Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dunia Baru~~

"Dulu kita telah berjanji"
"..kan bersama selamanya.."
"Sungguh sukar ku lupakan.."
"hatiku pada dirimu.."
"Inilah ceritaku..Dunia baruku.."

Two months in Sibu..
Ive promised my friends to take pictures of my 'home'..
Hostel home..=P
I'd say, its not too bad~~
I love my small lovely home...=)

I have a small TV now hihi..Encik Lebah belikan..kesian saya bored dkt hostel..this TV kotak is enough to make me feel like home..
and to continue my favourite past time, baring2 depan Tv with laptop and tetido hihi....

Tgkla this girl now so happy..!
Happy in Borneo!

With this encik lebah!
Everyday is lovely, flowery and happy ting ting ting with you with me..=) wink wink~~

Satu hospital pun still rindu awak hihi..

Back to my little 'home'.
Yes, i have a small living room, a small bedroom, a small bathroom, but a huge built in wardrobe..hmm i guess Hospital Sibu knows i came here with lots of clothes hehehhe..
Anyway, i miss my teddy bear at home..
I miss my bed in New Zealand..
now da downgraded jadik single bed je hehehhee..

Ditemankan oleh my laptop...
and 'new' magazines..hihi
I cannot believe i have to start thinking about this.. growing up!

With you with you with you...=)

"Hanya satu ku impikan.."
"untuk bersama kamu.."

You once said..another 4years Anna, then you'll be with me..hihihi
4years gone so fast dear..
So very fast..
And now im with you..not oceans apart anymore ay hihi

An exciting life in Borneo!
Captured in Medan Seafood in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo =)
Fuh, soooooooooooooooo cheappppp and deliciousssss!!
Must go!

Look at this!
How can you resist??? hihi

Anna and Naj, and our great life in Borneo..!

...joined by Unai!!! hihihi

Ive learned a lot about people..about places..about work..
about me..about him..
Getting to know you better, is so exciting!
I am so missing you still!!
Still cannot wait for you to pick me up to go to work..
Still cannot wait to meet you for lunch..hihi..
I am truly poisoned by Encik Lebah...sigh~~ =)

p.s i miss you..=)

Monday, October 19, 2009

And i said, Yes..

Im now 25? Whoa..
My first birthday with Encik Lebah~~
I've never ever imagine it would be this sweet....

Awak, your biggest problem is that you are tooo sweeeettttttttttttttttttt~~

Nak pegi oncall, yet still have time to give me the sweetest birthday celebration..ever. Fullstop.

Sunday night~~
The night i never imagine you would ask me.
Ask me.
Ask the biggest question.
Ever. In my whole life..
I was trembling. Frightened. Suprised. Gasping.

And the answer is yes.
Always have been.
Always will be.
A yes..
to you.
Only you.

I nearly cried.
Tears of joy and suprise.
You are just the most interesting creature on earth ive ever met.
and you mean this world for me..
My whole world..
Thank you for loving me..
and yes, I love you too..more than you ever know.
Thank you Encik Lebah~~
Thank you for being the sweetest =) =) =)...

Monday, September 28, 2009

From Sibu with love~~

Arrived in Sibu, on 24th Sept after 1hour and 50minutes MAS flight..
Officially, a doctor today..
A lot of things echoing in my mind..
Nervous, excited, overwhelmed..panic..all mixed up..
But im with Encik Lebah now..he will be here..with me..insyaallah..
From Sibu airport to Hospital Sibu took us about 10minutes..greeted by a very friendly taxi driver~~ now that was a good start..=)
Fresh air, lots of trees...cant see many tall buildings here..
aish..kereta pun tak nampak nih!
Sampai kat Hospital Sibu..cantik..tenang je..
not so many people..quite new..and people smiled to that was another good sign..=)

Lapor diri dkt office..org2 semua tgk pelik kah saya? hihi tapi senyum je diorg..owh please please, bagila semua org friendly and kind kat sini, nak tolong saya yg slow bekerja nih~!
Pengarah Hospital welcomed me to the Hospital..and placed me in Pediatric for my 4months posting~~ erk and he said this posting is a strict posting, so i have to really concentrate..whoa..Anna..think positive please~!
Anyway, everything was great..i got a new rumah aka bilik sendiri with fridge bla2 and huge built in wardrobe, nice bed, desks and a decent im happy =)
Dalam hati, teringat kegembiraan raya tak abes lagi hihi..alhamdulillah dapat beraya this year..raya first in Malaysia after 6 was priceless..=) =)
Semoga panjang umur murah rezeki, dapat beraya with family lagi next year..

