Monday, December 22, 2008


Home alone.
Dancing for an hour a day.
Imaginary karaoke.
A little fun.

It feels so different.
Its like sky without clouds.
Everything seems to be so boring.
I cant even cook for two now. Imagine for one.
I still cook like there's 4 or 5 of us.
Mun and Ebi are now responsible to finish all food that i cooked.hihi.

Fried rice Vermicelli, with sambal belacan and cucumber~~

I didnt do anything.
Played SIMS2.3children. Not bad. hihi.

Clean our living room. Bagi ikan makan. Cakap dgn ikan.
Watched American Next Top Model for the whole day.
Thats a lot of fun.
Pretty clothes.pretty places. hmmmm..i wanna travel..

Tandoori chicken, fried with brocolli, bakchoy, carrot,chillie, spring onions and coriander.

Tried to sort my clothes.
Toss or keep.
Got bad allergic reaction to dust.
Spent the entire evening wiping my runny nose. sneezing.
Couple hours of quality time with Nuha.
Nuha was asking me, the cepu-mas question.
"Anna, do you think he is the one for you?"

Strawberriesssss!!! I love them a lottttt!! Thankiyu wani sebab bawak balik strawberriesss!!! Strawberries=sweetness~~

I wanted to try sambung clean my wardrobe.
but i think i should get antihistamines first.
Woke up, thinking about my presentation.
Which is going to be one week earlier than scheduled! (I wish you told me earlierrr!!)
"Immobilization vs surgical management of acute scaphoid fracture"
Do you guys think this could pass me? hmmmmm....insyaallah.
Need to find a patient with a scaphoid fractureeeeee!

Anna with her favourite beanie. haha da summer baru nak pakai beanie ke.

Christchurch in 3days.
Baju tak basuh lagi.
Yay yay.
Nuha,we are going to fly to christchurch~~ (Nuha da suroh saya packing, awal betul!)

p.s Nak tengok dolphins pleaseee~~~ hihi

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday the 19th~~

My days in ED finally ended.
At least for this year!
Lots of head traumas today, reminds me of the coming weekend!
My 2weeks of ED was fantastic! Especially when i meet the new consultants from Canada.
They both talk like Talley O'Connor punya clinical examination book!
I can imagine me mengaja budak medic nnt2 macam tu hahahaha, day dreaming ke ni Anna~~

And then, went to check the pigeon hole at med school.
Ade a letter. Mula2 tgk nama, cam, eh sape punya lak ni, cam nak letak balik.
Baca lagi sekali barula, ehhh ni my name! hahaha, dah lama tak dgr my full name =P

"Dr.Nur Farhana" owh sungguh cam tak sesuai. lagi 2months plak tu,insyallah. belum layak lagiii!langsong! And and..buat IV cannulation pun tangan ketar2 lagi okayy hahahha, sungguh tidak sesuaii!!

Actually menakutkan okay.
Haritu nak suture 3cm laceration dkt kepala org pun ketar2. and tak berjaya.
owh, scaryyyy!
I wonder what kind of doctor i will be.
Takle imagine org akan psst psstt kat belakang me nnt, tgk tgn me ketar2 huwaaaaaa..caneee nak get rid of funny tremorrr niiiiii..

Sambung cerita.
Sampai rumah. dapat parcel ni!
hihi surprise la pulak kannn~~~
Encyclopediaa of World Historyyyy =) =)
Thankiyuuu sooo muchhhhh forrr thisssss, i loveeeee ittttttttttt!!!!

Bedtime stories..saya bacakan sendiri for myself..

Nuha ade kawan dia kat atas.
Dia taknak main2 with me. bergembira dengan Ida je.huhu.
Esok Wani nak pegi wanganui.
what im gonna do..
Cook something.Something special.
Hmm esokla.

Chicken rice!

Chicken rice and oyster honey sauce for me and wani today.
Nasi ayam express Anna yg sentiasa takde sup.hihi.

Milo ais.
Teringat Milo ais yg saya minum dkt gerai kat Malaysia.
ting ting ting. Anna jeles Udeq ngan Melor dekat Malaysia~~

p.s: Teddy. I am going to spend my weekend with you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Diary

Dear diary,

I reached home at 3.10pm.
After a very tiring day in ED.
I saw quite a range of patients today.
From a lady who was hit by a bus to a guy who suffered partial thickness burn after 8hours of sunbathing!
Ethusiastic registrars and happy chirpy looking consultants made my day~~
At least, i walked home, smiling ..=)

My latest obsession is Paddle Pop Rainbow Ice cream~~
Ive eaten two today. So not me.
I realized now,ice cream does make one a little sugar high, and lightened!
Ade 6btg ice cream dlm my freezer, thanks to Nuha sbb bagik saya ice cream~~
Sekarang da tinggal satu je lagi!

