Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ammar's first birthday!!!

Ammar is 1 YEAR OLD!
Happy Birthday to our baby Ammar Haikal!
You are still a baby and always be our baby, sayangg!~~
We thought we just wanna bring him to a short getaway to Malacca, since we've been quite busy n all, and then what about a small makan2 cake in Malacca?
and that small makan2 cake progressed to Aunty Unai's (one of my dearest  7 fellowship of the rings hahaha) overexcitement upon knowing that we will celebrate Ammar's birthday in Malacca, which lead to buying colourful helium balloons and a huge Elmo for Ammar!
and progressed some more to expanding our small makan2 cake to a little birthday party for Ammar in Malacca with Aunty Huda, and Aunty Melor (another dearest dearest haha) with hubby hubby and Arissa and Sakura! with Aunty Unai's delicious cookings; Nasi goreng kampung and Ayam masak Unai!
Banyak plak tu macam 20 org nak makan haishh!
And all those excitement, could not be compared to the excitement of a mother. hahahha.
Agreee! Kan kan!

Just about a week before Ammar's birthday, i was like, should i get Ammar a special cake????
Should i should i?
then when i saw Ammar's laughs, whenever he was enjoying his favourite movie, Monsters University,especially Mike Wazowski! since he was still 6months old! never-fail-to-make-him-laugh movie!  i was like, yes yes yes! its gonna be the Monster theme!!! Yay!
Then where do i find anyone who can make the cake?
 I browsed thru the net and also asked around some mates, finally, one of my friend who is a cake master, suggested Scrummy Cake Design.
Owned by a very kind lady named Haziqah. Based dekat Nusaputra.
I explained my ethusiasm of getting this Monster University cake and sgt overambitious nak design monster cake ni with her! hahahha. Nasib she layan me so kind! hehe.
Finally, we agree on getting a 6inch monster cake with mike wazowski sitting on it with cute hat and everythiing hahhaa, plus 20monster cupcakes!!!
And and and...i get so excited watching her progress dalam instagram whenever she updated about my monster cake!! Encik Lebah pun excited sama hahaha, sbb we know Ammar is just so crazy about monster university, and so do we!! mummy and daddy dia haha.

That friday 14/11/14, Mummy dah sibuk2 gunting nama Ammar, haha print some printables monster theme party stuff, haha cuba nak tiup balloons but Daddy said, haish semangatnya mummy,
kita tiup belon kat Melaka nanti keh! nanti tak muat balloons nak masuk kereta!
We left Putrajaya at about 6.30pm, picked up Ammar's monster cake, and the cake assistant instructed me on how to assemble mike, since we gonna bring the cake to Malacca. it has to be separated in two boxes.!
and i was over the moon dah time tu sebab tengok Mike and the cake were so damn pretty!
the cupcakes were also so 'monster' ly pretty!!!
Too excited!!
Arrived at Bayou Lagoon Park Resort at 10pm. It was raining heavily!
I got the feeling that we will not get into the waterpark, as it was raining season kan.
and the place was also jammed packed with people!
Yes, another agoda hotel review here yeah people hehe.
We chose Bayou Lagoon because we wanted an apartment.
2bedroom apartment should be spacious enough for us and few friends coming over right.
and although the check in was soooooo slowwwwwwww, we were so happy with our apartment.
it was spacious, modern, clean and cozy!
Lagilah semangat terus nak deco birthday ammar! hahaha.

After tidurkan Ammar and daddy dah tido,
mummy pun sgt semangat nak tiup balloons, my nanny fatihah also semangat helping me out.
tampal tu tampal ni,
tiup almost 20balloons!
gantung banner, yayyy!! at 2am, we finally siap deco Ammar!
haha excited sungguh mummy dia!
Daddy senyum je tengok haha.Ala daddy pun excited jugakkk!! kan kan kan.. hehehe.

Woke up at 6.30! Birthday boy dah bangun!! Awalnyeeeeee!
We carried him to the living room and he was excited!
Wah balloooonnns!!! polkadot balloons!!
Terus mandi awal hihi bagusla birthday boy ni..mummy sayangg diaaaa!
Mandi awal murah rezeki keh sayang, hehehe insyaAllah.
Nenek selalu cakap camtu.
mandikan anak awal. barulah anak rezeki murah, aminn...
hehe tapi takdela awal sgt ammar mandi, kol 9am jugak hehe..

Bangun2, terus kejar balloons!!