Raya dengan family, sgt meriah~~!
Kuih raya je ade sampai 25jenis! uish uish mama mama..

this is my datuk ni banyak berjasa untuk saya..

Abah buat lemang special untuk saya..=)
Happy guling2 dpt raya kat rumah..kalau tak, dah ke Sibu la saya..haishh..

Amira, Aida and Anna..having fun on hari raya =)

Ape perasaan now dekat Sarawak?
Rasa macam lain sgt..
macam singapore..
tapi sgt tenang and hijau..hihi..
I bet unai suka giler tempat nih!

Aida merenung kampung kami yg cantik..hhhehehe

Saya pun suka giler tempat ni..=)
Ade Encik Lebah...sgt gembira..hihi..
Encik Lebah, awak senyum2 ke ni =P

I love you i love you i love you..thats all i have to say..i love you is that okay...? ihihi
Gambar main bunga api, Aida tgh semangat main bunga api untuk saya capture gamba ni you sis!

Tomorrow im gonna start 'tagging'.
Mengikut doktor senior from 7am till 11pm for 2weeks straight..
Anna da 5bulan cuti..masih ingatkah Pediatrics??
teringat Dr.X yg garang kat Peds dulu..terngiang2 hiihi..

My twin sister hhihi Aida =)

Terharu saya tgk Encik Lebah bersusah payah lepas keje bawak saya pegi beli tu beli penat2, dgn tak tido nyer..
pastu risau saya nak jalan sorg2 balik dari hospital kol 11malam..
rasa macam saya nih independent jgk la sikit masa kat welly sbb balik hospital sorg sorg ape hehehehe...cett =P

Tak sah gamba saya kalau takde miow..hihi

Miow ni nama dia Kitty..
Terlena dkt Amira nih..

Anna mahu makan kamuuuuu grrr hihii..

With my 15-year-old cousin..Dalila

Kalaula saya ade miow dkt sini..
boring sorg2 kat bilik ni..

Beraya di Sabak Bernam, Selangor..=) Exora abah..sekarang saya naik Persona hihii di Sibu..

Our family stayed in Seri Malaysia Hotel, Sepang..which i rated 2 or 3 bintang lah..mmm dissapointed with my bathroom..=P
We had a nice dinner. ikan bakar..Encik Lebah belanja makan...haish doctor baru ni splurge splurge hihiii..
Saya buat drama swasta nanges2 kat KLIA..malu malu hihihi...

Nasik Lemak KFC =)

Love the moments..
Smiles and smiles..insyallah..

Mine and yours..

Thank you Encik Lebah..awak buat saya happy..
Kat Sarawak hepi kat mana2 pun happy..
and happier now..=) alhamdulillah~~
Cant wait for many many many years ahead with you..insyaallah..
Saya sayang awak..hihi jgn lupa saya eh bile saya tagging esok nih~~
Still missing you hihi

Drama swasta kat KLIA..
nanges2 mcm nak pegi oversea je memang over the sea pun hhihi!
Mama abah aida faris amira..doakan anna jadi houseman yg competent here..and happy, tak stress..smooth insyaallah..=)
Tempat nak berjaya banyak cabarannya Anna..
Have faith in yourself..and Allah...insyallah you will be fine..=)
A real doctor, i will be..
Good Luck Anna!!

Wing man.?hiihi..

With Love. From the writer. Anna Mariya.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Your "see-thru" heart...

Still in my induction programme in PD.
5days went by too fast!
The closer i get to become a real doctor..
During this induction course, i am alone, representing Otago Uni of New Zealand..
thank god i met Ainaa,my current housemate in PD, she is way so cool to be friends with! hehhehhe...Ainaa..jgn kembang plak baca ni nnt you kat HKL!
Anyway, i learnt a lot.
Although sedeh jgk tgk org bising2, tido and all..wah berjaya saya tidak tidor!
i think, i should do a checklist before i become a TRUE houseman this time!

