Friday, April 20, 2012

Lets just say..i miss New Zealand so much~~Part One

Alone at home.
Husband busy oncalls.
Ive been trying to deny it.
but i just cant hide it anymore.
lets just say..i miss our time in New Zealand.!
6 years. It was unforgettable.

Remember lord of the rings?! We called ourselves "Fellowship of the Ring"
It was sweet~~
Missing you guys big time.
From left; Azalea 'the chef of da house', Melorwati 'the big sister, Siti Zunairah aka Unai 'the girl with big smile', Teh Arfah 'the cat lover', Huda aka Udeq 'the cutie', Ailin 'the snow white' and the simple me =)
Our rare picture of 7. -taken in 2003
Published in Utusan that year for salam perantauan hehehe..

June2003. we arrived in New Zealand. 7girls selected from all over Malaysia, random 7girls met and began their lives together in this whole new world.
In the middle of winter!

 another early picture of us in 2003~~makan2 with everyone.
I think this one was taken in Kak Lah and Abang Amin's house.
We missed you all.

A lot happened that year.
We left our Salmon hall and started flat hunting!
and chose, George Street.
The big 'MARA HOUSE' hihi.
House of 7!

Remember this guys?!
This was taken when we organized makan2 for new batch of Mara and JPA students after us!
Surely i cannot forget the most spicy food ever cooked by Siti Zunairah!
Sambal sosej!!!

 the little gals who were with us thruout the journey~~
became their babysitter on and off..hihi
i bet they all now pretty young ladies~~ for sure!

I love this shot.
still remember this time.
Early 2004.
Struggling with new house, not much money, expensive rent, tough lesson, culture difference.
but we survived!
with important people. Afida aka Kakok and Kashani Kamil aka 'cipan'.
making history.

Rare picture of me and Teh. taken by Azalea.
in the middle of winter.
on our way back home after class~~
Now Teh is a mother of two, and me a psychiatric medical doctor in Pahang, how cool is that?!
Winter 2004.
We headed to the south.
Hit the road.
Joined by others.the new batch.
Bluff.the end of the world. Queenstown. Mataora.

 Gosh. that was ages ago. i wish we can turn back time. where i should just take maxolon and not dizzy, erghhh! anyway, enjoying the moment. while trembling!

winter 2004.was the best of all.
we were young and free. enjoying our youth time!

Summer 2004.
7 of us, with Kak Ninie, decided to temporarily live in a farm house!
Woke up early morning, and packing apricots and cherries~~
finished work at 8pm, and its still sunny!
9.30pm and finally its dark!
whoa~~ summer in Roxburgh 2004.

the evening in Roxburgh, drove to the 'town' and buy groceries.
Basically, nothing else matters~~money money money!
kumpul duit balik Malaysia hihi

Got almost 2000NZD that time. before we reached home in Dunedin and found that we've been robbed! 
Melor's laptop gone. and many more.

Guys! I forgot their names!!
but i remember they were all nice and fun =)
Teh made bergedil and Azalea cooked nasi goreng and etc etc.
Last day in Roxburgh~~

Back to dunedin.
A lot to write.
Husband still busy.
Nearly eleven. time for bed.
to be continued..=)

p.s everyday is memory. making everyday memorable.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bitten by travel bug!

Went back to Kuala Balah for two nights and had a blast! Mummy and daddy making sure we're like full at any time..there goes my diet plan. Since when? hihi..
Spent the day 'gotong-royong' around the house..programme selamatkan taman mama..

beautiful orchid..mummy dah lupakan orchid dia tau! asyik busy dengan Kolam Pancing jerr!

hhehe sejak busy dengan projek Kuala Balah Fishing Centre,
taman mama di depan rumah telah di abandon kan.! yes, my family owns this so-called bussiness untuk org2 yg suka memancing like them! The kolam is huge and penuh with ikan. walaupun everytime me and encik lebah pancing, selalu dapat ikan kecik jer~! takde bakat langsong nih!
Will update the pics of Kolam Pancing aka Kuala Balah Fishing Centre nih nanti.
haritu hujan tak dpt nak ambik decent gamba yet hehe..
Anyway, still under renovation sikit2 untuk mencantikkan kolam for pemancing2 di Kuala Balah, Jeli and everywhere lah!

Saya tak pernahla berjaya memancing ikan2 besar dalam kolam nih,
sangatla tak pandai!