Aunty Unai was supposed to arrive early at least earliest! tapi, elmo belum isi gas la, air belum beli la.hihii so ended up Aunty Udeq n hubby n arissa, and Aunty Melor and Sakura yang sampai dulu.
Finally she arrived with berbottles2 juice, with berape byk tupperware filled with food!
ini dah macam kenduri ni unaii!!
Alhamdulillah, after so longgggg, finally we were reunited on Ammar's birthday!
With our babiessss! comelnyeee.
borak2 borak2 and catch up session punyala berjam2. hahaha. sesi kejar mengejar babies babies di dalam rumah. hehee.
anyway, this was why we chose apartment in the first place, so that the kids can have fun time tooo! hehehe.
Ammar's potong kek session was fun, as Ammar kept on trying to grab Mike Wazowki hahaha challenging sungguh nak keep the cake in one piece!
Just when we were deciding where to go after the small makan2, nak pegi zoo ke? Mini Malaysia ke? or berendam kat waterpark? then, hujan selebat lebatnya! haha..terus sambung makan lagi!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Ammar
Happy Monster Birthday to you!

I just think this cake is damn awesome!!! hahahha. sayang nak potong!!
CooOoooollll cakeeee!
Have a monster good time everybody!

Happy first year of parenthood to us too!
There were difficult times, but alhamdulillah, dipermudahkan.
sangat challenging but i am thankful to have this happy husband and daddy Ammar yang each day semakin experienced and insyaAllah, we will tambah our ilmu to give Ammar the best we can, amin.
Mummy Daddy doakan Ammar sentiasa sihat, dirahmati, diberi kepandaian akal fikiran dan jadi anak yang beriman dan berjaya dunia akhirat, amin.

You are so lucky to have beautiful aunties (ehem ehem) yang semangat sangat nak celebrate your 1st birthday ni. hehehe. sama macam mummy dia la hahhaa.
Aunty Unai,
penat2 masak nasik gorengla, sosej la, ayam masak unai la,
bawak segala jenis air,
with Elmo lagi!!
Special thank you to Aunty Unai, muahs!

Aunty Huda, Arissa and Uncle Wan, Aunty Melor yayy happy birthday to Aunty Melor too!!! (her birthday was on the 14th, sanggup tuka shift sbb nak celebrate together, auwww so touched la Aunty Melor!), Sakura and Uncle Aswad~~bawakkan airla, party stuff la, and hadiah Ammar! Thank you!!!
It was so meriah. hihi.
I didnt expect our short getaway turned out to be our K-block reunion with babies!!
K Block stands for Kitchen Block.
haha. four of us were placed in Kitchen block rooms to share when we first arrived in Dunedin, New Zealand while another three were placed in new block with ensuite bathroom okay every room. hahahha masih jeles eh!!
In that K block, so many dramas happened. haha.
Drama main snow la,
Drama gaduh dengan Atika la (student lain ade sorg lagi, selalu complain kitorg budak malaysia bising! haha)
Drama2 cerekarama hahahaha.

Happy kids and happy parents!Had few photosession and cake time, banyak okayyy.
tak habis makan.
Makan banyak2 round!
There goes, kata nak diet la ape kan, dah jumpa ayam masak unai, memang takde harapan la hahahha.
So katanya nak pegi ZOo la nak pegi rivercruise la,
last last, indoor activities makan2 jeeee hahahah.
plus hujan lebat!
Kiddies main kejar2 dalam rumah jela hhihi sungguh adorable!

Baby Ammar Haikal 12months today,
with Baby Arissa 13 1/2 months!
Dekat2 je umur diorg ni heheh.
Both Caesarian babies, sorg big sorg tanak kluar.
Both dah besar dah, haish cepatnyeee!
Rambut lebih kurang je, nipis haha.

kekurangan rambut ye.
InsyaAllah grow well keh, sayangs!!
Superhero baby observing things under the table,
making sure everything in control hahaha.
Love that superhero tshirt!!
Haish, you look so like big boy la Ammar in this picture!!
tak percaya mummy!

Finished eating at 5pm.
Hujan lebat sangat.
tido time.
haha babies semua nap time.
mak mak semua berborak. haha.
then, unai dah excited, she booked a seafood restaurant for our dinner that night.
at first, i was like, are there any nice seafood restaurant in malacca? bukan korg takde pantai cantik ke hehehhee
About 8.30pm, sampaila kat Seafarer Restaurant kat Tanjung Kling.
wow, cantik sungguh tepi pantai, ade tanglung2, siap macam ade bot2, like somewhere in Miami chewah hahahhaha, macam penah gi Miami.
anyway, Unai ordered for a big dinner for us, Ikan masak nyonya, butter prawns, sotong tepung and the list goes on and on!
Sgt behave Ammar and Sakura that night, kasi can parents dia makan haha.
With warm breeze of pantai, we were so happy.
kenyang and happy.
Aswad bawak us jalan2 tepi dataran Malaysia, and yeah, another hotspot!
Ade Bustel (bas  yg dijadikan hotel!) and restaurants buses, sangat unik dan happening tempat tu.
tapi of course la tak child friendly keh!

