Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baby baby owh my baby!

134days of life.
I think i am obsessed with my own son.
but i am not alone.
i think he is obsessed with me also.
and i think daddy also obsessed with his son.
and the whole family!
I can easily tell what he wants now!
and apparently i am good at it haha!
obviously i am the mummy!
And he will look at me helplessly whenever other people hold him.
Like saying, mummy, please take me...auwww so adorable~~!

and that tiny fingers..
Nikmat dariMu Ya Allah..terima kasih Ya Allah~~
so tiny, yet so significant~~


and his tiny feet..
Its just miracle.
Miracle that Allah gave to us..Alhamdulillah~~
Grow well my dear baby..

Ive changed a lot.
My husband also not the same Najib.
Sleeping thru the night no longer exist!
Shopping now only takes about half an hour at most.
We can finish our meal in 10minutes!
We no longer spend so much time lingering in malls eyeing stuff to buy,
We know every location of baby room in every malls!
Changing diapers can be done in 5minutes hehe..
We know whats the function of milk dispenser now..
Everything will be like, auww how cute if Ammar Haikal wears this, plays that, bla bla.
haha and, we will analyze everyplace, eh ni tak sesuai ni ramai org smoking kat sini, panas la, eh ramainya org batuk.etc.
Its like you constantly identifying threats to your baby and the need to protect them.
Its not about you anymore.
Its about your baby =)

As many woman would think like this kind of life will be so hard.
so exhausting.
so not you anymore.
And many will try to imagine. how its like to have a dependent creature with you 24/7
well, its unimaginably challenging.
But its worth it.
We both didnt think that we can sing so many baby songs until now haha and have the talent to burp our baby easily!
And watching him grows, just so priceless.
watching his smiles, your heart just melt melt melt!

Ammar Haikal follows me to work everyday.
I will send him to Taska Permata Tasneem, Kementerian at about 7am and stay with him till 7.40 then off to work. Lunch time pun mummy pegi main2 ngan baby kat taska.
sampai mummy lupa rasa lapar!
then 5.30pm kite balik rumah, daddy jemput!
I havent see anything that i dont like here in this taska, except that there are babies coughing.
I guess i cannot avoid that since Ammar Haikal will be exposed to all the germs anyway.
Nasib baik baby Ammar Haikal suka gelak2 dgn cikgu taska, buat mummy rasa lega sikit..
kalau tak, mesti mummy nanges~!

Time flies so fast. too fast.
i think my baby grows so fast.
i still cant believe that he was in my womb about 4months ago!

Baby Ammar Haikal 1month old~~
Wt 5.7kg
the first one all about cuddle and susu susu susu!
He loves to sleep sleep sleep during daytime.
Senang untuk mummy daddy sebab baby Ammar Haikal ni lepas susu je akan auto-sleep hahahha~~

Our baby 2months old~~
Wt 6.5kg
Now dah semakin alert during daytime.
dah pandai senyum and tengok je muka mummy daddy
bila org tak cuddle dia mulala buat muka sedeh!
ni salah satunyerrr!
suka dok atas ribaaa jeeee! manjaanyeeeeee!

Baby Ammar Haikal 3months old~~
Wt 7.5kg
Now daytime nap semakin regular and macam routine.
dah tak mau tido siang sangat..
nak main main jer!
He enjoys his playgym time and will smile to the camera!
he loves music and baby songs..the wheel on the bus goes round and round round and round!
Amazingly, baby Ammar Haikal only wakes up once thru out the night!
semakin kebal perut dia keh!
At 4months old~~
Wt belum timbang kat clinic!
Alhamdulillah dah meniarap and he enjoys tummy times!
kalau letak dekat bouncer pon akan nak pusing and meniarap je!
So kena careful bila dia main2 always have to watch him all the time!
tapi now if tinggal sekejap dekat playgym, he will no longer cry cry, he will entertain himself for few minutes hehehe, good on mummy daddy!

Becomes more interactive and responds to our voice~~
macam ade voice recognition gitu hehehe!~

4months old ni,
time mummy baru plan nak bawak baby Ammar Haikal to peads specialist for vaccination, tiba tiba dapat demam batuk selsema pulak!
Sampai mummy emergency leave 4days daddy 1day jaga baby~~
Thankfully bosses dekat new place ni sangat memahami!
Now mummy rasa ape yg mummy2 out there rasa bila baby diorg tak sihat.
rasa sedeh sgt tgk dia demam, batuk selsema.
you know baby susah sgt nak kluarkan kahak.
tried everyway, sgt kesian tgk dia.
Now demam dah takde, selsema dah takde.
tinggal residual cough je sikit2 lagi.
Hopefully baby Ammar Haikal akan makin stronger and develop immunity keh!
So, to people,
kalau selsema batuk tu jgnla kiss2 baby keh, kesian diorg.
Kita pun macam penat bila batuk selsema demam, inikan pula baby.huhuhu.
But you will expect your baby to get upper respiratory tract infection about 8times before his first birthday.
huhu harap2 nya takdela that frequent!
Mummy daddy doakan baby Ammar Haikal sentiasa dilindungi dan diberikan kesihatan fizikal dan minda sentiasa, insyaAllah..amin.

Manjanya dengan daddy kann!
He loves when you hold him high!
gayat eh hihi gelak terkekek2, comel sangat!

Living with two boys!
And its exciting! hahaha~~

Mummy pulak down with fever cough cold, mesti jangkit dari baby Ammar Haikal ni.
cepatla mummy sihat keh,
boleh golek2 kiss2 tickle2 baby Ammar Haikal~~
Love you daddy and baby!