1. Do not ever ever ever become a person that i dont ever wanna be, a sombong and belagak houseman! We are nothing compares to the specialists~~! Control jiwa yer hihi

2. Do not ever ever ever memandang rendah to all the nurses, and other kakitangan hospital yg membantu you~~ these are all important people yeahh!

3. Do not ever forget your family and your loved one...being a doctor is not a halangan for you to be sweet and loving..miow miow =) =)

4. Do not ever boasting boasting in any cara pun, if you finally own things that you dream of like, a new car, new house etc. or make up MAC aaahahaha berangan lagi!

5. Do not ever forget promises that you made to your family or your loved one or your friends, because believe me, they remember your promises!!! YES they do!

6. Do not ever bermegah2 with your ability, since rasa macam da terer kan..remember, you just like a tiny semut di tepi beras la..

7. Think positive and take everything in front you as challenges..insyallah you'll be strong!

8. Know how to handle stresss...! I definitely need Retail Therapyyyy!!!

9. Believe in yourself, and have faith! Insyaallah Allah akan tolong kite anna..aminnn

10.Ingatlah..semua yg ade ini dari Allah..bukan hak milik kita...=) =) Bersyukur ..=)

Go Anna go!
I cannot tell you how nervous i am, to fly to Sibu, to work with Encik Lebah in Sibu, which i cannot imagine, how its gonna be like...!
Encik Lebah kene belanja saya Ayam penyek ni, saya terbang merentasi Borneo untuk awak tau! haa...cuba carik, ade tak cik miow lain yg boley buat camtu, hehehhe conversation hati saya untuk Encik Lebah~~~ missing you lah!
Anyway, after 5 months cuti, rasa macam excited nak keje!
saya bangga saya jadi pegawai kerajaan today hihihi..
Doakan everything gembira dan smooth ye kawan2, insyaallah amin...=)
Come one Houseman Anna! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

p.s People much more interested to see thru your heart than thru your see-thru blouse!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Travel and Living and Loving and Giving! =)

I wake up to the same routine everyday..
Woke up at you-don’t-wanna-know-what-time hhhihihi, and I realized I do exactly the same thing everyday, use my hairbrush as my microphone and start singing like a frog, hopefully no one would hear hhahhaha! Funnily, I felt good, hahhaha..morning therapy ey~~
Then continue singing till my house is clean enough..for now, lepas Amira and my mum balik..hmmm saya akan jadi bibik semula!
Pastu, travel and living channel, da takboley tuka dah~~!

Antony Bourdain; No Reservations
Kylie Wong- My China
Ian Wright
Bobby Chinn- World Café Asia
A cooks tour
1000 places to see before you die
Passport to Europe~with Samantha Brown

Pantai Melawi, 16.08.09 by Anna Mariya

Masak nasik jap, goreng ape2 hihihi..
Sambung travel and living..
Sampaila my mum balik..!
Everytime dia balik, dia akan, haish rileksnya doctor menganggur ni!
Bila Encik Lebah calls, he has to hear me saying, can we go to Great Wall of China, how about Vietnam? Would it be great if…
(Encik Lebah will know, the intensity of Anna’s imagination of traveling with him, akan berkadar berganda ganda with how much she watched Travel and Living channel hheehe)

1.30pm Buletin TV3..wah sekarang Anna sgt tahu about berita semasa yer..
After preparing for the interview last 2weeks, reading newspaper and watching news on TV becoming my routine..mahu jadi org yg tahu about dunia sekeliling kah? Hihihi..
2pm lunch with family. My favourite. No matter I keep on trying to not eat lunch since I ate 2bungkus nasik lemak tiga segi every morning, once my mum “ Anna…jommm makann lunchhhh!”, automatically, akan berselera!
Haish anna sudah berisi ye kawan2..and I saw most of my friends getting thinner and thinner!
I wonder if I should be worried…mmmmm fenomena org Malaysia makan sikit ke eh? Confuse2~~

Di bawah pokok kelapak hiihihi belajar bahasa Sarawak!

