi

contemporary style for interior~~
rasa rasa boleh ke saya dengan encik lebah decorate sendiri rumah kitorg?
adekah perlu hire org?
mmmmmmm i dont think we need to hire org la dear, i think we have the talent also lah, heheehhe, tgk macamana~~
kene stop baca Cleo, Female, Cosmopolitan dan ape2 berkenaan dengan fashion nih, baca buku interior design pulak lah!

Tapi rumah ni bukan dekat pahang pun, mmm dekat Perak.
but this is the kind of house we are looking looking dan tengok tengok~~
tengok je dulu kan..
nanti baru la ade idea eh!
Eco homes.
More like green la hehehhe.
Kesian bumi kite kan.

masak2 terus letak kat meja hhihi would be more lovely kalau ade separation sikit kitchen dier nih dengan dining hall~~

Kitchen dier cantik, tapi kalau buat island kitchen lagi bestla kan~~
kene more space la baru boleh buat island kitchen.
wah berangan la camni sambil masak hahahahahahahah...
Org semua dah beli rumah ni.
Patutla saya dan encik lebah suka tengok rumah eh sekarang nih.
Owh no, kite sudah tua!

tempat bermain kaler kaler atau lukis lukis bersama baby baby hihi yela tu kan~~

Dah jadi MO dah deng! Cepatnya masa berlalu.
rasa macam baru je kene torture masa jadik HO hahahah.
tapi sekarang pun lebih kurang je,
kene jerit sana sini refer org kat dalam telefon.
bayangkan keje macamni.
dari belaja sampai keje dah dua tahun lebih pun org masih menjerit2 marah2 setiap hari.
hadoi, saya memang tak sesuai dok dalam hospital lama2
Aging too fast!!!

Petang2 main2 dengan Encik Lebah and our brood hihi dekat lawn~~ tgk ikan2 berenang~~ hihi insyallah aminn =)

Perfect dreamhouse.
Temukan kami dengan perfect dreamhouse yg jadikan dream comes true!
Insyaallah~~ Allah knows the best =)
Transferla kami cepat balik semenanjung pleaseee...=)

p.s saya kene start menabung yer encik lebah~~ mmmm cut down on the wardrobe, shoes, food and yada yada yada..hehehhe banyak tuuu!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Serious Moonlight..

Baked mussels with cheese.
The best dish ive had..!
Simple to make also, and simply delicioussssss!!!

Simply flavour with salt pepper and onion..
Baked for 15minutes till the cheese melted..then yummy yum!
Thank you Nuha for reminding me of this incredible super tasty baked musselss...ergh saya cravingg!!

4days working after my 14days being a housewife at home!
Not nice, not nice at all!
First day,redzone attacking us non-stop for 7hours!!
Second day,it was more like a war in redzone!
People shouting, people losing blood, people in SVT,sepsis, intraabdominal injury, people who were so drunk and went crazy! I just could not stand the backache, the muscle pain ive got, entertaining all these people, who simply cannot grasp the idea of DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!!!!

Anyway, just forget the hospital. Please.
Seriously cannot.
Owh man, ive had nightmares about patients.
Ive had bad dreams about mortuary.
Post mortem.
Dead people.
Sick people.
Sometimes i cannot even sleep, because i was too tired to sleep.
Husband also having knee pain, backpain, ankle pain..
this is not normal..!
Okay just try to forget hospital again.

Today,belaja kereta with pakcik again..before going for pm shift.
Pakcik cakap, "kamu dah boleh test ni 24hb ni!"
Owh my god!
Saya takutttttt!!!
Macamana kalau saya tibe tibe panic attack, and then tak dapat turun bukit dengan berjayanya?! owh no, cannot cannot cannot..please Vios, come to mummyyy!!
wish me luck guys, saya akan cuba passkan diri semasa ujian JPJ 24th october ini!
A wife to Najib Baharuddin, an Emergency&Trauma medical officer and a P license pleaseeee! hahahahhah lambat betul amik lesen!
Dah tua!

Cutenya muka dier..hihi macam shark! My shark. =) =)

p.s Encik JPJ, pleasela bagi saya passssss!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 9 of housewife life...=(

Hari ni dah belaja parking and bukit. pakcik tu kata "bagus bagus, lagi seminggu dua boleh test ni!"..tibe tibe takut plak, kang fail cane? hahhahaha kene gelak dengan encik lebah je nanti tau!

saya tidak ter reverse ke belakang lagi ehhehehe..good job Anna!

