Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wanganui owh Wanganui

I had my surgery exams. Killer exams.
I wont write about that.
I was restless and agitated the whole afternoon. Andrew was like, "we are going to make it Anna, 4 more weeks!" but i have a little doubt after that killer exams..ergh..
insyallah pass..tawakal la Anna~~

Noella then txt'ed me. Gosh she was just as anxious as myself, worrying about her psychiatric viva...i remember i struggled for that..i am sure Udeq knew exactly what im talking about!
Since we both had palpitations, we went straight to town, searching for a cure.
Retail therapY~~

White pointy shoes. GP posting seems to be a good time to wear them haha kalau surgery, boley patah kaki!

And this one.
I love them!

Black and shiny. wink wink

Definite burgundy. but yet cheap.

Everytime tgk shopping bag ni teringat sis.she loves shopping bag..kesimpulannya she loves shopping too laaarrr hihi~

Tomorrow i am gonna have to leave Wellington for Wanganui....
4weeks! Now thats a long time!
4hours in Intercity Bus!
I hope my motion sickness will go on strike tomorrow huhu.
The last time i travelled by bus in NZ was years im back to bus again!
If only there are more flights to Wanganui..sigh~~

I decided to bring Baby Teddy Grover with me..
It seems like Teddy didnt wanna leave this room..
Look at him.
Macam nak keluar from that bag jeeeeee!

Teddy. teman saya okayyy..! Promise promise.

Kawan kawan.
Doakan saya selamat sampai Wanganui and balik sini balik in 4weeks time!
And pass everythinggg..and finish med school, aminnnnn~~~~ =) =)

Zen, all the best yah! Nnt sile berkunjung ke Wanganui~
Kite pegi kayak tasik wanganui hehehehe..

Nuha pule, saya dah kemas da sket2 my barang..eeehheheh saya tdo bilik Jenny nih~~
tolongla Jenny jgn marah,,saya homelesss..hhihihi
Missss you guys!

Wanganui, here i come!!!

P.S Encik Lebah, nnt Sweetie ngan saya nak buat apee dkt Wanganui niiiiiiiii

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~~Happy Birthday Dear Zen!

Its Zen's birthday 27.01.09. Zen is officially 25 years old!!
Im so glad i was born on October! hehehhehe...
Anyway, i actually was thinking about getting Zen a big chocalicious birthday cake, but since youre not here Zen, and i am going to Wanganui, nampaknya..hmmm...hhihi.
And since everybodys not here..kesian Zen tau~~

That day when Wani and I took Zen to the airport, its all like a flashback for me.
I was exactly at this point. In this 'shoes'
"Tempat hendak berjaya, banyak cabarannya, insyaallah.."
Everything is written for us all..dont be afraid to be weak..dont be too proud to be strong..dont be too quick to forget..alhamdulillah syukur..=)

Saya yg chubby bersama birthday girl di bilik birthday girl hehehe saya rindu kamu la zen!

Anna yg homeless. Menumpang di rumah Nuha, Zen, Farah, Jenny

Zen ade wishlist.
saya pun ade hehehehe.

1. Enjoy my 1month of medical school and hopefully passs semua, aminnnnnn..

2. Saya mahu beli camera DSLR hihihi owh Anna,excited excited ehhh~

3. I wanna go travel.

4. Live my student life yg tinggal beberapa months je ni insyaallah, dkt New Zealand with the girls hhihi

5. Belaja masak jawa hahahhaa cikgu masakan jawa saya officially ialah Farah!!!!

Happy Birthday to Zen!
I pray for your success, and our success~~insyaallah amin..=)
"Its only a hick up, now get up and run!"

My nasik lemak malas version Welly.
Sambal nasik lemak, with ayam celup tepung and telur rebus.

Makan Anna makan! yum yum yum. Nanti pegi Wanganui, no more masak masak..huhuhu saya akan menjadi cicak...hihi ye kee nii!

p.s Zen, Farah, Nuha, Jenny: BALIKLA CEPATT!!
Encik Lebah, saya rindu awak hehehee.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lagu Untukmu..=)

"Tiada bintang.."
"...dapat menerangkan hati yang telah dicela.."
"Bagai ku lumpuh tak mampu berdiri."
"Aku tetap begini takkan berubah kerna.."
"Aku tetap aku dan alur hidup mu bukanlah aku..!"

Busy.Very busy.
Surgery resuscitation exams. Written exams..
Moving out of Apartment 12..
No more Apartment 12..huhu..
spent the very last moments in Apt 12 cleaning toilet and "janola" ing the bathroom!
"Exit mould" ed the windows!
Easy-off-BAM the kitchen and fridge! I could not believe i did that hahaha!
Unai telah menggelarkan diriku Paris Hilton.but this Paris Hilton berjaya basuh toilett okayyyy hehehehe independent independent iyarghh!!

Our first dinner in Apt 13. Sambal tumis ayam with fishball and lettuce. Cranberry juice.