I think i am missing my old apartment 12..
Melly, i am missing you so much,
Esok kawan Nuha dtg from Auckland, Nuha pun akan pegi dkt kawan dia, and lupakan sayaa dekat rumah ni sorg sorg...huuhuhu..wani nak pegi Wanganui..
Udeq, Zen...balikla cepat..Farah balik laaa cepattttt....
I feel so empty..
Loneliness is tragical. it really is..
Especially when you live in this sort-of-spacious apartment who once filled with loud laughters..

I ended up cooking this much of ayam for only me and Wani~~
Ayam goreng campur with Mango Lassi..

Mango Lassi made in Apartment 12~~

p.s: Anna rindu awak...=(

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha~~

Tido lambat.Nuha kacau2 saya. sampai kol 2 pagi.
Pagi raya. Takboley nak bangun.
Lari2 pegi mandi.
Tak sempat.
Tengok2 Nuha pegi semayang raya!! siap dah pakai cantik betul!
Tak kejut pun okayyyyyy! Sampai hati.
Balik dari masjid. Nuha telah diserang oleh miow grrrr.
Nuha cuak. dan dia takut hahaha.
dia pun kene belanja saya ice cream paddle pop pelangi 3batang. yessss!

Then, kitorg beraya bertiga je dgn wani. and rumah 13.
Parade graduation cancel sbb hujan.

Ini Nuha. and saya.

Kesiannya. raya dalam rumah je kali ni. Zen takde. semua org takdeeeeee...huhuhu

Aksi Nuha bersama kad kad raya kitorg..

Alangkah kesiannya kite. beraya dgn kad raya jee Nuhaaaa!

Bersiap2 nak pegi graduation parade Vics, tiba2 N called, cakap cancel..kitorg punyala excited nak kluarrr..uish uish apekan dayaaa

Nuha. Dazzling in blue...untung Fikri..hehehhe.

Beraya dalam bilik zen..rinduunyaa zen,..cepatla balikk!!

Baby teddy..boringnya raya kali ni without everyone...

Sharifa pun datang.
Makan ayam percik.

Lepas tu, Nuha and wani pun menidurkan diri.
I have nothing to do sampai jadi DJ untuk diri sendiri..hmmm..
kol 3 tu, kitorg pun pegi la Istana Malaysia..sambutan hari raya kat sana...sedapla pulak kan masakan Istana Malaysia nih..yummy!

Adik adikku sudah graduate! congratesss!!

With two accountants, Nur Aini Adila and Natasah Kulilan! Bravo girls!

Saya dan Nuha tumpang gembira. Tumpang topi sekali heheheh

Makan berhidang.
Sangat byk makanan. Rojak, ayam masak merah, rendang daging, mee goreng, gulai dal..dan bermacam2 lagiii!

Saya suka ayam ni. Macam rasa kat Kelantan.

Saya Nuha dan Wani menjamu selera. Yum yum yum. tak tgk org sebelah pun eh heheeh

Malam tu.kol 6ptg.Pegi graduation ceremony kat town.
Rasa macam mak mak. sebab saya dan Nuha dan aseng telah menjadi parents kepada Nash dan pulak.

Michael Fowler Centre Hall.

Rindu encik lebah la pulak kan..hihi.

So proud of you both!!

Nuha pun grad semalam. haha grad jadi accountant. tiba tiba sahaja!

haha. Mcam saya punya je. padahal kira kira pun tak lepasss yeee!!

Kami. Mak mak. :P

To Nash and N,
Lepas ni jumpa kat malaysia tau~~
Thanks so much buat hidup kite kat Welly ni ceria with you guys!!
And tak lupa korg bersusah payah masa we all nak pindah here, korg je yg menolong and sedeh sama2 sbb kitorg terpaksa dok motel dulu...Thanks so much!
Ape2 nnt jemput la heheheh..
Love you, muah muah~~~

p.s: Happy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Without Simba...

I just heard the bad news from Naj..
Simba's gone. Simba died 3days ago...
Simba..Naj's golden orange cat..
I named him Simba..because he looks like a lion..
I remember holding Simba and carry him around..
He was a chubby cat..cute.almost like garfield..
He must have eaten something poisonous..huhu..