Day 9 of life as housewife, ade progress..
dah boleh bawak kereta dengan gembira, parking tu kire pass la sikit2 hahahhaha, cuma cuak sometimes kete banyak,terus kene tuka driver hehehhee..
Still sticking to our healthy lifestyle plan, berjaya exercise at least 20-30minutes per day..lets see if i can still do it after 1st October (the day my cuti abess huwaaa tanak keje!)

Sejak sejak cuti ni, i can imagine, how nice to be at home...
do cooking, washing and just be a normal wife.
Ye, saya wife yg tidak normal.
husband saya tidak jumpa saya sometimes 3hari..(because of hectic working hours!)
saya tidak dapat prepare breakfast macam wife wife lain, sebab postcall husband saya sudah pegi keje, baru saya balik...huhuhu
tapi husband saya sangat best! dia suka benda famous amos di tengah malam hahhahaa...kluar tengok wayang dengan saya midnight movie walaupun esok kene keje pagi, main badminton sebelum pegi on night?!
He just dont like the typical normal routine.
now thats good!!! heheheheheheh...

Working for 2years, i started to realize..something.
i feel like im not like the others.
we are not like the others..who are so passionate about hospital..
i think i just care about people..
more about general..
i just cannot take the hospital anymore..its too depressing for me...
i dont wanna just suddenly woke up one day, and realized, i spent entire life being in hospital and not seeing the world..(symptoms symptoms org cuti lama!)
But YES.
i need to live my life with hubby to the fullest..=)
to actually have a proper breakfast, dinner and lunch with hubby and our family..=)
to actually go for holidayyyyy and travel!!
to see the sunshineeeeeeee!!!

I knew i had it in me.
Im more into the getting to know people, talk to people..and prevention and stuff..
Primary care? Public health? Psychiatric?
confuse confuseeeee..

Medical- terlalu letih, penat, pening, ramai..and if i become physician,ill be doing a lot of thinking, seriously..a lot!
You know they say, you'll age three times faster! hahhhahaha..just a thought..

Surgical? people say you can be trained.
yes. but to wake up in the middle of the night to do a craniotomy...mmmmmmmm....i guess tak dapat tidur dengan aman pun, asyik terfikir oncall oncall oncalll...
for how long??! cannot take not that strong.

O&G? this is the field that me and hubby are interested in.
but this is not easy. nothing is easy.
this field requires passion and time.
yes. time.
if you can work under stressful environment, dapat tahan semua pancaroba di labour room and OT, mungkin anda boleh jadi O&G specialist.!
semuanya in emergency!
save both lifes! wallaweh~~~

Emergency physician,
YES. Ini sangat macho!
we also consider this field...
jadik MO A&E dulu and see how eh...but definitely this is one of the macho' est field if you want to join!

Did you know that aiyoo i forgot, is it amsterdam? that people there work only 35hours per week, and have the rest for their family and holiday and other things than working?
Family feast, family gathering, kiddies playing with parents and grannies..
how nice is that..
thats what we called a life..=)
But if you quit working, thats another story.
You'll loose your role, and later in life, a lot of them will have identitiy crisis.
Takdela saya nak quit kan, hhhehehe walaupun gembira bercuti nih!
I love being a doctor! hihi

I pray, hubby and me will be transferred to semenanjung in few months from now.
i just need to be closer to home..
i missed a lot in two years!
I wanna go back home..!
back to where we belong~~ insyaallah =) =)
Saya mahu drive kereta Vios dekat highway hehehehhehehehe..cesss! itu ke cita cita sebenar?!

p.s I work for my life. not my life for working.

Monday, September 26, 2011

10 hari menjadi housewife!

today day 5 of full time housewife.
everyday bangunkan hubby, iron baju hubby, carik stokin hubby hihi, bagi hubby makan breakfast, lunch and dinner..
exercise hari2 dengan encik lebah..naik exercise sort of bike by Gintell hahahha baru beli je ni! selepas rasa diri sangat tak terurus and so not healthy!
yelah, emergency MO, makan pun emergency, tido pun emergency, tak terurus langsong!