3pm is masa bermesra2 with my cats. I have 7 now. Caring for 7cats, I would say, need passion and courage haaahhha macam kids plak! I have Pooch, Tulus, Dhanny, Darling, DingDing and Charlie. My mum selalu cakap, “ Anna, kalau bagik kucing dia makan, ibarat macam nak suap kucing dia!”
Yes, that is so true, sebab saya takut kucing saya tercekik tulang! So kucing saya akan makan makanan special everyday, hahaha nasik with boneless fish yg saya rebus, and a tinge of anchovy sauce, and also milk for their drink! Jadik, miow miow saya mmg sedap didukung kerana berat! Hhihihihi..
Abah tgh risau sebab Tulus mengandung lagi…saya cakap, kalau abah buang Tulus, saya nanges sampai basah baju!
Petua nenek kata, bagik kucing makan nasik gaul2 with ragi (yeast)…so mereka akan mandul..! owh my..macamana dengan hak hak kucing untuk beranak???

Baju pinjam from my sister, I am a truly STFian! bukan Seri Puteri yer hihi

5pm. Online.
Check Facebook.
Encik Lebah dah tak boley bukak facebook…=(
Before my departure to Sibu, I will make sure I have my options ready for mobile broadband or Streamyx, saya tak mahu terdisconnected from the world..uhuhuhu..
Lets see..

6pm is my threadmill time. Eating all day does make you worried.
My thigh, my cheeks..ergh Nuha dan Zen pun dah rasa saya chubby!
Its too hot in Malaysia, baru naik threadmill for 5min dah berpeluh2 macam hujan~~
Abah kata saya tak turun rumah…aah mmg, saya dok dalam rumah jeeee..hihihi sebab saya tatau nak pegi mana..nak bawak kereta, Faris da amik kancil manual tu..takkan saya nak bawak Waja kot..pusing kampong?
Malam saya siapkan dinner, serve dinner…kemas dapur, series rasa macam housewife pun ada…patutla, mmg boringgg dok rumah lama lama ni, especially when you are alone!
Hari2 saya tanya mama, surat SPA da sampai ke? Fuh macam tak pecaya saya tak sabar nak keje! Hihihihi…actually im longing for a splurge! Hhihihi..i wanna buy lots and lots of shoes..saya boley jadik gile bile pegi Vincci…erghh!

Vaio Merah…saya mahu kamuuu…
I just found out that my Fantasy Britney Spear’s perfume here, almost 250RM, aiyoo Ayuni..boleykah kamu bawak balik byk2 perfume tu untuk sayaaaaaa! Hihihi kat NZ 60NZD jer!

on the sand..

Malam2 tak tgk TV sgt..tunggu Encik Lebah balik from tagging..lama betul kejeeeee..wah nnt saya dtg Sibu, saya plak tagging lama2 eh…hihihi..tak kisah!
Asalkan with you hihiihihihi..
11pm onwards..teman Encik Lebah balik from keje…=) =)
ting..hihihi terlena zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

p.s i love you.

Anna Mariya ; No Reservations? hihi

Malaysia. Nearly two months now.
Im having my good time.
And sometimes, not-so-good time, of course!
I missed my time in New Zealand…
And I know its not only me.
Anyone who spent years in overseas actually feels the same…
Encik Lebah’s sister, who I call, Kak Aida (Encik Lebah calls her Kak An, stands for Aidahanie), spent her 5years in Germany..(the country that I really wanna go for a long time now..sighh~~)..she also missed her life in Germany..
To my friends who are still in bumi Fernleaf, cherish the moments, enjoy every minute of it guys! You’ll miss it…
Everything is so different now…different but still, the only place I call my home..