Finally da pindah upstairs.
I am officially homeless!
Now, Jenny's room is my temporary room before ill depart to Wanganui in another 7days..huhu alone for 3weeks..what am i gonna do? Zen is actually downloading like crazy for me hehehe. Lanun lanun biasala..
Bilik Jenny ni sungguh aman. ade paintings burung2 dekat tepi bed ini.
I love it so much..bile tido, rasa macam ummmmmm.......dgn angin2 sepoi bahasa.fuh hari2 pegi surgery lambat!

I am missing my bed right now..i think i have to bring Teddy to Wanganui with me no matter whatt!!!

Nampaknya saya akan bertapa di sini sampai grad ye, Farah Jenny and Nuha jangan marah hehehe.saya akan jadi official tukang masak jawa okay hahaha!
Tapi takpe, saya mahu duduk puas puas di siniiiiiii hehehe bermesra2 dgn Zen hehehehe..
Huwa..Aunty kata dia takkan bgtau bile dia nak balik Malaysia, bile nak depart lagi sejam baru cakap..huwaaaaa...macamana ni, saya perlukan psychoanalyst supaya dapat detect!!

"Tak tahan tak tahan, sabarku tak tertahan, melayan sikapmu perawan"
"Berbeza berbeza kau dan aku berbeza, kita memang tak serupa"
"Bebaskan bebaskan, ku ingin dilepaskan"
"Kita tidak sehaluan"
"Cukuplah, sudahla..sampai di sini saja"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tag Tag Tag

I. 2008 Cute's Blogger Award? hihi

II. Who gave this you.

Seseorg yg sungguh famous, takle di disclose kan blog dia! Yang pasti,dia ialah Next Top Model! hihihi.
Sorg lagi ialah si budak comel Ayuni kecik! haha ayuni rumah ini ialah ayuni besar~ tp tak besar langsong!

III. 10 facts about you.

1. Food lover! Eat food, make food, cookbook, pictures of food!!!
2. Camera freak haha every moment is memorable!
3. Travel freak hihi insy next stop: Cuti cuti Australia 09!!!
4. Mad about dresses..babydoll, summer dress, ball dresss segala2 dresss!!
5. Dont have any sport shoes or tracksuit! last time ade sport shoes hmmmm 4 years ago maybe???
6. Never worn any sunglasses! Tidak sesuai mungkinnnn =P
7. Very sensitive especially about human rights, consumer rights, any other rights hahaha..and get hurt easily..aka fragile hehehe..pening Encik Lebah!
8. Loves my family very much, values every moment i have with abah, mama, faris, aida and amira~~
9. The closest to Encik Lebah~~ wink wink
10.Crazy about pointy shoesssss!!

Org2 yg saya nak tag, semua telah di tag!! hihi.
To next top model, enjoy!!! hihihihi misss ya.

p.s Stress okayy surgeryyyy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No one knows everything!

Harini, nurse sgt grumpy.
i was determined to get my scaphoid fracture case, but there was none today!
Went up to ward. Discharge summaries je tak abes abes.
turun balik pegi acute fracture clinic.
No scaphoid fractures!
balik rumah, pukul 3.30pm.
terus happy! hihi.

World's steepest street~~ Baldwin Street,Dunedin, New Zealand~~

Cikhens saya.hheeheheheh. saya punya cikhens okayyy =) =)

living room cikhens..hmmm =P

Anna..carried so many things with her. Nuha was so bothered by that jacket on my shoulder, she said it looks like im carrying some kind of animal..erk? This was dekat Christchurch airport..nasib baik Cikhens hanta,kalau tak..terlepas la plane saya that day..

~~A doctor told me today.
No one knows everything.
You cannot know everything.
If you dont know, better dont act like a hero.
It could cost lives..

Monday, January 5, 2009

Manic Monday~~

Manic Monday.
I struggled to get out of my bed this morning.
Ive been sleeping in Malaysia's time over the past two weeks.
Keeping my eyes open today, certainly was not easyyyyy!
I can feel i wasnt there.
I cannot even recall risk factors for DVT! What? What? What?
Sitting at the end of the row, definitely not helping at all!!
What can you see from this abdominal Xray and does it help with your diagnosis.
What? What? Stomach bubble? it looks like bubbles and bubbles to me. Could not focus. Ergh! Monday!

Still in holiday mood.
Wake up wake up!

Mira (cikhen's car) 's fan club!

The day we drove back to Christchurch. Self timer photo. Half an hour before drop Unai and Nuha pegi bekerja sambil berkhemah!!

Azza and Anna.we are friends for 6years now.can you imagine that. I must tell, everytime i look at you..i feel amazed..last time tgk you were on that wheelchair, cant really do anything, now you drove me to Roxburgh!!! alhamdulillah syukur~~~ =) =)

Tempat yang banyak cabaran,selalunya tempat nak berjaya..insyaallah~~

Roxburgh, Central Otago. Teringat catch up malam tu with Azza and Nama and Ara, fuh sampai kol 2 pagii! Cikhens tertido second half!

