Sunday, May 12, 2013

"I Love you, but how do i like you?"

I love you husband.
we are inseparable.
tapi pernah tak anyone of you guys out there, yang after got married,
We saw flaws up close and personal..
We argued and nitpicked over various things.
Our personality differences began to clash in opportune circumstances.
Our expectations weren’t always fulfilled.
Then you guys kene tahu about 5 love languanges!
Harini entry more about psychology yeah? hehe~~

Discover your love languange!
Kenape semua ni important?
Because we are all different.
We have different personalities.
If you dont know your partner's personality type and expectations then you always get dissapointed.
and this can lead to hilang spark in your relationship la~~etc.


I knew about this when i was in Otago, NZ. belum kenal husband lagi hehehe~~
There's a test you can take online, it will give you answer in PDF form.
tryla google, 5 love languanges!

~~anda seorang yang memerlukan kata kata perhargaaan, kata kata yang he loves you and miss you and semua semua pun dia suka kalau partner dia beritahu dia dengan kata kata pujian, macam you cantikla, baju lawala hehehe~
hehe please put everything in words yeah?


~this is my husband's love languange. haha, dia suka kalau saya masak untuk dia,

nih masakan favourite dier, roasted chicken Anna's version! hehehe~~

pastu kene massage dia, buat facial untuk dia, foot spa untuk dia, bersihkan telinga dia euuwwww haha basically sgt manja!
suka acts of service, baru he knows that i love him!
tapi kalau head massage tu, baru 5minit dah tetido ihihi senangnyerrr!!

 this is my big boss haha!

~~personality org type ni dia suka sgt hadiah!
hihi senang jer husband dia beli je ape2 dia akan suka. even bunga sekuntum pun takpe, asalkan hadiah!
ape ape pun mesti kene bagi hadiah, fuh penat husband org type ni hihi

hari hari nak hadiah, rasa rasanya ade ke org bagi? hehe

~~this is me.
I can think of all sorts of things to do in 24hours.
to me, 5minutes pun important.
kene jumpa husband for quality time together.
hehe ever wonder why i never ever ever do locum?
because to me, every little time i have, is so precious that i need to spend with my loved ones.
and always family first!
and every minute is memory. make it a good one!
so husband saya selalu bawak saya pegi dating and holiday for quality time hehehhee~~

Blue sky holiday pleaseee honeyy??

~yg ni, semua about touching la. ehem ehem.
love bagi dia ialah physical touch.
tanpa physical touch, bagi org macam ni, macam takde spark la, takde love in the relationship!
hihi ramai tau org macam ni!

bile dah tau your partner punya love languange,
sangat senang for you to make him happy and for him to make you happy hihi~~
Good luck!

p.s mode menunggu husband balik dari oncall.
i love you husband!