Thursday, November 17, 2011

From Sibu to Pahang!

Mixed feelings!
Husband dah pening.
saya pun dah pening.
dah pindahkan satu rumah dan barang2 yg sangat banyak nih~~
please hospital, tolong pindahkan our stuff masuk kontena,
we just realized we have a whole lot to bring with us.
owh my gosh,
seriesly pening!
The cost tu lagila, satu rumah nak pindah ke Pahang naik kapal.
i cant imagine the numbers!

One more problem.
Encik Lebah dan saya now are the MOs of Emergency and Trauma~~
We like this job, thinking of doing Emergency Medicine~~
we just heard from Pahang, that this department already too full!!
huwaaaa...only left Paediatric!
I dont think i can do Paediatric~~ in Hospital Kuantan pulak tu~~
owh my, husband also cannot imagine doing Paediatric~~
We will be tagging forever, not seeing each other, the life will be much hectic than now~~
Seriesly pening!

MO Pediatric? seriesla macam tak sesuai~~ dan tersangat susahhhh huhuhu

If tak dapat buat pediatric, other choices tinggal district hospital, but also terpisah, sorg kat district ni, sorg kat district lain~~
seriesly jauh okay~~
lagilah tak jumpa each other.
dengan oncall nyer.

gembira with post chicken pox look! hihi

Husband dan saya dah berfikir 2minggu lebih dah ni, we only left with another 2weeks of Sibu, then after that, akan terscattered dekat Pahang.
it will be tough.
no time for bergembira weekend ke ape ke, busy tagging la oncall la.
sama macam dok dekat Sibu jer,
Sibu lagi gembira bersama eh,
huwaaaaaaa~~ saya tidak mahu pegi Pediatric....=( =(
Seriesly pening!
Semakin pening!

Selamat tinggal Sibu...huhu welcome to Pahang? Pahang please, dont separate us. kurus la saya terpisah dengan husband huhu =(

p.s Hubby berkerut2 dahi hihi jangan bekerut dahi tau,cepat tua nnt sayang!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What gives?

Encik Lebah bawak saya pegi tgk immortals.
okayla cerita tu, 5/10 la saya bagik hihi,bukan saya tengok sangat cerita tu pun, hihi tgk Encik Lebah kat sebelah tu ngantuk hihi~~
dah la tengok pukul 11 malam!
Pastu, balik rumah.
Encik Lebah tanya saya~~
Anna nak jadi specialist ape?
Saya terdiam.
mmm..soalan susah tu abang.

Saya series taktahu nak jadi ape.
Sekarang dua dua MO A&E, tengok patients trauma everyday..
saya suka.
Encik Lebah pun suka.
sanggup ke nak belaja 4years nih, at least.
tak sure lagi if fail ke ape ke,
if saya beranak ke.
mmmmm..tough decision.

Saya tanya dia balik.
Encik Monster, awak nak jadi specialist ape?
dia pun lama fikir.
tapi yang pastinya dah rule out, Medical.. tak sanggup berfikir setiap minit.
Dah rule out Surgery..tak sanggup tido tak lena malam2 kene bangun pegi buat surgery..
Dah rule out Obstetric and Gynae..tak sanggup stress terlampau bersama org2 yg stress manage mother2 yg stress..!
Dah rule out Ortho..tak sanggup asik kene Xray jer, dalam OT bertukang!
Dah rule out Paeds, tak cukup dedicated untuk selamatkan baby baby yg sangat banyak~~

so we left with few choices..
if lucky.
Darling. we will be the best we can okay~~
Nanti Anna fikir betul2 nak buat ape nih~~
Kadang2 terfikir jugak nak masuk Forensic Medicine jer~~
Deal with dead people..
How bout that.
What gives?

p.s terfikir nak ambik MRCHw (Master of Housewife ahahahaha)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The world is your oyster! =)

Guess what!
Got my 'P' license, everyone!
hahahahha..i was so behind!!
Anyway, feels like wanna paint this town red!!
Alhamdulillah~~ after few weeks of driving my husband crazy with my hectic driving lessons schedule, and my never-ending palpitations about driving test, until husband also cannot sleep watching me wide awake the whole night thinking about passing the JPJ test!
hahahahhaha, thank you hubby for putting up with me~~
i now have the P, yayyy!!
Last night hubby celebrate my accomplishment hahhaaha with frens! had sushi and Hong Kong Ghost Stories after that!
Bought me a pretty checkered top in purple~~ sweet darling thank you! hihi
now im thinking of this~~~

Hey pretty shark~~ can i drive you? hihihi
cannot la, sayang la, my driving skill not yet cemerlang!
tunggu yeah~~ mummy will get youu! hihihi

mm later!
hahahahaha~~ hari2 saya kene jadi driver hubby lah,
macam ade jpj tester kat sebelah!
garang tau!
Dia cakap.."okay, dah dapat lesen, sekarang belaja berenang pulak!)
owh my gosh!
husband saya nak saya ade semua life skill ker~~ adoi!

My life as a medical officer with husband at work~~ it was awesome!!
and of course, tiring~~
We'll be staying in Sibu only until December, kind of sad to leave this place~~
it was the town, where me and hubby built our relationship, married and lived together from scratch, got all our collection here~~
our joy and happiness, our great team at work, greatest boss in emergency ( i have to tell you he is the most awesome!), inspire me and hubby~~ thinking of becoming emergency physician! hahahaha, its not easy yeah people~~

when i think about it..
we are actually haunted with decisions~
good decision, bad decision, people live, people died~~
CPR patients with husband,and the team, and kadang2 dah tak rasa ape ape...
sometimes i'll be like.."do you wanna stay or you wanna go mister~~"
when you think like..this man is someone's father. someone's wife, someone's son, somebody important..this man has his story and past~~
You'll have the urge to do everything you can..everything you possibly can think of~~ which has lots of limitation.
and fate.
can never be denied.
Life and death. Trauma and emergency department.
Sometimes, i feel like, its a little too much for me.
Too heavy.
But i have to go on.
For our people. =)
My principle is easy, treat your patients just like you wanted people to treat your own family.
With love and care. =) =)

Think pink!
To all man, take care of your lady..=)

Moving back to semenanjung.
cannot imagine how its gonna be like in new place.
Busier. i bet.
But, we will be there, with bells on!
i miss my families, the pasar malam, the food, the town, the road, the warmth feeling, the shops! yes the shops! hahahaha~~ this is the only part of my job that i like the most hihi
Just imagine working in Cameron Highlands~~with the tea, flowers and cool breeze~~
wow, can i just enjoy my day with hubby? hihi
is that possible??

I should get started with our wardrobe.
it'll take me weeks to put our 2years in luggage and boxes, i reckon!
But we shall say,
We will be leaving Sibu feeling that the world was our oyster!
Had our great fun here.
Will never be forgotten. =)

p.s Husband dah nak balik from morning shift. Lets prepare my chicken paprik on the table shall we!