Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Do more of what makes you happy~~

It's January 2016.
What can you do today that you were not capable of 12 months ago?
Well, well, well..

I can sleep thru the night now without the need to wake up every 2 to 3 hours to feed Ammar!
At about 18 months old, he sleeps all night long from 8.30 pm till 8am the next morning.
I guess, he is full since I stuffed him with all my cooking during dinner, and milk before bed!
Plus, he rarely does acrobatics during his sleep so I can doze off peacefully in our cool bedroom~~

I can just leave him in his cozy carseat during car rides.
Training him to stay in his carseat was tiring, but worth it.
Start early and be consistent.
Do not give in! Stick to it because it is a battle of power between you and him!
Look at that happy mommy hahaha, boleh la makan, nyanyi bagai dalam kereta hehehe~~

I have memorized more than 10 nursery rhymes and can sing to you like Hi-5!
I have mastered the skill of multitasking involving singing nursery rhymes in the car while preparing milk or acting like a talented artist trying to sketch cars, cats and all sort of animals while eating in the restaurants, just to make him happy in that baby chair~~!

We have dating days Encik Lebah and I, finally! After two years haha~~ 
We have tried several times to take day off last year, but we felt that guilt leaving little one-year-old Ammar just to have time with ourselves..( I could not concentrate in the cinema,  is Ammar doing okay right now, did he cry, did he try to find where is his mommy and daddy?..haha)
Now that he is two, we finally have our dating days! We took leave just to watch Dilwale! hahahaha and had our lunch at Seoul Garden together, it was a nice date, we shall do this again! right Encik Lebah?! :) :)

I become supermommy (at least for Ammar haha) who does her cooking in 30 minutes for dinner and constantly thinking about what to cook for my toodler son!
Jamie's 30-minutes meals, that is my favourite cooking show.
You can do so many things in 30 minutes!
And my cooking reflects on simplicity and basic.
There were times that Ammar rejects what I have prepared for him, well, he is just like another toddler..but do not give in, at least try to give something healthy.
My philosophy on cooking is that..I would not do any dishes that will keep everyone waiting haha, I just need to feed them good food and fast!
You know you should eat dinner before 7pm right? hehe~~

My little toddler who loves motorbikes..
And it's quite hard to find motorbikes toys around since so many kids love cars instead of motorbikes~~
That expression is truly happiness :)

He finally called me MUMMY one time precisely on 11th January 2015, at the age of 25 months old haha and he has not repeat the word since erghhh haahhaa..(over la mummy ni)

I love my work and my time with family now, it is much much much much better (believe me, I wanted to type many more much!), and I am happier than ever, alhamdulillah~~
I enjoy my work, I have done many writings and systematic reviews, although they maybe not at par with my senior colleagues (they will be, one day insyaAllah)..
I found that my work now really suits me well..It feeds my curiosity towards medicine.
Hence working in research is a great field for me.:)
The curious me in making the world  a better place .. haha (imagination melampau!!)
and most importantly, I can live now. I thank Allah for the time that He has given me. Alhamdulillah~~

And she loves a little boy very, very much even more than she loves herself..

Dare to live fully.
Do more of what makes you happy.
It may be the road that less taken..but it may be the road to your ultimate success, insyaAllah.
I wanna learn baking!
Learn to overcome my fear of driving haha dont laugh!
Eat more healthy meals, live a healthy lifestyle,
Learn something new everyday,
I wanna be a loving mommy, a cool wife, a positive person, a better person, insyaAllah~~

P.S Love yourself, be happy.