Monday, April 28, 2008

Closer to me~~

Mari berkenalan with people who are close to me..=P Mereka ini lives around me,and always with me in my everyday life..Others' opinion about them may differ from mine,but for me,this is who they are,in my eyess~~

Noor Ayuni Bazura a.k.a Zen!
I met her in 2004, when she arrived here for medicine course,along with the other 5 i think. We lived together in 766 George Street for 2years,and berpisah and then reunite haha kat Wellington,apartment 12 ni.She is one of the coolest friend i ever have! I actually prefer to call her Ayuni, sbb she actually ayu sebenarnya haha, anyway, to describe Ayuni in one word, i would choose: COOL.kool banana! hihihi, ayuni ni sometimes boley bekeng jugak (sila rujuk kamus bahasa kelantan) tp dia maintain cool la. Dia suka melayan saya yg sungguh dependent ini..hihihi tempat bermanja eh! And ayuni ni jgn main2 tau,penah tulis surat cintaaaa tuuuu! ahhahaha,jgn marah Zen!

Nurulhuda Zakari a.k.a Uderque
Ni kawan sepermainan for years and years now! Amazing! We met in 1997,when we went to STF together. Uderque ni prefect dulu,semua org tau,dia suka marah saya,sebab saya budak jahat,suka buli juniors hihihi pastu suka lawan prefect,uderque,sure kau ingat peristiwa kasut ehhhhh hihihi masa muda remaja tu =P. Uderque ni, special orgnya.She can be soooooo garangggg or she can beee sooooooooo baik and lembut,but she always baikla,baseline rate hahaha...jgn marah udeq =P One word to describe Uderque, i would pick: SENSITIVE. haaa..udeq sgt sensitive dalam semua hal,dia akan fikir mende yg org tak fikir,dia akan fikir mende ni boley mean macam ni macam tu,haaa...bagus ape,matured tuu! hhihi.Anyway,dia ni da jadi housemate saya bertahun2 da ni, kisah suka duka semua ade..=) Hope nnt balik Malaysia, kite bley gi shopping la deq,tapi kite okay je,shopping tapi tak beli barang,pasal rasa semua mende mahal..ahaha teruk teruk!

Next next!
Nusaibah Azman a.k.a Nuha
Nuha came here in 2007,which was last year. She is one of the brightest IMU student who made it to NZ for medicine..hehehe.Nuha lives upstair,but she practically lives in my apartment,until a few days ago when she developed symptoms of anxiety,as she been buried with mountains of paperwork and books to read! She then started to realize that this apartment of fun,is not safe anymore,thus she moved to her room,and began to study crazily until she ends up playing SIMS in this awesome apartment of mine again.Ade macam bunyik formulation psychiatric plak.Girl,you cant just run away,youve been cursed..haahha! Anyway,she is one of my great friends,she is different,fun,serious,dedicated,impulsive,fluctuate hahaha and caring. One word to describe her, i certainly choose: UNPREDICTABLE. hihi because sometimes,she's hard to understand, but the next minute, she's like an angel! well, she's great to be with,and you missing out man if you dont get to know this girl!
p/s: promote ni!

Melorwati Khairul Bakri a.k.a Melly
Bila terpandang Mel je,one word yg comes to mind ialah : MATURED. yes,she is matured. She loves kids, loves baking, learning a lot about cooking..loves talking about random stuff, she's awesome in communicating with older people,as she can understand them very well! haha, and Mel sgt lovely. sgt positive,and sentiasaaaa akan cuba help people! Satu yg unik about Mel is she really cant live without sun.Im serious here, you can see her changes when it comes to May,August,June..hahaha,anyway,enjoy having fun with her and would certainly be one of my life friends!

Nur Syazwani Jaafar Sidek a.k.a Wani
Wani wani wani.Wani just joined me,Mel,Udeq and Zen for one year now.But rasa macam da lama dok sama2.Wani org nogori.Wani sgt baik,seriesly you guys.To describe her, i would wanna choose: CALM, because she is so calm. Tenang je in everything.byk ajar org.byk ingatkan org.Im so thankful you are here Wani,because now ive learned quite a bit from you! And wani always be there for us..she is just one lovely lady =)
Ramai lagi yg close to me here in Wellington.but im gonna have to stay up all night to write this and still tak abes2 lagi agaknyaaa..hihihi.! So saya kene berenti kat sini,nnt ade la part two ke hahaha,Anna,sila baca buku anda!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anzac Day

Anzac day~~i dont even know a lot about Anzac day ni,but according to my frens (Zen,Udeq,Mel,Nuha and the geng),Anzac day ni hari memperingati NZ soldiers yg terkorban kat Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915.The aim was to capture the Dardanelles, the gateway to the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. At the end of the campaign, Gallipoli was still held by its Turkish defenders...hmm kene baca history la plak ni,baru lagi faham ye kawan kawan hihi.