Everyday..kongsi cerita with Encik Lebah~~
about Sibu...
today, dah ade org tanya Encik Lebah,hihi "are you single?"
wah wah not single! im not single!
and the housemans there said.." are so berani la man, you dtg sini, you bawak gitar you je, beg satu je, kereta takde, rumah takde!"
Encik Lebah mmg macam ni, kemana2 dia mesti ade guitar dia tuu, level of confidence 10/10! Saya yg takut nak pegi Sibu nih jadik mcm excited plak, uish uishhhhh~~
Confident ya encik Lebah, youre not singleee ehhhh ihihihi jeles pulak..=P

Aquagreen on your big day~~

Everyday, Encik Lebah start at 7am.
baru call2 saya sekejap, dgr bunyik2 nurse "Dokter dokter, patient ini mau surat kasik bos, dokter cop sama ini surat" hhahahah saya tak reti imitate org cakap obviously!
Sibu, 80% lebih kurangla, chinese..
with encik lebah, ade sorg je houseman melayu..
yg lelaki, more more than half of the hospitals, perempuan boley kira...!
Owh gosh, cuak saya mendengarnya!

Encik Lebah posting surgery sekarang ni..
dub dab dub dab saya sebab, nak lepas posting surgery kat Hospital Sibu ini, houseman kene buat 5 appendicectomy (pembedahan membuang appendix anda). 5kali, dari start sampai abes, conducted by YOU! aiyooo..saya sudahla mmg takut lebih sket bila operate2 orang ni!
Come on Anna!! (cheerleader saya kat Sibu berkata2!)

Encik Lebah is now thinking of buying Satria Neo, yayyyyyyy hihihi saya suka!
Warna ape eh, macho sket,hihhi..plat number Q la plak...hmmmm
insyaallah eh~~ =)
Missing you so much Honeybee..takboley describe~~
lagi susah dok satu Malaysia, dari dok New Zealand ni!

Encik Lebah and Anna. Encik Lebah's family =) =)

p.s Anna is so missing you right now...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our long journey

Incredible. It was.
I never thought I would be that happy.
I never thought it’ll turn out to be that exciting.
Waiting for Encik Lebah to arrive at Melbourne airport..ive never been that impatient before!
The first smile you gave to me after 10months oceans apart…was priceless..=)

“…ambik angin Melbourne sekejap! Mmmm takdela sejuk sgt pun”
(he forgot he was in a building with heater everywhere hihi)

after 5minutes…when we were waiting for taxi..

“…er…Anna..sejuknyaaaaaaaa!! ketar jgk ni “
(hihihi that sounded more like it!) hihihi

Melbourne was great.
Cold and wet. But still..amazing..
Of course..with you Encik Lebah, seperti kata Aini, kat ceruk tok kun’ pun best hhahha!

SYDNEY~~ my second time here..
Sydney. Was warm.
But the backpackers was a lil bit dodgy!
Penat Encik Lebah cuba calm me down..sbb mcm dodgy la..nasib baik la okay jgk last last..alhamdulillahh~~

“aiyoo..pakcik, saya sejuk okay, kenapekah anda bagik sehelai selimut je winter2 begini???! Saya bayar mahal okay!!”


the best part was..the dinner and the street Sydney harbour..that was romantic..wink wink =)
Nuha, kau kene pegi yer Sydney ni,! Sila pegi!
The second best was the tour!
We recommend you guys pegi Sydney Opera House especially org2 yg minat bangunan seperti kami hehehhe…it was magnificent..

“Siap dapat postcards gamba sendiri tu hehhehehe suka !”

Yang pasti. Encik Lebah sgt hepi. Senyum je dia walaupun LAPAR!
Asik2 makan pisang. Asik2 makan sushi ahahhaha!


GOLD COAST for 3days~~
Spooky Coaster was a real fun!
Menjerit tapi suka!
Yg the next, menjerit macam terseksa hahahahah!
I could not believe i took encik lebah’s challenge to ride SUPERMAN ESCAPE.

“Anna, saya dalam hati terpikir, ya allah okay ke makwe aku ni” hahahahahahahaha!!!
Menjerit sampai suara takde, haishhh! That was my first time on a rollercoaster, terus naik yg dasyat punya!

Melompat2 masa sampai Malaysia!
I didn’t know I wanna come home this much~~
I really missed everything in own homeland..
My family welcomed me home with happy tears..i guess 6 years were really really long for them..and of course, for me..

Nasik kerabu nasik kerabu dan nasik kerabu hehhehehe!

Finally jumpa Fir after 5years~~
Still the same Fir..only happier!
My first pilot fren~~ ehheehe Fir I am so proud of you!!!
~~macam inilah anak melayu..dah berjaya masih down to earth..tak bermegah with material and status~~
Fir kami akan kembali lagi ke Singapore for Sentosa Island!!