To Simba, you were such a good cat..teman Naj everyday, welcome me when i came to visit and kiss kiss you...and you know what, Naj loves you so sure you know..

This is Simba. In 2006. Look how adorable he is, sleeping...My favourite picture of Simba..

That green eyes..

His favourite spot. On that warm brand new laptop!

The first time i hold you..hihi you seemed to be attracted to my red bangles~~

What he loves to do, almost 90% of his daytime, sleeping on Naj's lap~~

Simba, you will meet my other miows nnt...there..

p.s Never give Panadol to miows. They lack an enzyme that metabolizes Panadol. To man, Panadol works wonder, to miows, it is a dangerous poison..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tears and rain...

I dont know if i could stop.
Teach me how to smile again..
because i think i forgot..huhu...

This is too hard for me..
Today, its good bye for Mel. I think im in denial..
I could not believe this is really happening..

the first time you met me, i dont even know how to use the can opener.
Now, i can go to Hutt Hospital or any attachment in Wellington by myself, except that i still dont know how to use the can opener..
You were there, Udeq was there. for 6years..watching me growing up. Very slowly i would say..
Thru tears and laughter...

I am going to miss you guys heaps and heaps...huhuhuhu..i am still crying...:(
But i am very have En.Lebah, Nuha and Wani ...around could have been worse than this..

The last time i've cried an ocean of tears was in KLIA, 3months ago..

Yeah Anna. Nuha said. you are a big girl now.
A big girl.
huhu but you know i am getting smaller. I cry a lot more now...=( =(

Him. Happy Birthday to you En. Lebah...huhu.. if only im there with you...=(

This raksasa Nuha yg baik, her hobby now is to tickle me every few minutesssss. Well at least that makes me laugh~~

And thank you wani, giving me hugs to try stop me crying..

huhu i miss everyone...really..

p.s Encik lebah..huhu terbang la here...huhu

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anna without everyone..

Day one.
I feel empty.
With an empty house.
Zen's room. Mel's room. semua room. huhuhu...
I feel like, like a girl, missing her favourite blanket.
Or like 7-year-old me, missing her 'giraffe' (my only soft toy at that time..).
So i tried to cheer myself up. Try to watch TV. Not working.
Tried to watch Butterfly Effect, ended up sleeping. for good 2hours!!
Penat encik lebah pujuk saya..saya rasa encik lebah mesti akan buat concert free untuk bagi saya happy semula..huhuhu..

If Udeq's mum is still here, i know she would cook a very finger-licking-good dinner~~
Or if Mel's mum could cook her famous dish, that would make me the official 'ular sawa' in da house..eyyy sebut perkataan 'ular' pun rasa macam terbayang bayangggg....erghhhh!

Last last. Ended up cooking bujang bujang je. Squid Sambal and Telur mata kerbau~~ Lama tak makan telur goreng nih..

Bila makan telur goreng je, sure teringat Udeq. Sebab i can tell you. She is a fond of every masakan yg letak telur. hihi. Especially Mel's famous Beef Stragani?? I cant spell la Udeq haha!
Last weekend.
Mak Udeq datang. Gosh i miss my mum!

Zen, Wani, Anna and Udeq's mummy! Do we all look like we are in the same age! awet muda la mak Udeq ni, aunty, ape rahsia nyeee hehehe

Wharf and Botanical garden, again, the only places that we can think of to bring Udeq's mum sightseeing! Turned out to be an awesome evening~~ hihi.

Udeq's mum went crazy when we walked in the rose garden. Can tell that she is a flowermania! hihi. I love flowers. They just too pretty to not look to~~

Summer in the Rose Garden..feels so flowery right now hihi. I am going to miss all this.....i truly will~~

Yellow rose. Blue sky. Green green grass. Happy me. Perfect sunday.
Monday morning. Not so happy.

Udeq and her mum will go on plane to Christchurch..
And its a goodbye for this year to Udeq huhuhu..after 6years of tears and happiness in New Zealand.. but i know it is actually not a goodbye..its only a new beginning...

Dr.Huda Zakari, Dr. Melorwati ..gosh i am so proud by just saying you guys' name! hihi i can shout out loud and say,hey hey, thats my galfriends!!!

Wellington Airport. Tempat berjumpa and tempat berpisah. but not for long. Insyaallah~~

3years ago we were stuck in newtown Motel, cried when flat hunting. with no help except Nash, N and Murni. 2years in a row we enjoyed our time together in this apartment, full with laughter and food!!! Its not good bye..its only See You Later...

Going to miss you guys badly...=(

p.s i love you.