Sampai kat farm tmpt Unai and Nuha akan keje,cam takde org je, series macam Wolf Creek! Scaryy owh my!

These two girls are crazy about money! Money money money. No bed no water no food. it is okay as long as there is moneyyy!! hihi. Tgk dalam mata tu ade dollar dollar dollar!

Hugs hugs =) =)

Bawak laptop nak plug in kat mana Nuha,khemah takde power!

It's just another manic Monday~~
I wish it was Sunday..
'Cause that's my Funday owh weeeeeee!
My I-don't-have-to-runday!
It's just another manic Monday!

p.s Encik Lebah, good luck exams long case todayy~~

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ikhlas tapi jauh~~~

Central Otago.
It was burning hot.
I was here 5years ago.
Packing cherries in this Fairview Orchard.
Cant believe its 2009 already!
My my..

I was so happy!
I love road trip.
Since i dont get migraines anymore,alhamdulillah~~ that trip was so much fun!
Sheep, green green grass..smelly cows,mountains..hills..lavender..
Bonding time dalam Mira (cikhen's car). Story of love stories..haha sounds very lovey dovey~~
My song with Encik Lebah is Anything by The Calling..hihihi.
I remember Encik Lebah sang it with guitar in front of that Eye on Malaysia hahahaha..mesti zen akan nauseous and Nuha akan throw up ni baca hehehe..
Anyway, back to that Central Otago Trip. Focus ay? hihi.

Anna with Atisha~~ she was very good that day. No screaming or shouting. Just yet. haha.

I wanna have this kind of buaian in my backyard..pleasee pleasee hihi

Wish everyday is a holidayy~~

Unai: kitorg akan berkhemah and dok tempat yg kau takkan tahan selama 5minutes pun Anna!!! erkkk?

Stopped for lunch in Palmerston South. Mendengar kisah kisah remaja.haha.

Fresh cherry from Fairview Orchard! 12NZD for a small box. hmmm mahal ke murah ni??

~~Anna who enjoys eating cherry. but not too much yeah hahhaha

Iklan Fairview Orchard version Summer 2008~

Lake Roxburgh~~ Nuha and Anna. Saya telah menceritakan about dam to Nuha. Apparently Nuha tak tahu how dam works...! hihihi. ha tu la, tgk E je. tanak join tgk Megastructures kat National Geographic!

Playing "batu2 kecil" first time kat Lake ROxburgh ni with budak2 Canterb. Best rupanya hihi. Siap main goreng pisang lagi. Kalah dekat "muda mudi". Mudi nak balas dgn ape ehhh???

Never saw it coming, should have started running a long long time ago, and never thought to doubt you, im better off without you, more than you know, more than you knoww~~ dedicate this song

Pillow fight with cikhens! grrr miowwww hihi

You notice how wonderful your life with friends, when you are finally losing them one by one in front of your eyes..
I miss Melly would ask me, are you okay are you okay.
I miss Udeq membebel i dont know how to replace rubbish bag in the rubbish bin..
I miss seeing Melly got back from swimming with her large black bag..
I miss how Farah would spend her evening making us Mee Jawa!
I think i miss everyone =) =)

p.s bila nak belaja masakan jawa niiiihh Farahh,cepat balikkk!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wellington-Christchurch...Part 3

Entry bergamba ini is specially dedicated to Unai and Nuha who are working vigorously in Alexandra right now.
And surviving without electricity, without proper bed, just a small tent, without kitchen and with a very small bathroom that looked like a changing room~~
Its all about the moneyy yeahhhh =P
Balik nnt belanja yeeee.!
And gamba byk sgt. Terlalu byk nak letak semua.
Kesian org dial up, nak bukak page ni nanti hehehehe~~

Random pictures in Akaroa.

Terima kasih photographer yg bersemangat! Great shot!

Posing tepi lampu.

I love this one! Sunbathing okayy~~

Still in Akaroa. Memorial park ni. Penat dah tp photographer masih excited! Unai sugar high!

Pakcik lukis muka semua org eh.hihi.tumpang biceps pakcik sekejap hehehe

Unai! kesian model2 anda.lihatla abu!

Zen cakap: uish semua mende nak kaler pink!!!!
Monopoly Cikhens yg sungguh girly yeeee~~

Weeeheeeee~~ Unai,ni pose comel keeee hahahaha

Ini bukan kek saya hehehehe

Cikhens pandang laut..

Tiring but fun. Akaroa. Definitely worth it!

Cikhens and blue sky. Ade org interframe kat belakang tu. aah ye.pekerja ladang mana eh??

Ramai betul org dalam shot ni!

Cikhens ade telinga rabbit yg sungguh reall hihi

Today's Friday.
Watched Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
Very interesting.
Inspiring movie.

p.s Anna kene baca bukuuuuu!!!!