Owh tidak jadi ke sini..kerana takut ya bah~~
Situation agak kurang safe sekarang ini..biarlah kami berjalan di dalam negeri dulu ya pak hehehhe..

Still the same..only greener heehhe..
Strawberries, flowers and family = perfect for me…
Tapi my dad geram dgn accomodation~~
Nama je Honeymoon Villa, tak honeymoon langsong okay!!!

It was awesome!
Aleen da kawen…happy sgt sgt si budak Aleen ni, asik …”bang..Aleen nak pegi sini”..bang …Aleen sukala…abang abang abang!
Uish uish mmg hepi sungguh ni!
Si Sab pulak, semakin hari semakin kurus~~!
Your legs are like matchstick la Sab!
Saya jeles sama kamuuuuu!


The interview.
Pegi pukul 7.30am dah jadi peserta ke 7!
I really wanted to be the first one~~ yela ingatkan saya akan ketar2, mmg ketar..tapi Encik Lebah macam confident betul…so membuatkan saya tak jadi nak ketarr2 hihihi..alhamdulillah I passed the interview~~
Now tgh tunggu surat SPA..
Cepatla SPA, now I feel like I wanna go to work, and actually work as a real doctor..insyaallah amin…
Hospital Sibu melambai2 ni..kalau tak dapat jgk Hospital Sibu ini, akan ku appeal sampai dapat ahaaha adoi mmg crazy nak ke Sibu nih!
Anyway, I’m so excited, dgr cerita2 Encik Lebah who already there for 3days!

1. No white coats
2. Friendly people
3. Kurang scary nurse2 dia
4. Working environment yg tenang
5. Houseman satu rumah sorg!!! Susah nak dpt ni, kalau kat peninsular Malaysia, kene share sampai satu bilik 3 org okay!

Hopefully everything will be okay..doakan murah rezeki, sihat..dapat la saya pegi ke Sibu..insyallah =) =)

Owh ye, interview dia 30-35minutes
2org interviewer, sorg SPA sorg doctor~~
The questions were easy the first part, describe yourself, why you wanna be a doctor, where do you wanna be placed.., pelik dia saya nak ke Sibu, dia cakap..owh ade satu calon tadi, dia from Sibu, tapi tanak balik Sibu hihihihi …mmgla, saya pun belum ade rasa nak balik Kelantan lagi hehhehe..
owh ye antara hospital2 yg ramai jgk houseman dgr org2 kata la kan..termasukla Hospital Kota Bharu yer…Klang, HKL..uish..rasanya saya mmg tak sesuai keje kat semenanjung kerana tahap ketahanan mental kurang sikittttt..prone to menanges2 ehehehehe..

Pastu the doctor asked lots of questions about what do you wanna specialize, pasal H1N1, Pandemic Action Plan, compares to NZ, Australia.., Notifiable disease, tropical disease, management of dengue, chikugunya and etc.
Siap tanya pasal kementerian, menteri, timbalan, ketua pengarah…Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Haji Ismail bin Merican! Vision and mission KKM, ape aim, motto and how many hospitals in Malaysia..paperless hospital bla2.

Last2, “good luck Dr. Farhana..saya bangga anak melayu saya berjaya, dan pulang berkhidmat untuk warga Malaysia nih”..wah ketar saya okayyyyy!!! Terasa macam responsibility menggunung2 on my shoulders hhahaha poyo.

Very proud of you! congratulations my encik lebah!

Without encik lebah..saya tgh tunggu surat SPA and induksi..
Cepatla keje!
Semalam bergayut dengan Unai~~ hehehe best giler..
Unai masih menganggur seperti saya..tgh nak interview..and jaga mak dia adik dia..tak sihat sket2..insyaallah baik la dua tiga hari lagi..
To people yg ade symptoms2 cepat2la pegi jumpa doctor ya, I can feel the virus around semua sakit sekarang ni!