Welcome to the real life of doctors!
(masa kecik kecik saya ingat keje doktor ni dok kat meja, sign sign, jumpa patients sikit2 je! sekali tu doktor yg senior gile gile okayyyyy hahahha or doktor yg dok dekat klinik kesihatan, uish tertipuuu!!)
now dah 2thn lebih keje, rasa macam owh my god, its getting harder and harder!
busier and busier!
especially in Sarawak, where doctors are sooooo sikittttt and the patientsss are sooooooooo manyyyyyy!!!

Anyway, we decided to exercise well and choose Gintell. we think its a good investment in health. hahaha rasa macam tak bagus plak nasihat org tapi diri sendiri tak exercise!
cannot people cannot!

Jadi housewife, now i know that its very important to take care of what your loved ones eat!
Loving your loved one doesnt mean you need to stuffed them with food till they cant barely breathe.
Makan untuk hidup, bukan hidup segalanya untuk makan!
So encik Lebah and Anna trying our best to eat healthy!
Stay focus stay focus!
Not too sweet not too saltyyyy not tooo oilyyy pleaseeeeee

Owh ye, sekarang saya tengah belaja driving~~!
hahhaha org lain semua dah bertahun tahun, saya baru nak continue driving lesson...
kepada remaja remaja, jangan contohi saya, amik lesen awal yer!
masa saya ambik first time, before jadik houseman, saya telah diganggu oleh pakcik ajar lesen di kelantan yer, so disgusting..jadik my dad telah menyelamatkan saya dari pakcik lesen yg sungguh inappropriate ini dengan berhenti belaja je la hahahaha, dia ajar sendiri kat rumah~~
so boleh je bawak kete, cuma takde license! aiyooo
and now i realize, i really need the license, im gonna have to drive around now,pegi sana sini..
belum pass license dah fikir pasal kete hehehehehehehhe..the best part!

Vios Desire?! saya suka kereta ini, muka dia macam shark comel..berenang renang on the road.owh so cute! i want it medium silver..aummm hihi

or this one, my dream car since i was kid,hihi..Bettle!!
Muka comel jugak ni, kaler kuning!
it is so me! hehehehehe...

or Honda Jazz...
this is so elegant!
besar jugak ni, boleh saya boleh miow miow saya dan encik lebah nanti, ehem hehehehe..

or Suzuki Swift!! kiyutttt!!
tapi muka dia kurang animalistic...hehehehehe..takle imagine binatang ape saya naik ni..!

or Myvi jela!
muka katak gemuk hhhehehehehe...

Dear Anna, jangan berangan yer!
pass lesen dulu keh hahahahahaa..
tapi abah kata, berangan dulu, baru lama2 jadi betul!
Insyaallah amin....hihi

ps. lepas ni encik lebah boleh tido la, saya drive Vios eh hehehehehe

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Dress I Marry You in..~~

I woke up this morning..i made hot cup of tea for husband..and there, he went for work.
My shift will start at 3pm and ends at 10pm.
Today he's oncall.Meaning im sleeping in hospital tonite!
Manja eh, oncall kene teman hihihi!

Bile Encik Lebah takde..saya akan bukak closet hihii and try baju baju saya hihihi..(if only he knows hihi mesti dia akan tak faham hobby saya nih!)
then i saw my dress..the dress i marry you in..hihi..
my wedding pearly detailed wedding dress..
hanging in the closet...
Looking so inviting! hihihi..
i tried it on!
yes i can still fit in hahhahahahha!
but yes..i can see im chubbier now...erghhhhh..i need to get my body back pleaseeeee!!

that day that i feel so pretty hihihi..walaupun sgt chubbyyy!!

But still..i love the dress so much~~ it was so me..
They say when you know its your wedding dress, when you look at it, or you tried it on, you designed it..and you have the right feeling that its the one!
Thats when i know, its mine..hihi =)
Thank you to Chanteq Boutique who made my dress customized for just less that 1month plus, berjaya siapkan just like i wanted..hihi..
and i will take a good care of that later when i grow old with encik lebah..i can tell our kids..hihi miow miow.."this is the dress..i marry your father in...hhhehhehe"

chubby anna yg malu sbb org suro amik gamba hahahhahahaa lawak lawak

A perfect sweet picture under the pokok pisang by samsultahir from Kaseh.Com, simple and sweet~~ so humanly beautiful shot from him! Great work!