Anyway, we all went to Beehive that morning,sempat la tgk soldiers berbaris2..ade org main2 trumpet.Bila dgr bunyi macam ni..mmg rasa macam dlm war..sbb citer2 war mesti ade bunyi2 macam ni..bunyi yg sayu..

Anzac Day, in the morning,its about remembering..but then in the afternoon,its about spending..(curik ayat berita kat TV) because Anzac Day special sales everywhere..but we took clever option,not to shop..but to walk to the harbour and enjoy the sunshine..i bet Melor paling enjoy this,sbb Melor akan suffer takde sun hihihi..kitorg okay jeee =P So it was such an awesome day! Rent bike for 2hours and udeq brought her own scooter..Mel with her roller and Zen with basikal.Mine mountain bike tuuu..hihi series best!

We cycled thru to hujung was absolutely exciting and and the view...absolutely magnificent..=) Kids playing near the beach,so many people around..the locals and tourists..people just looked so damn happyy! And we caught couple ni lip locked adala half an hour..uish uish..kiddies tepi2 diorg tgk2 jeeeeeee...hihihi.. get a room!
Anyway,saya sangat sukaa wellington...suka gonna miss thissssss...for sure =)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Orang Tua Orang Muda~~

Anna with her giraffe yg smellyy hihi and Faris..this was back 18years my
Working with elderly made me realize how short our lives we are 23,in 10 years we gonna be 33,then 60 then 70,then 80..thats only if we make it that is very short..

In my ward, the youngest at the moment pun 80,and seriesly behaving like a,not like a child, even child do know things a lot.Children know quite a lot,what to do,and what not to do.Demented patients..macam completely lost,sgt sgt lost.macam 'walking dead'..pakcik tu siap masuk dalam doctors office,and stripped..pastu tiba2 worried,asked me to shut all doors sbb ada cows and horses nak kejar amazing macamana how brain controls behaviour,macamana brain can tell you to do what appropriate at what time and what situations..subhanallah..bila macam ni,rasa macam a lil bit scared..i wonder about myself..when im old..hope Allah berikan good health and happy life with loved ones..aminnn..=)

Pastu,keje sorg2 kat ward sebab junior doctors strike..lagila buat me open my eyes..i can see many kinds of people.Ade org yg worry about everything.every little thing makes makcik ni worry and anxious.sampai bangun duduk more than 10times dalam satu minute..dah tu makcik tarik tangan saya jeeee..saya nak menulis notes pun tak berjayaaaa hihi makcik makcik.

Yg menyanyi plak,mula2 tersenyum jgk,tp when i heard Mrs.X sing almost every word that i used when i asked her questions..that was a lil bit spooky and bila she sang 'everybody needs to be happy..we are happy people..happy happy happyyy'..gosh,i can see how unhappy she is..

Although psychiatric ward i thought a lil bit too much for me, but i learned a is precious..way too precious to waste..every moment is encik lebah,every moment is priceless..=) =) you told me this..

p/s..i love you..=)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Now and then~~

Last night i was talking to one of my good frens,tibe2 she told me...haha Anna.."seriesly youre different now",i was like..haaaa..different apeee tuu,chubbyy??? hihihi. Menurut kata Unai, saya sekarang da lebih positive..hmmm..maybe kot,positive still sometimes asyik fikir tak boley tak boley tak boley je..takboley ni Anna..kene boley boley boleyy! insyallahh =)

2003: Ailin,Udeq,Unai,Anna,Azza
Nostalgicnya gambar ni~~

2004: Road Trip Milford Sound~~
the good old days...

2005: Eid in Dunedin, one of the best Eid 2006: Beautiful Wellington2007 Happy moments

2008 Colours of life~~ =)

People said, it takes minutes to just know someone,but takes forever to forget them..and that is so so thankful to have wonderful people in my life,so thankful to have the closest to thankful to have amazing family and know you are the colours of my life..=)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Story of our lives..