Sekolah memandu.
Saya baru nak pegi amik exam L.
After that bad experience dgn sekolah memandu yg langsong tatau how to respect woman!
My parents cakap..ambik je kat Sibu…hmm tgh fikir, kalau sempat..i will try to find a decent sekolah memandu, kalau tak..dekat Sibu ajelar..!
Encik Lebah kata, tak kisah pun, anna tak bawak kereta first 2 years ni..yela quarters kat dalam jer..tgkla macamana nih~~! Unai da bawak kereta dahh! Jeles2..saya nak bawak Exora abah haahaha!

Baca entry2 Nuha..fuh takutnya skill driving Nuha ni semakin hebat ke semakin menakutkan hahahahaha…teringat saat2 berada di dalam kereta Nuha!!
Kepada Nuha, bawak kereta baik2 weyyyy ahahhahaha
Rindu Zen, Nuha and semua2…huwaaaaa…cepatla korg balik Malaysia yerrr…nak hug hug you guys!!!!

Wherever you are..

p/s: Cintaku tertinggal di Sibu, Sarawak..

Monday, May 25, 2009

happy day =) =)

officially a medical graduate =) alhamdulillah..
sekarang tengah memakai baju hoodie otago hihi..

gamba teaser graduation..=)

photographer in action!

Thankiyu to all sebab wish congrates..hihi.
will update later ..=)

Doctor miow =P

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jealousy Turning Saints Into The Sea~~

Im so jealous right now..!
grrr...nak gigit miow ni..hiihi..

my cuti da approaching 2bulan..tak rasa pun..sgt relaxxxx and freeeeeeeeee!! weeheeee!!!
My stay in Christchurch, is getting more exciting!
I can finally NAIK BUS IN CHRISTCHURCH independently. repeat after me haahha INDEPENDENTLY!!
wah kene berbangga ngan Encik Lebah nii! hihi..
tapi INDEPENDENT = naik bus dgn Lynn hahahahahah..okayy apeeeee..~~

This coming Friday, we gonna go and watch Angels and Demons~ yayyyyy..=) =)
I read the book fuh..about 2years ago i think, 3 years..maybe..
I remember the cryptex, but cannot recall other things! erghhh...
Tom Hanks is my favourite actor, im sure its worth it!

Miow miow...Anna is about to eat you masa nih..hihi youre just soooo cuteee...! you sleep just like me hahahaha..=P

And yes, the cat show..this Sundayyy..

And yes, my graduation, this 23rd of May~~
I finally graduate from Medical School.. i cannot believe this!
Alhamdulillah syukur =) =)
Nanti Encik Lebah grad saya nak tgk Encik Lebah..hihi yippiee =)

its warm..
back to normal me..
Esok, katanya sunny..
So saya dan Lynn mahu pergi kat city..berjalan2 di Cathedral Square...hmmmm kene tahan diri dari beli earrings dari stall makcik2 depan Cathedral Square niiihhh!

4more days, my Encik Lebah nak exam, the final of finaleeeee hihihi..
and join me Dr Najib! insyaallah amin..
Good luck got everything in you, me beside you, families praying for you..and Allah..the One and Only, with you..insyallah passed..Aminn..=)

p.s Anna tunggu awak Encik Lebah..hihi miss you..=)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gloomy Christchurch~~

Day 3 in Christchurch..still gloomy..every single day..without fail..!
I feel the light betray me...the sunnn..goess downnnn...~~
Now i do feel like a vampire in this wet and cold place..hehehhe..
I finally realized something..
I forgot how to live in south island!
Arrived in Christchurch just with my cudroy jacket and flat shoes without socks, i would say it was pretty brave hahaha..or in denial! da lupa how sejuk is christchurch in May..hadoila Anna...!

Ive been in Wellington too long!
3years have made me forget how cold south island is in May!!!
I miss Christchurch's sunshine...
The last time i was here..(which was about a month ago!) is still warm..and so autumn..right now, i can picture whats coming~~ sigh~~ last winter in New Zealand~~ Winter 2009

Gempoi is growing up fast..adorable, pretty and too-cold-to-play-outside!

Teringat masa 2005 dulu..Gempoi besar tgn saya jer..
sekarang da gigit2 saya jerrr hihi..
Gempoi tak suka benda bulu2 hijau nih,,hihi so kitorg telah membalut dia dgn bende nih..gempoi pun geram grrrrr...hihi..

