Thursday, August 2, 2012

Peaceful as Lipis~~

Never thought of working here in Lipis.
Pahang pulak tu?
ingatkan nak pegi Ipoh ke, Melaka ker. all of sudden, Lipis.
At first. it feels like we're in zaman dahulu kala.
but giving that we both love tinggal dekat desa...aman damai...bunyi birds, cool morning breeze..zephyr...old town, we kinda like it now. Lipis after all..not so bad!

Looking at the structures, buildings, landscapes..Pahang Club, Istana Hinggap~~i just cant imagine being in 1919. at that time. what do people was Lipis back then.
 Even now, walking in town, seeing all those 1920s buildings..with 1888 mosque..i feel like in history channel. only more HD!

Lipis Museum~~was our prime minister's home back then.
Lipis used to be one important town, a capital of Pahang, until it was moved to Kuantan..
since then, Lipis fell into a decline..
It is now a sleepy and picturesque town with reminders of a once important past.!

But still.
we love living here.
pegi keje pukul 8. balik jalan da sampai rumah.
taking care of patients that majority are elderly and the poor.
Always treat them like you want your parents to be treated~~
never be too arrogant.
never be too proud.
Just be a good doctor. that is sincere, ikhlas dan berbudi bahasa~~
People can tell a lot about you, from just the way you look at them..=)

Tinggal dekat Lipis.
boleh pegi semua tempat.
boleh balik Kelantan, balik Sabak Bernam, pegi KL, Kuantan, semua lah hehehe..
activity berenang pun semakin active!
We like!
bulan Ramadhan ni tak dapat berenang lagi la, hehhe
takpe, our dream..nak build a house, with swimming pool. berenang puas2 eh! hehehe...
macam beaver..

nak berenang lagi!
Sedeh Lipis takder Public Swimming Pool kan dear~?
tengok tu, happynya mandi! 

I love you beaver. hihi
p.s saya suka duduk di Lipis. hehe.