Tapi dah berkembangla. pemancing2 yg datang sekarang dah ramai dari jauh jauh belaka~~
Will organize cabaran memancing on next saturday i think.
datanglah beramai2 to win cash and many more! hehehe..
(Promote bagi pihak mummy and daddy pulak)

After penat2 bergotong royong, time for mandi sungaiii!!! weeheee...
Hours of mandi'ing, then picnic makan bihun goreng with keropok and fresh watermelon..yummy, we were so hungryyy after trial of berenang merentasi arus sungai hihi~~
enjoying our kampung life..
rasa macam tak mahu balik Lipis tau! (Lipis kira pekan la hehe)
Fried vermicelli with veges and prawn~~ so good

The night. heavy rain.
it was cold!
terjumpa miow yg sesat masuk our home.
comel sgt.
bagi dia makan, then hanta dia balik ke rumah jiran.
sayang.boleh ke saya nak satu anak miow, kite bawak balik Lipis keh hehehe..

the time we spent back home. priceless.
seeing their smiles, their laugh, their grin, makes everything so worth it.
i feel sad that they are getting older by day,so am i,  but i feel happy when i see that they are so enjoying their life, their time with children. Us.Our home. Siblings.
Time flies fast when we are having fun..and i dont wanna miss any of it.
Its not always about money people..its your family, your parents who colours your world~~

We certainly not a fan of people who kept on talking bout money, about materials they own, where theyve called bussiness trips , spent lots of time trying to find the 'money', approaching you just to hook you up with their bussiness, where they turned to become "successful" and wanted to 'share' so that you can become successful like them. well, i dont call that a success.
(surely you know what kind of people that im talking about.)
Life is not always about materials...
i feel sorry for them. really.

Would you like 'money' toilet paper?

we are planning for trip for both our families.
Maybe Langkawi this May. or Kota Kinabalu.
Go see the flying eagle~~ yeah, or hang out at Jesselton Point!
saya mahu bawa anda2 ke Sydney ke Singapore ke, tetapi malasnyer nak tunggu passport2 pulak!
Lagipun, kurangkan pengaliran wang asing ni, banyak sgt da mengalir keluar nih~~ hahaha, kite cuti2 malaysia la pulak ye~~

and lepas tu kite buat sushi sama2 nak?
to Amira and Aida,
im gonna make you roll da sushi!!!!
sambil berjalan2 kenelah buat sushi night~~
sure mummy and daddy taknak telan ni,
nak nasik kerabu jer eh~~

i can fit those in my tummy right now.
~~wasabi owh wasabi.
i missed those seaweed.
why la takde sushi dekat Kuala Lipis nih~~

Cant wait for May.
banyak trip nak buat untuk family in Kuala Balah and Sabak Bernam.
stay tuned! hihi.
i've been bitten by a travel bug.

p.s duit boleh dicari. masa dengan ibu bapa kalau dah terlepas, dah tak boleh carik lagi...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 2012 and we are in Pahang~~

Its been so long.
 too long since ive written something in this blog of mine.
 i guess ive been busy.

April 2009..still in New Zealand. had no idea. about life ahead.
enjoying of my last months in NZ..
after 6years..
truly will never forget everything..=)
That happy day in Christchurch Botanical Garden..April 2009, me with the gals~~ miss you guys so much..

April 2010..
Engaged to marry Encik Lebah~~
sgt busy doing preparation.
Online jer!
Online kad kawen,
online sketch for wedding dress
online carik photographer~~ pergh, wasnt easy.

i remember this time...pening tau nak kawen actually!

April 2011.. the best time of life!
Had great time half way round the world~
We were honeymooning in London and Paris~~!
Dream of a kid~~ =)
My love my hero my heart and my soul ..=)
Spring 2011. unforgettable moments.

Saying goodbye to Sibu in December 2011..
leaving friends behind..
to experience new adventure in this state of gold..Pahang!
and Kuala Lipis??

hihi well, we love random places..
and we hate traffic..seriously!
we just cannot waste any just being in car.! waiting to get home!
and we just love not to have any mall or labels around..shopaholics need time out hihi...
and we just love to enjoy our weekend driving around the hills singing One Republic songs out loud!
owh my gosh..should be happy in Pahang~~
although i miss Secret Recipe..badly badly..not to mention Nandos!

one by one got accepted for master programme and etc..
it seems like everybody got plan..
what about us?
I dont think i have a heart for it..
i dont know..really.
A specialist?.... and bonded.
and working and working and endless working.
Psychiatric driving me crazy!
but i love it. for now. hahhaha.
Im just curious i guess.
Well..we'll see if i can become a psychiatrist.
A psychiatrist with taste.pergh.
tak tahulah berapa lama boleh tahan nih.

Encik Lebah,
maybe going for medical next month~~
Whoa..lagilah saya tak percaya nih hihihi
Lepas ni Encik lebah takboleh main games banyak2 dah~~
baca buku tau hunny hihi.

We are passionate about one thing.
Seriesly tak boleh duduk diam!
QSR 9694 tu dah menjelajah satu Malaysia~~
nasib baik miow(our car) tu kuat jugak la boleh tahan hihi..
dapat tuan kuat berjalan~!

Sampai now pun, tempat paling cantik we've been, i think, still is Sydney~~and Paris of course..the city of love..
London boring la..hehe sorry la org London~~

the blue breeze..yummy seafood...clear seawater..=)

 Thank you Jorn Utzon for designing such an extraordinary structure behind us!

Okay. back to reality.
I envy the housewife.
I am 28 and still cant do baking!
I hope that one day..i can do things that i wanna do..which is a lot..hahhaha..a working mummy and wife, who can absolutely cook and bake, and do pastry, and do photography, and have my own clinic with hubby...
Insyaallah amin..=)
Thank you Sunday.

p.s I need a new cookbook.