Look at youu...erghhhh anna mahu makan kamu ngap ngap ngappp! hihi too cuteeeeee to just kisss youuu!!!

Encik Lebah yg busy,
please please pleasee...nak miow greyyy hihihi..
with pretty eyesss~~ and fur yg lembuttt macam silkk...uuuwiiiii...anna nak miowww...
Miow miow saya nnt tido dalam bakul..hhhihi cant waitt!

Last night, tido dkt sofa bed dgn Gempoi~~ gempoi dtg2 pijak2 saya hihii,pastu cium2 my nose..uishh uishhhh..hhihi christchurch cannot be more exciting than that!!
Anyway, next Sunday, Azza gonna take me to a Cat Showww..yayyyyyy a cat show...! abesla mesti anna nak semua miow cantik yg ade kat situu..owh no encik lebah~~

Just got back from Riccarton Mall, cikhens telah membeli belah dengan bestnyaa~~
i bought one flowery layer dress dkt Farmers, 50% off yeah hihi

Dear Mummy,
superwoman, the best mummy in da world~~
thank you for the gorgeous kebaya you sent me hihi now i got plenty to choose, mana nak pakai hihihi..
thank you for your support..da jadi doctor da saya..alhamdulillah.its for you and abah, =) =)
Happy Mother's Day~~
I already bought you something, love ya muah muah hihi..

Love this shot..walaupun saya sgt besar kat depan you..and missing you so much..yay saya dah nak balik Malaysiaaa..weeeheeee!!!

Okies, im gonna go watch some movies!
Biasala dok rumah dot dot dot ni, movies yg baru keluar pun da ade da dalam hard disk hihihi..sukaa!~~
Cikhens..sdg makan buah kiwi..saya jeles ngan cikhens..cikhens tau kenape..hihi miow miow..=P

p.s still tgh merindui encik lebah saya..hihi

Monday, May 4, 2009

6years in four boxes..

I finally managed to put everything in 4cartons..fuh, my 6years stay in New Zealand..dalam kotak Sevenseas semuanya..(setelah jual kat trademe, bagik jualan murah, bagik hadiah hari raya hahhaha dan buang!)
Tolongla jangan hilang, kotak kotak ni..
dahla jauh Jeli nih..
agak2 org Sevenseas ni jumpa tak kampung saya!!!

Goodbye teddy..huhu macamana anna nak tido without teddyy nihh...=(

Teddy akan masuk kotak esok...huhuhu..
Org sevenseas..please take care of my teddy...huhu teddy pulang ke tanah air..penat encik lebah hantar teddy for me..jgn hilang pleaseeee..
i love you tedddyyy..! hihi (komferm tak matured lagi si budak Anna nih!)

Love letters from Encik Lebah dalam kotak inside the kotak..jgn org kastam tu bosan2 dalam kapal baca love letter untuk saya sudahhhh!!!

DVDs..kire punya kire, saya ade 65 keping DVDs...hadoi Anna..this is where your money mann da marahhh!!

half of my DVD collection!

Penatnya kemas barang..
huhuhu...tatau kenape..
so many things in my past..terjumpa dalam kotak2 barang2 saya ini..
dan jugak..gamba gamba kami bertujuh..the girls..survive 6years of medicine...fellowship of the ring..
huhu now da everywhere..
sedeh sedeh..i wanna be 17 again!

Even da did everything to reducekan barang, sempat lagii beliii shoesss!!
owh my si Anna ni mmg shopaholics sungguh!

Wedge them! hehehe..mana la tak excess baggage..(bebelan Zen dgr kat belakang hehehe)

and..perfume body shop saya yg bau gula gula itu pun sudah habes..
and takde kat body shop dahh..apelaa..saya sorg je ke suka bau sugus strawberry tuu??? weird weirdd...
so i bought myself Fantasy from Britney Spears..=)
I love it..but still rindu perfume buah strawberry saya tuh..sigh~~~

encik lebah geleng kepala hihi~~

To encik lebah..
another 2weeks..gambate!
Anna rindu kamu...
Saya mahu tidur ya~~ ..zzzzzzzzz..

p.s Anna sayang kamu..~~