Ammar's eyeing the watermelon juice and apple susu juice haha.
Because he's one  year old and i am not the OCD mum, so i gave him a bit hihhihi and he of course loves it!
Tapi Sakura lagi hebatla, 
Minum teh tarik!!
Great dinner guys!

12months old Ammar Haikal with 6months old Kuntum Dhia Sakura!
with daddies~~

The next day, it was mendung mendung.
But finally went to visit Afamosa!
Unai asyik bising2 suruh naik beca,
yeah, finally naik beca jugak!
sangat best. Ammar tergelak kecil sampai happy sbb angin sepoi2 bahasa sambil naik beca Hello Kitty with lagu yg sgt best! "All about the bass" hahaha.
Walked to Malacca historical places and went to dataran pahlawan.
Beli tudung saji la, siap dapat baba nyonya set from Unai.
thank you Nai!
jangan nak promote melaka lebih2 keh! hahaha.
Kau ni mmg very good ambassador untuk Melaka la Unai! Salute!!

Ammar's first cuti cuti Malacca~~
Nanti kita naik beca lagi keh, next time kite naik pusingan besar satu bandar Malacca terus keh! InsyaAllah~

1year old.
You are now a toddler.
No more an infant
Another milestone.
Parenting a toddler, another chapter.
Its not easy. Mummy and daddy will give our best to teach you sayang.
Ammar kena practice brush teeth, kena start belaja words,
insyaAllah ditajamkan minda dan fizikal, amin.
Ammar kene belajar emotions, feelings, and expression.
Mummy daddy dah kene bersedia dengan how to manage tantrums, haha or should start fikir pasal how to manage misbehave kan, Ammar baik kan, tak mau kene letak kat Boese zimmer kan hahaha aka naughty corner by supernanny!~~
InsyaAllah Ammar good boy amin.

Happy Birthday to you sayang.
You're always a baby to us :)

p/s: many thanks to family, friends for giving Ammar so much joy on his birthday!
Thank you!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cerita tentang Ammar

I still remember the day you were born.
It was all still fresh.
11months ago.
The day I experienced the most painful pain of all.
The day mummy and daddy saw you for the first time.
The day daddy took you out of mummy’s womb and we heard your first cry
The day mummy was cut open to welcome you to this world.
And that never make me less of a mother
A caesarian never make any mom less of a mother
And everybody should know that

And parenting is definitely a journey
And every moment is precious
And I will document all in here. Haha. Please yawn!

At 8months old.
We celebrated our Eid together. Alhamdulillah.
For the first time.
Our family picture dah bertambah seorang! Alhamdulillah! Berebut nak dukung ammar haha.
But.. wait wait!
Ingatkan dah bergembira beraya as we for the first time, was given quite long leave.
Rupanya, perancangan Allah mengatasi perancangan manusia.
Ammar catched bugs during Eid and developed fever, cough and fast breathing. Again.
Yes again.
Admitted to Hospital Jeli and transferred to Hospital Tanah Merah for worsening Bronchopneumonia. After 8days, 7 nights, completed IV antibiotics again, Ammar recovered well.
And it was at this stage, we desperately trying to look at other options.
Ammar seemed to not be able to stay in his nursery anymore.
After more drama and plead to my mom, she finally found Ammar a nanny.
Alhamdulillah. A nanny for ammar.
Fatihah namanya.
Shes staying with us now.
To me shes not a nanny, shes more of  like our anak sedara.
she will take care of Ammar at our home.
Maybe this is much better option for Ammar, insyaAllah.

9months old Ammar
Wt 8.7kg
After two admissions, kesian ammar tak gain weight sangat!
Kesian anak mummy!
Penangan taska yang sangat banyak viruses hehe~~
Ammar rasanya tak pernah symptoms free more than 1week, selalu hingus dan batuk everytime pegi taska.
Bila ingat balik, rasa sedih tinggalkan Ammar di tempat where he catched so many bugs while his mummy duduk comfortably kat tempat kerja. Oh sedih sangat bile ingat balik.
Masa ni, Ammar tak merangkak pun. meniarap je.
sampai risau, bile Ammar nak merangkak.
Huhu, mummy macamanala Ammar nak merangkak, if Ammar selalu tak sihat kat taska mummy!
Mula mula hanta Ammar, ade lebih kurang 6babies je,
after 4months, pelik nampak so many parents yg unfamiliar, tanya balik, rupanya dah ade almost 20babies dah, i was like OMG!