I was on my way back home from Kenepuru Hospital, when i saw this astonishing view of sunset kat Wellington harbour..subhanallah~~ so amazing..then i realized,lamaaanyeeee dah kat New Zealand ni.dah nak 6years....gosh,cant believe it. time flies while we are having fun! rasa macam baru je im here,i came here when i was 19,now im 24! 24??? Najib cakap,im always 19 to him hihihi~~ anyway, yea i think i can list down ape changes yg paling obvious compare to 5years ago..haha
1. 2003 dulu, the only thing that i can cook was nasi goreng...hihi now? flatmates saya boley tolong jawabkan ahahhaa..thanksss to my cikgu memasak yg berjaya, Miss Azalea!!! i can still remember, cik Azza ni gave me all sorts of recipe and belaja theory dulu,nak letak ape and ape. then, first practical step was to cook ikan sardin my,how ive grown...wink wink

2.When i was 19,(my age masa came to NZ),seriesly i couldnt go anywhere without my friends. I think they were all annoyed kot at that time,haha nak pegi mana mana pun, i was so scared...and so tak reti. Selalu kene teman2 jeeeee...
Now ni, satu welly ni pegi attachment,relax je eh hahhaa azza penah gelakkan pasal mende ni!
Tapi still, bile balik Malaysia, im back to normal self,hihi tak retii and takuttt..encik lebah pun takut saya kene encik lebah bawak je saya macam miow dia hihi =p Org kata, me obvious sgt tatau ape2, senang org kidnap..uish2 takutnyaaaaa,bahaya ni.

3.Pastu, when i was 19, i thought semua lelaki adalah monster. suka marah2,suka jadi garang,and tak boley now, ada sorg monster ni da provekan mungkin statement tu macam ni tau ke eh dia adalah monster yg saya mean kan ni hihi

4.And then, the biggest thing..friendship.Dulu benda2 kecik pun semua nak amik kira..and 7 of us fellowship of the ring ni, always fighting! tapi now..we are so bonding..we love each other no matter what..we stand for each other,and support each other thru ups or down..i miss 773 George Street..i know we cant turn back time..but it all lives in my memoryy...=)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


2008 is the year after 2007. 2007 was one of my difficult year..5th year medicine~~ so much to know, so much to learn, so much to remember. But i did enjoy that year. Rasa macam sgt exciting. Orthopedics especially, the best experience setakat ni..and 2007 pun byk sgt happy moments..=) Sydney especially. It was one of my childhood dreams to actually go and see amazingly beautiful Sydney Harbour, with my own eyes...and i made it~~ alhamdulillah...hehe 1 down, 999 places to go =P

2007 pun sgt byk challenges. Start with mencari2 Osce group, struggling with the exams, rindu mama abah semua, rindu Naj, and so many problems thru out the last last alhamdulillah..betulla, nak dapat sesuatu yg besar, mmg byk sangat challenges..and nak dapat sesuatu mmg kena bersabar..Ive learnt a lot this year. Courage, never give up and powerful Doa' to Allah swt...Allah takkan menguji hambanya dengan ujian yg hambanya tak mampu get thru..insyaallah =)
With all the hard work..akhirnya abes jugak my 5th year medicine..=) Now its even harder! Gosh, sure ke Anna, awak nak jadi doctor ni..hihi sure sure,Najib cakap hiihihi. Anyway, 2008 ni mmg mencabar jugak! everyone expect you to know everything. Nurses semua tanya2,and ingat i can prescribe meds la, MC la apela,padahal belum lagi =p signature belum laku lagi hehe.
First with pediatrics, thought i might enjoy this,sekali i did not was just like okayla. Dont actually know why, maybe i spent too much time typing on computer, writing all sorts of letters..yela nnt registrar cakap tak involve pulak~~ sigh. But kids mmg best jgk, main2 with diorg,handle simple cases, admit lots of them walaupun competition ngan 5th year yg sungguh keen tp okayla, best jugakla..consultants je kot maybe garang skettttt,ke banyakkk =p hhihi.
And Geriatrics! i never thought that it could be this fun! i spent 4weeks in Rehab Ward, and everyday, pagi2 ward round with consultants, write patients notes, chart medications, check side effects, amik bloods..mmm ni lagi satu,punyala susah carik vein makcik2 and pakcik2 ni semua collapsed je vein, mmg struggle,tp enjoy hehee..ptg plak meeting ngan physio,occupational therapy,ngan nurses,social worker and consultants, nak pastikan makcik2 and pakcik2 tu ditolong from every aspect..fuh mmg mantap la management plan.
Hari2 kat ward org2 tua ni, feels like so young..hehe suka suka,pastu semua org panggil sweetheart,darling..hihi lovely..rasa macam berbunga bunga =p..and working here rasa macam tenangg je..kesimpulannya anna sedang berfikir nak buat geriatrics ehhhh! hihihihi lepas ni psychogeriatric for 4weeks and geriatric medicine for 6weeks,we'll see how it goes!!!