Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday our little Abg Ammar!

You are 3 years old today son!
The day you were born.
The day the mother in me was born too.
And I love you from the moment I know you are part of me, long before you were born.
Your kicks, your hiccups, your heartbeat, I love you long before I even see you for the first time.
The day I become a mommy.

Baby boy Ammar,
Your mommy now is 37weeks pregnant with your little sister insyaAllah, super tired and hormonal hehe,,and huge like a whale!

Daddy is also super duper tired doing the household chores, and taking mommy everywhere for her food cravings haha!

Mommy Ammar is heavily pregnant with insyaAllah your little sister, Baby M.
37weeks, 8kgs of total weight gain till date! 
Ermm, let's worry about that later, huh? hehehhe~~

Seeing you mumble happy birthday songs almost everyday for the past week, gave us some strength to at least get you a cake!
Not just any cake, but Cars Lightning McQueen cake!
His current obsession of course!

Happy Ammar looking so excited to taste his Lightning McQueen cake!
Priceless smiles!~~
Birthday boy definitely so happy!

I would have design the cake myself so that it will be easier, but since Lightning McQueen is such a simple theme, 
so I let prettyyummythings to do the edible printing kind of cake! 
Inside was a Neapolitan cake, with three layers of flavours; Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.
and the cake tasted so nice!!
we absolutely loved the cake!!

..and of course Ammar was over the moon having this cake for his birthday!!
So happy and I would say, super excited when everyone's ready to sing him Happy Birthday song!
A small celebration means the world to this little kiddie of ours

Ammar just could not wait much longer to cut his cake!
hahahha, dah macam monster tu nak nganga terus ngap~~!

Aunty Udeq, came with Uncle Wan and their two princesses Arissa n Adeena,
Aunty Aini with Uncle Raja and Ibrahim n baby dlm tummy aunty!
and Aunty Melor with Uncle Arswad, princess Kuntum and their new arrival Arjuna Jihad!
Last time we gathered, we have one kiddo, then two kiddos, hahahha our place getting more crowded each year I would say!

So difficult to get shots that have everyone in hahahaha, chaos!!

Pretty pregnant Aini with birthday boy, and the mommies, and daddies!

The kids had so much fun socialising and showing so much attitudes towards each other hahaha,
things getting out of control and there's some yelling some throwing haha the normal things you see when you have friends with kids!!
And I just love that so much!!
Our living room looked like tongkang pecah in just few minutes hahahaha, and the adults just could not converse for more than 5 minutes without kiddos trying to get some extra attention hahaa sabar aje lah!!
Anyhow, it was fun for the kids and us of course

Ammar Haikal and Nur Arissa,
comelnya main slide together gether!!
Melt melt~~

Erm, this is how we, boys, socialise mommies, hahahhaa, jumping and climbing around the sofa!
Good job making us all tired of saying, no no no nanti jatuhhh!!~~ hehehe

Ammar Haikal with Raja Ibrahim~~

Ammar Haikal with Kuntum Dhia Sakura, yg sgt suka shopping trolley tu since last year she came here hahahhaa~~ she still loves it!
Mmg akak2 kawasan sgt Tuntum nih!
Big sister to little Arjuna~~

Me, Aini cikhens and Melor, pregnant berjemaah this year.
and alhamdulillah Melor has successfully completed her pantang period and graduated flying colours, siap dah kurus dah!
so me and cikhens are counting days.
getting more nervous each day.
praying for uneventful delivery and recovery insyaAllah amin.
the anxiety and uncertainties faced by pregnant mothers..that only yg mengalami je faham kann perasaan susah hati seorang ibu.!
My elective caesarian for previous scar n cpd will be on 23/11/2016, and I am praying hard that Allah will permudahkan delivery of a healthy n cute baby, and uneventful surgery as well as recovery for me insyaAllah. amin.

Aunty Melor da abes pantang looking so slim, Aunty Udeq yg maintain cantik doing her masters with two daughters!, and huge pregnant ladies only 5days apart!

Thank you aunties and uncles yg every year dtg for Ammar.
thanks for your time, your love and affection towards Ammar Haikal, sanggup beria2 nak dtg Putrajaya jgk for your birthday,

Rancak berborak geng mommies and daddies,
while the kids running around the house haha~~

Mommy Aini cikhens and Mommy Udeq tgh chit-chatting while me doing the photo job hahahha, dah buyung pon masih bertenaga ambik gamba semua org!

Baby Arjuna yg sgt behave, chill je mama dia~~
Such a good boy Arjuna~!
Welcome to the club!

Raja Ibrahim yg sgt chatty and busy!!
Da tak kesahkan mama dia dah!
Ammar, mana boleh lick pisau kek okay, hahahhah omg sedap sgt ke kek ni Ammar Haikal?!
So cute!

Even though semua jauh2, even mommy pon tak larat nak throw birthday party, haha, but because of your favourite aunties n uncles ni, nak potluck kecil2 kecilan for Ammar and Ammar pun asyik nyanyi lagu birthday sorg2 je, alalalala sian dia,
dptla celebrate your birthday simple2,
and celebrate the arrival of Arjuna Jihad,
and also for mommy2 preggy yg counting days!
catch up sessions with mommies and daddies~~
and most importantly, the kids had so much fun getting together!

Excited happy chirpy little birthday boy opening his presents!
Thank you so much aunties and uncles,
He absolutely loves the books, the montessori play n all~~
Thanks a bunch!

Battery habis sambil partially baring on the sofa, hence tertido berdiri!
hahahahhaa, birthday boy kepenatan~~!

Thank you Daddy Ammar yg tolong mommy decorate sikit2 and gantung balloons for Ammar, sbb mommy da sarat sgt tp Ammar suka balloons!
Ammar happy sgt2!!! Sampai habes energy dok gelak gumbira lari sana sini with frens!
Thank you Daddy kemas2 aftermath, we love you so much️ one in a million daddy.

Thank you aunties n uncles for the gift, books, Ammar terus baca buku mlm tu jgk ahhahaa.
Thanks so much for making my boy happy on his birthday 🎉

Dear Ammar,
Mommy Daddy pray that we and Ammar and your baby sister insyaAllah, akan sentiasa dilindungi olehNya,
diberikan bahagia here and hereafter,
dan Mommy Daddy doakan Ammar jadi anak yang soleh, kiyut, cerdik pandai, sihat dan membesar jadi org yg berbakti pada semua insyaAllah amin.

Happy 3rd Birthday Abg Ammar!

Mommy and Daddy.

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