No wonder Ammar selalu selsema batuk and all.
The pool of virus growing rapidly rupanya~~
Kesian Ammar. Dahla Ammar tak nanges, tak tantrums, mesti selalu dibiarkan kan kan huhu.
Penah ambik dia, muka merah2, katanya Ammar tido sembam muka atas lantai.
I was like, speechless. OMG, tak angkat ke?
huhu takpela, mummy harap taska Ammar tu improvela later.
Hope Ammar happier staying at home with Nanny Fatihah~~ insyaAllah.

the long awaited vacation.
Desaru getaway!
At first, we were quite sceptical about Desaru,
like, cantik ke? best ke?
or should we just go to our usual pantai iaitu Cherating?
Encik Lebah said, why not Desaru? its a new place.
it will be exciting.
and it was!!!
We drove there from Putrajaya and it took us about 5hours.
but the few RnR stops, the quick lunch at kedai makan, warm breeze of Johor, and the beautiful wheather. It was just perfect!
We checked in Pulai Desaru Beach Resort and Spa at about noon.
and our rooms were ready. Fast check in. Friendly staff. okay im about to do agoda hotel review here hehehe..

Our rooms were spacious and clean, with pool view.
As usual, Ammar conquered the whole bed! and his toys were just everywhere! Haish haish!
after 5pm, we decided for splash time kat pantai and swimming pool yayyyy!
Ammar mixed reactions hahaha, cam more to amazed! gelak2 main air owh sangat gembira ..tgk my adorable baby dah besarrrr, alhamdulillah.

That night, pegi makan kat famous restoran seafood Bujang Seafood Firefly.
tapi mmm, average only. the service so lambat, makanan pun so-so je, and the restaurant setting mmg quite unsafe la, especially the very steep tangga turun ke that restaurant, mmg kalau org berkasut tinggi ke, budak ke orang tua ke, pregnant lady ke boleh jatuh terus bawah masuk dalam sungai or lumpur!
i nearly nearly nearly nak patah balik dah takmau pegi restaurant ni because of that tangga, husband je yg semangat.
but yeah, NO, NO NO NO NO. NOT AGAIN!
The next night tu decided for a BBQ Buffet Dinner, agak mahal RM 75 ke ape per person, tapi the buffet mmg tersangatla delicious! dengan prawns, lamb, beef, chicken BBQ segala bagai, owh dah terliur dah tulis ni hahaaha. Sgt highly recommended k! Ammar pun hepi jer dok baby chair, dengan angin2 pantai yg best!
Overall, Desaru sgt tenang dan cantik.
again, recommended dengan segala evidence yg ade dah tu hhehe.
Holiday memang agak pricey, but the bonding time with loved ones, the happy time is always priceless...Jom holiday jom!

10months old Ammar
Wt 10kg!
patutla rasa Ammar berat!
patutla rasa macam dukung beras hihhi.
Alhamdulillah Ammar.
Gembira mummy daddy.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha yg first for Ammar and us bertiga. syukur. dapat beraya.
In turqoise, from Sabak Bernam with love!

2months kat rumah, Ammar dah showing good signs. Alhamdulillah~~
Ammar dah merangkak. terus laju!
panjat semua segala bagai!
mummy terpaksa beli play yard. hahaha terpaksa???
Actually tak terpaksa pun, mummy dia yang over nak beli play yard!
As you all know, its just irresistable.hehehe.
I bought the play yard from online shop. Pick up in Cheras.
Very good quality and with the fisher price play mat, lagila cute berganda2 hehehe~~
Terus rumah nampak okay sket, toys semua dalam play yard.
Crawl la keh Ammar!

11months old Ammar.
finally kluar gigi hahaha. lambat betul!
the first upper front two teeth!                                   sampai mummy daddy semua dia nak gigit.
Belaja makan textured rice, oat and fruits.                    
I noticed that he can stand independently for 1minute now~! hoooorayyyyy!
Can clap hands, boleyla haha.
Understands No no no no no no but still thinks its a game!
Can say, na na na nak! whenever nak something!
Subhanallah. Amazing. just amazing.
this tiny lil cute monster is growing up so fast~~ Soon dah bukan  infant lagi dahhhh.
dah nak jadi toddler, owh my my.
And mummy tak percaya my baby boy dah macam bukan babyyy!
dah macam little najib juniorrr!
Haishhh hhihi.

And we celebrated mummy's birthday with daddy, cake lagi yummy yummy yummy.
Haish no wonder mummy maintain chubby!
Mummy dah masuk 3series dah ni, owh noo!!
but alhamdulillah.
30! thriving insyaAllah~~

 p.s next! Ammar's first birthday!!!!