I love his artwork because its human..
Perfect is so boring..=)
And the rest of the crew, its 2thumbs up!
I'd like to book for a anniversary wedding shot la hehehehhee....
He is the first thing i book, after encik lebah proposed! you know, photographer is so important!

the second dress we sketched on piece of paper, and came to life a month later..with gold beading, and flowy finish, i thought they cannot make the dress as we sketched and i might not like it,but turn out, i just love the piece!
I just smile when i see both pieces in my reminds me of the big day..
the day i marry you hubby..
a guy from Friendster hihihi! tak percaya saya! cinta cyber hhihi

Wake up wake up Anna, you are in dreamland hihihi..
So i woke up, betul betul punya wake up hehheehe..
and prepare lunch for hubby..
I gotta say, i love all the spices..
Making me missing my apartment in NZ..=)
We have all the spices in our kitchen..but here in Malaysia, it becomes so expensiveeeeeee!!
I miss baby carrots, i miss capsicummmm, leek and purple lettuce!!!

im gonna make..daging masak cajun with black pepper today~~ mmm..
that sure is spicy!

Lots of shallots and onions!
i like!

lunch with husband..never boring!

To my hubby,
I wish i could cook lots of other things for you to eat..
but i need to find time!
Working in ED, really hectic, kesian encik lebah..sometimes makan burger with me hihihi...
But its fun..hihi awak sgt random!
makan megi depan TV with me..seriesly buat saya tersenyum saje!

Baru saya tahu,encik lebah ni lipat baju cantik..hihi pastu tapi suka letak baju atas katil, nnt saya kene gantung gantungkan..
pastu dia suka usik2 saya.."ni bukan najib ni, ni org lain" hahahaha menjerit2 la saya kat rumah!
uish uish..
pastu kalau pegi shopping, mesti provoke2 saya suro beli!
owh no! saya shopaholics okay...kalau awak provoke, saya lagilaaa nak beliiii hhahhahahaha
Anyway, saya kene pegi keje nih, jumpa encik lebah malam ini!
Au Revoir~~ =)

ps. marrying a 24/7 busy doctor can be tough, but a lot of fun!!! hehehehehhe

Monday, May 30, 2011


My life in Sibu i mean,..i would say sweet..=)
Today me and encik lebah, officially married for 11months hihi..counting for our first anniversary, 12th June =)
time flies so fast while we are having fun!

I would certainly remember this forever...mmm miow miow hihihi
you kissed me in public hihihi

The best was, honeymoon in London and Paris! that was awesomeeee...=) =)
Dah lama we dreamt of going go for a honeymoon, it was a blast!
I rated Paris as 20 out of 10! hhihi
In lurve in Parissssss!!!

my shot by my baby canon EOS...=)
Should we go to Venice next? hihihi

Berjalan berjalan and berjalan...seriesly exercising, and retail therapy of course!!!
I was a bit bummed, as i forgot to get my Elle Macpherson's something something..(i am a big fan of her collection! hehehehe) i should go to Pavilion and see ada ke tak kat situ..mmm hihihi..

Im in Mata of London 2011! hihi a must see and a must go!

I should be in travel and living channel la i think! hehehhehehe...
Hari2 tgk channel ni! owh my gosh Dr Anna..u should be reading medical books hehhehehe!

I met this random Malay guy in Oxford street in London..mmm who might he be...hihi a husband of mine?

Semua org tanak pegi i just dont get it!
I think its so challenging and..well me and encik lebah love to travel, Satu malaysia sudah pusing!!! hihihi~~ seeing Iban Kenyah people..wah mmg seriesly different makes you think, that you should be thankful..and you should serve them discrimination please...=)!!
Dekat sibu, can stay in Semi D house...hihihi..kalau lama kat sini, sure dah beli da rumah ni kan..
anyway, as nobody from semenanjung nak dtg here, so we still cannot get transferred back to semenanjung..mmmmm..if only our country memang betul2 1 Malaysia, baru la pegi Sarawak pun nobody will mind..macam pegi melaka, pegi johor...i want to see that in the future..=) hopeful sigh~~

Doctors in Borneo~~..kami pun nak balik semenanjung jugak kawan kawan!

Married almost 1year, tapi rasa macam baru bercinta hihihi..
jumpa kat hospital jeling jeling je hihihi..
if encik lebah bukan doktor, mesti dia takkan faham nape saya keje macam gile hihihi..nape saya selalu sedeh tgk patients saya susah...nape saya keje hectic hours, nape saya takboley jadi an ordinary housewife..nape hari2 rushing dua dua pegi keje..endless work!!
Hippocratic oath! fuh..i never thought being a doctor is so hardddddddddd!!!
but yet so cool!!! hihi..buat me rasa when everyday ends..tak sabar nak jumpa my fruit liver hihihi...
Thank you honey =) =)

Marriage is a darling..hihi to me,if you love, love truly..and marrying encik lebah, is the best thing ever happened to me..=)
hari2 with you like a surprise...hihi charming la,..if im in a library now, the librarian would kick me out as i will write a never ending story about you, hubby! hehehehehe..

The day you made me a real princess of yours...hihi putera katak!
Saya sayang awak!

Whats next?

Kepada Encik Hubby,
kite nak jadi ape ni? hihi psychiatrist? obstetrician? surgeon? a physician?
Saya pun pening nak jadi ape nih...mmmmmm
tapi it feels like working with women is much more rewarding..dont you think?
hihihi...Klinik Ibu dan Anak Dr Najib and Dr Anna miow hihihi..kiyutnyaaa!

ade ke org nak datang klinik kite? kite asyik pegi travel je, org lain tolong locum kat klinik kite..hihihi berangan!
Loving you darling..=) =)

Owh saya kene bersiap..kene pegi keje pm shift..
husband saya pun dok rumah sorg sampai kol 10pm, kesian dier...hhihi, nnt saya balik keh, promise!

p.s i heart you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From 2010 till 2011- Mood dating with husband!

I just noticed that my blog has been abandoned for a year and a half? Mm where was i? Oh yeah of course, that was the time when i started my housemanship!!! It makes me forget who i was, what i love to do! My travel, my camera, my blog, my history channel!!! Of all, im still with my man~~ wink wink. We've shared incredible times together, so much adventure since 2010! A lot has happened!
I was engaged to Encik Lebah - 3th April 2010!

Then married to him on 12th June 2010!

and reception on 13th&19th June 2010!

and jadik wife kepada encik monster!
and being honeymooning since then!

our first Hari Raya together! head of department bagik cuti extra kepada newlyweds ini untuk balik semenanjung for 4days!!
We had a crazy journey!
Sibu-LCCT- 7hours drive back to Kelantan- sampai malam raya- esok raya- then balik Sabak Bernam for raya- then balik sibu on second raya day!
Gile, tapi worth it!! FUN!!!

Pegi mana mana mesti dpt diskaun newlyweds hihi lucky sungguh! walaupun dah berbulan bulan kawen pun org asik newlyweds?! kitorg pun angguk je la, hehehhe newlyweds apeee hihi

First honeymoon dekat Bukit Tinggi!
pretty place~~ =)

Second honeymoon in Kota Kinabalu!
We had fun of eating seafood almost everymeal!
It reminds me of Wellington..~~

then it was my birthday!
19th October..
melt melt melt!

macamana senyap2 beli hadiah ni hihihi
penat saya melting melting nih encik suami!!!

dah 3rd december! birthday encik lebah~~
eh adik saya ke dia ni hihihi
muda eh!

a small gathering at home in Sibu with colleques!

dan lihatlah chubbyness increasing trend ya people! hihihi i seriesly dont know what i ate!
Encik lebah post chicken pox appearance!
Specialist medical risau saya akan kene chicken pox jugak, tp kuat jugakla kesan dicucuk Varilrix kat NZ dulu, alhamdulillah tak kene hehehehe walaupun menjaga encik lebah kat rumah~~!

Then pegi honeymoon lagi,our third honeymoon in Kuching!
6hours drive from Sibu~~
had our new year eve in Pullman Kuching...with fireworks welcoming 2011..absolutely beautiful..=)

hahaha ni series lepas tension nih!
Penat bekerja! mari berhoneymoonninggggg!!!

Breakfast in bed..=)

sekarang bergumbira di rumah je lah, in Sibu!
busy encik lebah buat pediatrics sekarang,hari2 saya tunggu dier!
jumpa kejapp jeee satu hariiii!! rinduu jgkla hehhehehe..

Best keje, tapi best lagila kalau cuti hahahahhaha..
dah nak abes houseman!
lepas ni nak jadi MO pulak...bigger responsibility~~~
kite nak jadi ape ni encik lebah? medical? surgical? or radiology? forensic?
family medicine? hihhhi..
ape ape yg byk kualiti time with keluarga..chewah kata encik lebah hihi

So...tell me the next honeymoon...hihi Paris?! Mood dating with husband hihihi~~
ps. i love you